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Which Supersports for under $10k? 600/675/1000?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by I am the Stig..., May 25, 2009.

  1. I'm looking to upgrade from my fun Honda NSR to something that should be a bit more suited to a straight road more than 250m long, while still handling through the corners like a rollercoaster.

    My budget is about $10-11k for the bike and I'll be looking to make the move in the next 4-6mths.

    My preference for test riding and buying is either a 06/07 Triumph Daytona 675, 03 onwards Honda CBR600RR (and pocket some change) or an early 1000RR/R1. Not fussed on parting with my hard earned wedge for a Gixxer or a Ninja - sorry, not meant as a diss on those marques, but I don't feel they'd make as good a long term investment, which when paying $10k for something, you just have to take that side into account... and want a bike under 6yrs old.

    The Big Question is:

    For those of you who went down the 1000 route - was it the fulfillment of your dreams, a moneypit, have the insurance premiums forced you to sell your kidneys, has it lost you your licence, did you downsize or are you in biking nirvana? Will I be able to get a decent example for $10k or will I be likely to get a lemon?

    For those of you who went the 600 route - was it a case of "wish I'd tried owning a 1000", do you get left behind by the bigger brothers, does it handle like your old 250/150 sportsbike??

    For the 675 owners - do I detect a grin behind the visor, having the best of both worlds? Or is that grimmacing at the alledged high price of Triumph parts in Oz?

    My "ideal" combination would be the handling/lightness of my NSR with a bigger power range/top end, whilst being able to use it for commuting/road trips/track days.

    Just after opinions to get a flavour of, as the stig is only in the highly fun "looking and reasearching" rather than doing testing, let alone handing over the cash phase. Some people say he is known to spend ice ages researching things...[/list]
  2. I am coming up to this point in time as well. Best advice Ive heard is to ride em all. Makes perfect sense to me.

    That said Im going to be on a gixxer 750 first. :)
  3. I made the jump straight to 1000s.

    Sometimes I wish I had a CBR600RR so that I would have to focus more on my corner speed if I wished to make quick progress.

    I also like having the bigger motors for running around town, and not having to worry what gear I am in.

    I suggest you take a serious look at the riding you do.

    If you intend on doing more long days, I would suggest to lean to the 1000s, if you are more inclined to spend a lot of time in the twisties and at the track, grab a 600 and feel the pride that comes with rounding up the 'bigger better' bikes in the tight sections.

    Who knows, in 6 months time when your ready to test ride, you might have found something else that you think is awesome in your budget.
  4. cbr954, best value for money. Can get a perfectly mint one with choice mods for 9k, 10 absolute max.
  5. Purely from what you've written and what others have written in the past, the Daytona 675 is probably the front runner on paper for you.
  6. I went straight for a 1L+ bike, but I'm a little on the heavy side. Sounds like a 600 may suit your needs, but having ridden a few I find they need too many revs to get moving (8k plus) and fuel consumption suffers as a result. Also engine won't last as long. I also like the planted feel of a big bike and it's less affected by wind ( I do a lot of commuting).
  7. Curious, on 600+ cc bikes, is weight of the rider really all that much of a factor? I can't imagine an r6 going slow simply cos the rider is a little hefty.
  8. The 07-08 cbr600rr will handly like your nsr.

    you will find that a pre 05 r1 will not handle like an nsr.
  9. I haven't ridden new 600cc bikes so can't comment there. My missus has a 600 thundercat (100hp stock) it's a great bike but find it needs a fair bit of throttle to move with me on it (120+kg). I also had the same experience riding a 1999 ZX6R. She's half my weight and finds it suits her needs.
    Bikes are quite sensitive to weight, more so with high revving small engines that don't have the torque.
  10. In order of top to bottom.....

    Have no problems whatsoever keeping up with anyone on twisty roads, of coarse on the straight they will begin to pull away. But 1000's require alot more elbow grease to throw around the corners.

    675 is the best of both worlds!! Not had any troubles myself with the spare parts cost, but if it is something you have been told to be wary of then i'd suggest a Gixxer 750 or CBR600RR.

    According to your last point, a 600 is definitely what you are looking for in terms of nimble yet powerful.... Have you considered any naked bikes for the commuting and around town work!?? A Street Triple is the best of ALL worlds commuting / road trips / track days!!
  11. I too am looking at upgrading to a 675. I also commute a fair bit. The only problem with the 675 is the aggressive riding style. Its more aggressive than its fellow 600 brothers (IMO). Saying that, if you dont get used to it too quickly (which I may not as Im coming from a GS500 which has a comfy sports tourer posture) you can always raise the bars and pull the towards you a little. The higher position will also allow you to look through the corners a little better.
  12. Don't forget new rearsets too guru, otherwise you'll have a hilarious(ly uncomfortable) riding position.
  13. It wont handle like your NSR but a older R1 will give you big thrills that you'll never get over. :cool:
  14. Thats true, very true.

    How about a CBR600. Good flickable bikes, good handlers, more power.

    I know I would like one.