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Which state for leaners?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by josh000, May 14, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have just come back from overseas, so in queensland the laws changed while I was away. I now have to have a car license for 1 year before being able to get a motorbike license. The thing is, I am leaving in july. So I would like to know if there is any, if which states don't have a similar rule. I have the money for lessons. But I would need to be able to take the lessons in 2 to 3 weeks(every day is fine) and get my license before I go in mid july. Hopefully my learner license from queensland could transfer over and I would not need to take a written test again. I don't even necessarily care about getting the license, I just need to learn to ride.

    Hoping for some positive answers,

  2. ACT. No speed restrictions in the ACT for learners (though you'll have to follow them elsewhere) and none at all, including interstate, for P platers. No capacity limit on bikes, just a straight 150kw/ton limit.
  3. Sounds interesting,

    I couldnt find information on the website,

    But can my qld learner license be transferred?

    If I have only a car learners license, how would I go about getting the motorbike learner license?

    I am not worried about capacity, 250 is fine(no experience and kind of scared), but timeframe is of the essence.

    Are there company's in the act that offer maximum or fixed price course, regardless of how many lessons I might need?
  4. There are links on Netrider to the various states' licensing laws.


    I had a quick look and for ACT it seems you must have had a learner licence for at least 3 months before going for your P's. You would have to ring I guess to find out if you can have your Queensland one transferred. And I presume you would also have to be living in the ACT (or whichever state you decided upon) so not sure how you would do this - are you prepared to rent a house or something?!

    You could try the NT
    You need to have had a learner licence for 6 months and then do the intermediate riding course for them to issue a RE licence. But again you need to have an address there!

    And the great thing about the NT laws is that once you have had your RE licence for a year, you just get an upgrade to an open licence without any more tests (we moved to Alice from WA last year, and I transferred my RE licence over no problem with a proof of address, and then a few months later, got them to give me my open licence).[/url]
  5. In regards to the topic title.

    It really all depends on how much lean you want. I find that NSW have the best laws for leaning, allowing you to scrape the skin off your testicles on any corner of your choice.

    In the ACT, if you get caught leaning past the legal 2 degrees, it's 5 points off your license as well as a mandatory switching. :shock:
  6. in nsw you can do the learner weekend, which everyone passes, then the questions which are very easy, then you book in the next available Provisional test, go around a few cones and half tennis balls, get the pink paper and go to the reg to upgrade to a brand new full motorbike licence, all this within a month, thats how I did it
  7. VIC - learners is a test - motorbike / theory / eye test. You do not need any licenses to go for it, you just have to be over 17 and 9 months
    P's can be taken 3 months after you have completed the L test which is just the eye and motorbike test.

    If you don't have a car license then you will have to be on your p's for 3 years
  8. Only applies if you are over 30 and have held a full Australian or NZ car license for at least 5 years though.
  9. Hey Prez,
    Can you tell me where you got this info. I would like to read all these rules. I have my ACT L's and I have heard nothing about lean angles or switching?
  10. If i had to guess id say most states or territories have a resident clause in the relevant legislation. I know we have here in SA and I doubt its something that other states would miss...