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which state in Aus has most riders???no guesses only if u no

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydney_skyhigh, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Hi guys Im a newbie here which state in Australia has the most riders does any one actually know with out guessing cheers

  2. if you want riders (as in actually have and ride a bike) - no one will actually know.

    As for registrations and licenses, it is split fairly evenly between victoria and nsw (26% of total licenses for each state according to the statistics in another thread).
  3. riders?

    ok then cool do u have the link for that thread ?
  4. Seem to remember some mention somewhere that as far as number of bikes sold/population goes WA actually ranks the highest - most likely down to the large number of mine workers with plenty of cash to spend on a dirt and/or road bike.
  5. ?

    interesting those mine workers i heard are making killing out there
  6. Yep, and yet the mines are still struggling to find people for even the simplest of jobs. Was reading one of the mining mags recently though and it had an article on how sales of things like plasma tvs, motorcycles, jetskis, boats, luxury/sports cars etc have gone through the roof in WA over the past few years due to the fact that even tradies are earning well over 100k a year in the mines (ie it's the classic "cashed up bogan" effect).
  7. Thanks to TonyE from the footpath parking thread

    From ATSB figures.

    2000-2006 average % of total national registration of motorcycles for each state.

    NSW 26%

    Vic 26%

    Qld 24%

    SA 7%

    WA 13%

    TAS 2%

    NT 3%

    ACT 1%

    (the actual number each year move around a bit - some years Vic has more than NSW, other years NSW has more than Vic but generally both the same - on a percapita basis Victoria certainly has more than NSW...)
  8. interestin

    very interesting hufe response here hope these figures are accurate they seem a little odd as NSW has the highest population one would think that it would have the highest percentage of riders or are these based on riders to population the original question was who has most riders regardless of population ?
  9. Percentage is relative.

    So if NSW and Vic have an equal % of riders, but NSW has a larger population: then it has more riders too.
  10. err, sorry?

    if there are 100 licensed riders in australia and 26 are in vic and 26 are in nsw, how do you get more riders in nsw than vic?

    The presence of riders in brackistan (Melbourne especially) seems much greater than anywhere else because you have the same number in a much smaller area. nsw also has more cars to dilute the riding population.

    The statistics are by licenses and/or registrations. And there is NO WAY a quarter of the driving public has a riders license.
  11. Those percentages are (if I understand correctly) not 'percentage of riders as a fraction of state population' but 'percentage of total bike registrations in that state as compared to Australia as a whole'. So the numbers should add up to around 100% (and they do).

    What that actually means is that if NSW and VIC have about the same share of the total bike registrations in Australia, then they have about the same populations of riders. Given that NSW has a larger population, the 'rider density' (riders/population) is lower there than in Victoria.
  12. /missed the words 'total national'.

    //my bad.
  13. You cant even comprehend just how huge the "cashed up bogan" term is booming over here. The number of regular tradies running round in Range Rovers and the like is astonishing.

    A couple of months ago, Cable Beach Club in Broome was having real trouble getting enough staff. Apparently there was a job there as a dish washer going with a salary of 80k. Problem is that people in the city are starting to earn big $$$ too so they arent prepared to make the move out to the sticks and work 14hr shifts 7days a week.

    But if you are unskilled and single and prepared to move for a year or a few then therre is some real money to be made by doing the crappy jobs no one wants. Of course if you have a skill in the mining sector then you've got it made too.
  14. mines

    Ok what about this then make life easier which state has more motorcycles lol not per population or any other way like i mean which state has more actual physical bikes regardless of licenses or not or population as well man i have been wanting to get into the mines work I am single no job an wanna contribute to it and look back and say i was part of that, I am sure that over in WA they are only looking for skilled people i don't know about 80k as a dishwasher a little exaggerated man I would do that for the rest of my life if true lol I got a HR license and having trouble getting a job over there
  15. One thing everyone is also missing is the extra cost of living in mining areas. I am from the mining industry and did my trade through them. Yes the money is big but rent for what you get is also highly inflatted lke the pay. If you can go to the mines and live on nothing, do nothing and not drink/do drugs then you will save some money.

    But it is by no means a way to get rich, also big $$$/low skills jobs also have shitty conditions like HUGE hours ect.... By all means go to the mines if yor jobless with not much hope of getting work else where but you wont be coming back with your pockets full, the best thing to do is go get a trade there and come back to your home area and work!

  16. Re: mines

    THIS SITE has 2003 figures and a heap of other info.
  17. mines

    now ur talkin that site is exactly wat i was lookin 4u wow how did u find that and as for mining jobs i am skilled in many areas and can find a job in sydney but i heard the money was really good so was looking into it but to my surprise I found out that they really required skilled people, maybee before they took anyone because they were in desperate need of workers but I think the employment situation is saturated over there now as I have a HR license and most vehicles over there require this license and I have applied for several jobs over there and havent heard from anyone my resume is professional and up to date with relevent experience and also have no responsibilties here and can move anytime as for the rent prices over there they are same as a nice apartment in the inner city on the harbour of sydney no joke man but some employers offer cabins and sharing houses
  18. Re: mines

    Mr Google helped me. He should be your friend too.
    Australian Motorcycle Sales By State
  19. So what does the OP have to do with the mining industry?? :LOL:
  20. Re: mines

    Keep trying if it's what you want. The mining industry is definitely short on drivers at the moment particularly in the northern parts of WA (iron ore mining). At the moment some mines are actually having to source labour from Indonesia and train them on site.