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Which summer textile jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bogus69, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Hi I have taken a look at summer textiles in the last week and narrowed my choice down to 3.


    Joe Rocket:
    Alter Ego.

    I haven't seen the T-Stunt in a shop so am just going from the internet on that one.

    The questions I have are....

    1. Does anyone know if the T-Stunt is available in Melbourne?
    2. Has anyone here got any experience with these jackets and how they hold up in a stack?

  2. The Alter Ego looks interesting - I nearly got one... But after a while decided it was probably more effort than it was worth. It does seem like it could handle rapidly changing temperatures and weather conditions well.

    I got the Joe Rocket Phoenix, which is brilliant to ride in and at $250 about half the price of the Alter Ego. The inner liner thing does an OK job in coldish weather and isn't too bad in the rain either.

    As for crash protection, let's put it this way; they'd be good for impact protection, but presumably crap in a slide. But heaps better than riding in a t-shirt 'cause it's too hot. I commute in mine and my business shirt doesn't get all sweaty, it rocks.
  3. i've just got a cheapo rjays short jacket. no vents or anything like that so i just zip it down a little and it fills with air :D eeeeeeasy 8)

    but if you have money to burn and cant think of anything better to spend your $500+ on, then grab a Tstunt for sure. neighbor has one and they're sweet, great airflow and look tops. should be no different to a normal cordura jacket for protection, and benny has taken a few low speed stacks without a scratch on him :D
  4. So was that you or the other chap at the BBQ, then? :LOL:
  5. Doesn't have to be that much coco - and I can't tell you how happy I've been not sweating like crazy in the heat.
  6. Coconuts...
    Doesn't unzipping your warm jacket kind of defeat the purpose of wearing it in the 1st place?

    Any chance you could ask this neighbour where he got the TStunt from? I would really like to inspect it to compare to the TVenom.
  7. Ive got a dry rider summer jacket, the wind just passes through it... Its pretty good in the summer, but at the lights you still roast.....

    A bit of a lifesaver though... The styling is pretty good, and its very comfortable...

    If it rains you can zip a waterproof jacket inside it... and it didnt cost too much....
  8. i'm sure the tstunt is around $500 :?: could be wrong tho, first time for everything :LOL:

    he got it from peter stevens, should be able to get them from there still

    and i dont get what you mean by defeating the purpose? its a summer jacket without venting so i unzip the top a little and it gets heaps of flow. sure, if it was winter it might not be the best thing, but uhhh.... summer you want to keep cool yeah? :wink:
  9. I think I saw them at Stafford Motorcycles on Bell street..

    Phone: + 61 3 9459 3427

    Give them a call, because I THINK I saw them... but I am not certain....
  10. I have got the motodry x-vent. You get lots of air in the jacket so very cool , even today :LOL:

    Not sure what it's like in a stack, the arms/shoulders seem to be strong with pads.


    Had a look at the pants that went with it, crap! Would get better protection rideing nude!
  11. Thanks.

    The price for the Venom is $500 so I reckon the Stunt will be similar.
    PS didn't have any when I looked yesterday but I will check out the Bell st tip.

    I was meaning that if you undid your jacket that it might not protect you too well in an off. as on hot days I can imagin that only opening it (almost) all the way will offer releaf from the temp.

    Stafford Motorcycles say they no longer stock Alpinestars because Redwing do and they want to be different. :)
  12. ahhh.... nar, only need to open the top a little, wouldn't compromise anything. i found it doesn't work so well when you have faring and low handlebars tho. but would do just as well as a vented jacket if you were a naked bike rider like myself :D
  13. I have invested in some summer gear this year and ended up with the DriRider DriMesh jacket, Motodry Pants and some DriRider DriMesh gloves.

    Some of the other jackets just seemed too complicated. The jacket has two liners which I leave zipped together and wear as a inner jacket in the mornings when it is cold. Today was 12 on the way in and 36 on the way home.

    With my work pants on under the MotoDry pants they have the thermal effect of a pair of jeans.
  14. I just got the Rjays supervent 2 ,summer jacket .
    The wallet was open to any thing on offer ,as long as it was cool and good armour.
    There was some Kool looking jacket for $350+,but not the best armour ,so this one won on the day.
    I rode 200km in 24 degrees with the rain liner in and it was great ,anything over 24 and i would of taken the rain/cooler weather liner out.
    It was $250 ,and the best money i have spent.
  15. My rjays textile jacket is garbage, its around 12 months old and falling to pieces (without an off), the single stitching started to pull apart as soon as I bought it.

    No, I wont be buying any rjays gear again.
  16. will wear my leather jacket up to low 30's. i do have a draggin jacket and an ixor textile jacket with a removable liner and armour which is quite a good jacket.
  17. I've got the RJays supervent 2, it has held together well so far. great on hot days. only a problem if things get cold. when i ride to work in the mornings i've got the liner in and a few layers of clothing. I went for a ride on a 36deg day and didn't get hot a all.
  18. I bought an R-Jays JetStream today and did around 150kms this afternoon/evening, fantastic, just like riding in a singlet.
  19. Where did you buy it Paul? I might have a look see
  20. I settled on the Alpinestars T-Stunt airflow.
    Ordered it from the States for 1/2 the price it goes for here. I also ordered the T-Venom for a work mate.

    They turned up last week and I am very happy with mine. The armour is full-on but will need a bit of adjustment to fit my shape.
    I had a ride on NYE b4 it got to 40 and found it perfect when riding/sitting still but still a bit hot when walking around.