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Which stand? Side or centre???

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mr_sikma, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Side stand

  2. Centre stand

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  3. Both

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  1. Hey,

    I was just curious as to which stand you use when your scooter is parked?

    I always used the side stand to lean it, then put it up on the centre stand. Now i am just using the centre stand and not even bothering with the side stand.

    I notice all motorbikes only have side stands, but they must be alot stronger than the ones on a scooter, as i wouldnt really feel safe leaving my scooter just on the side one!

  2. Alot of Motorbikes have Centre Stands as well. THe GPX and the ZZR do. :)
  3. Every scooter seems to use the centre stand, I'm not sure why really... I've explained it to a couple scooter riders ive pulled up next to only to recieve a blank "huh?" look from them when i explain is sturdier on a side stand... Maybe I shouldn't use maths/physics to explain it to them?

    Side stands leave a much greater area of contact with the ground, resulting in a much more stable bike. I only use my centre stand for overnight in my garage coz it wont start if all the juice runs to #1 carb.

    I find it really funny when i occasionally see scooters parked, front wheel towards the kerb (not on it) but parked on the centre stand, do they not realise how little of a bump its gonna take to knock it off that stand, it hardly requires a rocket scientist to see that doesnt it?

    Anyway side stand is much more stable.

    Edit - And yeah I think most bikes bar the MX'ers have centre stands...
  4. thanks for the replies...

    i just assumed they would be 'safer' on the centre stands.

    one reason is because i had my skoot on the side stand once in my driveway and it fell over, but never did it on the centre stand. the driveway wasnt flat.
  5. Most modern sportsbikes don't have a centrestand either.

    Touring and some cruiser types is where you'll find them.
  6. Centre stand for me.

    Mrs Moth's Scarabeo has one of those awful self retracting side stands, I don't trust those bastards.
  7. Which way did it fall?

    To the side of the sidestand, perhaps the surface was soft and it dug in (use a flattened coke or you can buy a sidestand "puck" that can increase the surface area of contact and prevent this).

    Or did it fall to the side opposite to the side stand? Got blown over by a severe gust of wind. I've seen this sort of thing happen in the CBD wear to a degree high winds can develop between the corridors of skyscrapers.
  8. i agree, parking in between buildings can be quite windy. I have seen a few bikes falling over due to side stand failing or got dug in on a hot day. But yet to see one fail on a centre stand.

    I can understand the physics of why a side stand is "more stable", but I feel safer having it on centre stand.

  9. It depends how easy the respective stands are to use.

    Had a Laverda where the side side was imposible to get to, but the centre stand was a joy.

    Had another bith where the centre stand just wasn't balance, so I always used the side stand.

    Now I have no choice. Side stand only.

    Ask a BMW rider why you don't use the side stand.
  10. I have had a centre stand fitted to my Hyosung when i bought it
    so that i can put her up on it to do mainenance on the chain ect

    when parking at shops ect i use the side stand
  11. I always use the side stand, the only time I ever use the center stand is if i'm refueling. It gets more fuel in the baby :grin:
  12. I have never had a bike with a center stand - be great for oiling the chain and the sorts. Side stand is good because i turn the bike on the stand. Curious but does anybody else do this?
  13. With my old 130Kg GPX yes...

    With my 230Kg GPz hell no!