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Which Supersport middleweight?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CHLLR, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Hi All... First post here!.. :)

    Been off a bike for 2 years now. Last bike was a 2006 M109R which I loved.
    Previous bikes owned... 2004 1600 Suzuki marauder, 2008 GSXR 1000, Katana 750, 2007 GSXR600, and couple of my learner bikes, VTR250 and Honda Shadow 250.

    I'm 29, love my cruisers, but my mates are on super sports so I want to fit in the group. Otherwise I'd be buying a softail slim or something badass.

    I want a middle class super sport. Dont REALLY wanna buy brand new, want something current that has LOW kms that someone else is going to lose the first amount of money when you leave the showroom.

    budget. It's not about budget for me. It's about value for money. I'd rather spend 20k on a bike that in 2 years time im not going to do my nuts on. Than spend 12k on a bike that in a couple of years is worth nothing and i'll need to give it away.

    Bike will be used for weekend cruises ONLY. not a daily commuter. Maybe the odd 1 or 2 days during summer as I live 10kms from work.

    I'm not interested in track days. I might do the odd one though as my mate is right into them.
    incase it matters im 5'11. 90kg -Fit

    Bikes in mind...

    Ducati 899 Panigale
    Triumph 675 ABS (I dont think the R is needed for street)
    GSXR 750 (hate the new colours in 14' range)
    MV F3800

    Not sure what else.
    I'm not going to get comfort in any of these. But the more the better.
    I am kind of keen on safety features like abs, trac controls etc. not a MUST but the more the better.
    Wheelies etc. not for me.
    bottom into mid range Where I enjoy it. Not a top end rider either.

    899 just looks AMAZING. But 10k better than a gixxer?
    I also have read mid range isnt great you need the gears abit. Just love it though. And its a ducati.
    BUT, Value for money..............? What not going to drop ridiculous amounts?

    HELP! im ready to go!!!
  2. Hello and welcome, are you sure you want to buy a bike to "fit in" ? What about buying a bike you "fit on" and like instead.
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  3. haha. I see your point. No no, I'm happy to buy a sports bike again. It's all good :)
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    Hey mate I'm 5'11" and 90kg too. I was looking for 2011 onwards gsxr750 for the brembos and new suspension. But I hated the new fairings and headlight. So I got a 2010 model with 6000ks and absolutely love it. Last bike was 2005 zx6r 636 and I much prefer the 750 in ever area. I test rode the triumph but still preferred the gsxr. In the end we can all tell you what we think you should get but we will all be biased. I had thought the Ducati was supposed to be horrible for ergos on anything over an hour. Anyway good luck with the choice. You'll be happy with whatever you get

    Ps. I like the 90kg and fit part haha nice addition
  5. haha well at 5'11 and 90kgs i could easily be pretty chunked up. Might make a different to peoples thoughts.
    I think I'd be happy, infact I KNOW I would enjoy a 750gixxer. ive had the 600 and 1000. It would be a nice combo. But argggg....
  6. I was worried about getting the gsxr just because of the associated stereotype that goes with it but stuff it. It wins the shootouts year after year for a reason and for 10grand I just payed can't go wrong. Plenty of spare cash for some upgrades :) you should find a Ducati owner on here see what they think. Peace out
  7. 899 10k better than a GSXR, you bet!
    I have an 899, have done for a while. Over 5k on it now and have never felt that the mid range was weak, but above 9,000 rpm it is amazing!

    IMO best looking bike on the market, awesome ride, FAST has all the electronic bells and whistles. Sounds amazing and is loud as f*%k.. Have not looked back once, I think it is a great all round bike.
    It's a Ducati, that is all.
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    Loving it hey?
    I've narrowed it down to the 899 or Rsv4 ABS...
    Duc will probably be better for servicing etc, and resale. Plus, dont really need to spend money on a pipe on the duc.

    Which one? Aprilia is a FRACTION more expensive.
    Pros and cons to both?

    Again, street use only. Maybe the ODD track day.

    Can anyone comment on service from both company's? Resale?
  9. 899 vs RSV4? Aprillia all the way. V4 is orgasmic. Big bikes (engine) are better on the road.
  10. Tough call! We had a 2004 GSXR750 and it rode different to a 2013 which we test rode, they are way behind the pack in every respect imho.
    The other one to consider is the cheater bike a ZX636, but I see you want closer to 1000cc than a mid sized bike.

    Everyone I have spoken to loves their 899, I have never heard a complaint apart from one person who tracked it one and wasn't happy with the front end, but then again it was not setup.
    On the same note, never heard anyone complain about their RSV4 either and with a good pie the sound is amazing.

    You need some saddle time in both, it's the only way you will know what you want. BTW, I know of two used 899's sold second hand with less than a few thousand K's and both sold privately for about 17k. So they're taking a massive hit just being registered.
  11. Gixxer 750 is a better do everything well bike, and best value for money (esp secondhand) but like all jap bikes, a bit generic. I've never heard a complaint from a 899 owner, but if you can get a rsv4 for the same price, it's a no brainer. It's better all round, still has lots of 'soul' and service wise similar to jap super sports. Seem to be holding value well too, but if resale is a priority then the ducati will be hard to beat. Me, I would chose what was best to ride and to hell with resale.
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  12. Don't know where you're from but if you're in Melbourne I would think twice about getting an Ape. Aprilia City are closing down which severely limits any warranty work or parts availability.
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  13. IMG_1674_zps9302ada0.
    Mid sized
    Handles amazing
    Full electronics
    Sounds awesome
    Wheelstands effortlessly
    Torque on tap
    Sexy as hell!!!

    Cannot recommend highly enough.
  14. Looks like you are moving away from the mid sized bikes if you are looking at the Aprilia.

    I was going to say gsxr750 as I reckon it has friendlier ergos than a Daytona as a road bike, but the Rsv4 motor is awesome.

    Have you considered a Tuono V4R?
    The ergos make more sense on the road and you
    will not be wanting while riding with your mates on sprortsbikes
  15. Over the weekend, rode an RSV4r, an 899 and a Zx10r.
    ZX10r was the most comfortable out of the lot, great bike enjoyed the ride but never gave me that grin..
    RSV4 was the pick of the bunch, rode it for a good 45-1h from ringwood to heritage golf club (for those melb guys) and had a ball. Smiled the whole time, I think I may have been laughing a few times too haha.

    899 was definitely the winner in the looks department. Had a heap of grunt to it rode REALLY well. But after 10 mins I felt myself needing to squeeze the tank with my legs to take the pressure of my hands. The comfort just wasnt there compared to the ape.
    None of them are amazing with comfort anyway but the ape was a lot better.

    So today I decide.
    2014 Red demo that I took out which has JUST been approved to sell.
    or the Matte black brand new 2013 model.

    I think red. Looks shmick!
  16. Red is the fastest colour...

    That would be been a ball test riding all those bikes back to back. Do enjoy which ever colour you get. You'll have to bring it on one of the weekend rides so we can all check it out :p
  17. Red 899?

    That is one awesome looking bike. And goes well too.
  18. Red ape I thought. The ape is pretty special. Congrats
  19. Just purchased a Brand new Aprilia RSV4 R ABS in red! PUMPED.
    Should have it tomorrow night :) AHHH YES
  20. Congrats, great choice.