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Which sv650 K9 to buy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by citymorgue2, May 4, 2009.

  1. ok so im going to buy sv650

    I have 2 options atm:
    1. sv650s ABS - brand new $10k on road (maybe a little negotiating room)
    2. sv650s, 1800km $9k months rego, ventura rack & pack. little negotiating room.

    Option 1 is from a dealer and Option 2 is a friend of a friend.

    I have no clue as to which one makes a better buy. Bascially I commute 80km a day but that will increase to ~100km a day soon. Will be doing some nice rides when I have time.

    I know i'll get a lot of views but thats exactly what im after. as i have nfi.

    Thanks for your input
  2. I think the ABS model will hold its value better. Plus if you have it from new you know exactly how it has been treated. Buying from a dealer may mean cheaper accessories and servicing. For the small price difference personally I'd go new.
  3. hmmm, i went new when i bought mine, same sort of position, could buy new for about 1k more....... though if you can only get abs the abs on new ones now i would consider the s/h one :)
  4. yeah id normally go newer also, but saving $ is saving $. esp since i'll need a rack.

    I suppose the question is whether the abs is worth it. Which is like asking whether naked or fairing is better.; everyone has a preferance.
  5. If you're unsure the answer is probably yes.
  6. ABS its pretty kickass on dirt/gravel too (from a recent long distance outback adventure of mine). :D
  7. I'd get the new SV650 with ABS, that price is extremely good and won't last, and ABS will be a god-send when you're dodging cars while commuting during the rainy months. Also, with a new bike you'll be able to run it in properly and ensure the oil is changed frequently during the first 6000km.

    I'd also make a Ventura Rack and bag part of the deal. Push them on price. The Ventura Rack and bag probably cost them 69-72% of the RRP to buy from their supplier Kenma, so ask for 25% off RRP. Also agree on the price of the first service.

    On second thoughts, I should have just asked, which bike's colour do you prefer? :p
  8. You didn't say how old the used bike was (no number in front of the 'months rego')?

    With brand new you get a full 2yr warranty and it's something only you have ever owned which is always a 'feel good' type of thing.

    With the type of kms you are doing (i do similar), if it was me i'd just get the brand new bike and be done with it. If you were saving $3k+ then i could understand but not when the saving is a few hundred dollars (taking into account the ABS is worth more anyway).
  9. sorry. k9 is the 2009 model. both are 2009 model. the brand spanking new one has abs the 180km one doesnt have abs.

    new one wil have 12 months rego the other one has 6 months or so left

    I could propbably save $1500 if I got the 2nd hand one. but a nice new bike is appealing.

    never used abs but had the same thoughts as Speed Demon re its use in wet commuting scenario.

    maybe its the new one!
  10. I'd say go the 2nd hand one. Had a very similar set of questions when I bought the Wee. The jury still seems to be out on ABS - those who have it love it and those who don't hate it - but my choice was non-ABS

    is there a third alternative? what can you negotiate for brand new non-ABS?
  11. have you ever locked the wheels on your ZZR? if you do it often then maybe ABS is worth it for you, but if you've never done so with your riding style, then ABS won't give you any advantage.
  12. no ive never locked them up unless it was on purpose (ie back brakes).
    like i said abs seems to be like fairing v naked. some people swear by it, other hate it.

    no third option. the dealers dont seem to have many new sv650s left as the gladuis is taking over.

    Im also limited by time. 2 kids under 3, ankle in a brace after a reco etc etc so I dont really have time to go all over town looking for a deal. which is also part of the problem.

    i might see what i can get out of the dealer and just be prepared to walk away.
  13. Number 2 is overpriced. I'd go number 2, except paying more like 8-8.5k.
  14. The way I look at it is that ABS is there as a safety net. One day everything might add up to just be bad for you or you may not be concentrating as much as you need to and the ABS might save you. It just needs to help you once for it to be worth it. For such a small price difference, considering an ABS bike costs more, and having a safety net I'd go new.
  15. WTF???
    All of my experience of ABS on Gravel is that it is absolute garbage.
    But that is on 4 wheels
  16. ABS for an extra $1k. With a dealer warranty? Simple answer is screw your friend down on price :p
  17. I dont have a problem with that as the OP said, its a friend of a friend so i dont know the guy :grin: .

    i just messaged the guy saying i couldnt justify spending $9k on his since a new is $10k on road. He offered to come down to $8.5k. suppose i could push him a little more and see if he'll come to $8250. I recon thats not a bad deal.
  18. Bullshit. A new ABS model is $10k, whats a new standard?
  19. no idea what a new standard is. the dealer only had 1 sv650 in stock and it was an anb. they said they werent gettig any new ones in.

    edit: just checked the suzuki web and its $10370 + onroads. ABs is $500 more

    what do you recon is a good price liquidity?
  20. $11,000 bike (with road costs, but your deal price bringing it down)

    vs a $10,500 bike new, thats done nearly $2k kms, but has a rack.

    Sounds like just over 8 is a fair price then. I thought the ABS gap would have been bigger.

    tough choice eh. Personally, if its a learner bike i'd like the ABS option. But you pay for it *sighs*