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Which sports-tourer has the best headlights?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ogre, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. I'm considering getting a Honda VFR800 (VTEC). One parameter I consider important is healthy headlight beams. It has been said that the 6th gen VFR800 (from 2002) has very impressive low and high-beams.

    Can anyone shed some light (couldn't help it) on how well their ride's lights compare to others?

  2. I can certainly say that the headlights on the VTEC viffer are astounding. By default you have the 2 lows and high beam adds 2 more. Four lights! I frequently ride on a stretch that has no road lights, and have rarely needed to click on the high beams, the lows just get thrown so far ahead.

    One of the small touches on the bike that add up to it being more than the sum...
  3. "Re: Which sports-tourer has the best headlights?"

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  4. My Blackbird's headlight is fairly impressive. Certainly the best I've seen (I haven't ridden a VFR at night so I can't comment on it).

    The 'bird has two H7 globes, one above the other. One is for low beam. Switch to high and the second light comes on. I'm considering upping them to one of those "high performance" globes such as the "plus four" globes or similar. Can't have too much light, I say. However, going from a good high beam to a crappy low beam can be an issue.
  5. The headlights on the TDM are fairly crap out of the factory, but replacing the bulbs seems to make a huge difference.

    As for the VFR, I've sat in front of an 03 model and the lights are plenty bright. the 2 low beams are great, and I'd imagine high beams would be blinding...
  6. I have a bird with 2 x HID and additional fog lighting I installed, and it is impressive, still not as good a ZX-14 which has 6 as stock, I think.
  7. There's a ZZR1200 for sale in the local Kawasaki dealer. It seems to have an impressive array of headlights. Thing is, how good are they? Its predecessor, the ZZR1100, had one single 35/35w globe in it as standard. When I owned one I put a 135/90 watter into it. It increased the safe speed that I could ride at night out around here from probably 70 kays to 90 kays.

    So, I was suitably impressed with how the Blackbird's standard configuration works.
  8. Yep the 14 has good lights, better than most cars.

  9. :shock:.... Gravity works.....
    ......must be low beam on display..
    ( refers to picture in above post .....:-w)
  10. Yep my VFR 800 2007 very bright head lights . If your out my way anytime drop me a pm and you can take a look . ( I'm about 60ks away so bit of a trip) .

    next week I can give you a guess at length and width in meters.
  11. If you want the most light and better visibility to other road users get yourself some HID's and use them in your low beam, a decent kit is maybe $100 and they are head and shoulders better then standard filament globes...even good ones like Philips etc...

    They are so good in fact I almost never use my high beam, even on country roads.
  12. Did I get this right, Bamm-Bamm? That you have your HIDs wired in so they are on when on low beam? If so, isn't that a tad illegal, and a tad dangerous for oncoming traffic?
  13. Hey Bamm-Bamm, what kit would you recommend? I mean oils ain't oils when it comes to HIDs? I'm wary about those kits from Ebay... made in china etc
  14. Tiger 1050 probably isn't the best when it comes to lighting.

    The projector lamps nicely illuminate things which come into the beam of the headlight, but there is absolutely zero light spilled outside of that beam. It's such a sharp-edged cutoff.

    Means that if there are no streetlights/ambient light around, it can be hard to see overhead signs, or see around corners (without using the highbeam).

    On the plus side, the projectors do look like a pair of eyes, befitting of the animal moniker. :p
  15. I can tell you the Aprilia RS250 has the most awful headlight I've ever seen. I considered taping my watch to the front of the bike to get a bit more light on the road
  16. ROFL!

    I replaced the headlight on my GPX with dual headlights from Aus streetfighter ... I just felt dangerous riding with the stock light =/
  17. Yes you are right my low beam is a HID, if the headlights are aimed high they can be a problem for glare but aimed properly they seem to be fine...well I don't get flashed often anyway..and call it selfish of me if you will but I consider my ability to be able to see at night or be easily seen during the day to be a bit more important than a bit of glare to other road users...

    It's a jungle out there I'd raher have an oncoming car think **** that arseholes lights are too bright...rather than clean me up because "sorry mate i didn't see you"

    There are lots of things that are "illegal" or frowned upon, if it makes it safer for me as a rider then so be it

    I have had the HID's in for about a year, no problems so far..the only thing you may have issues with is when you start your bike the voltage drop causes the HID to go out, not a problem with my bike, being a KTM I have a switch to turn the headlights on or off so I just turn them off before i start the bike and switch the lights on when started...on some bikes you may need to stop and restart to get them to come on, or you can hardwaire up a switch that allows you to tun the lights on and off to overcome this.

    I got my kit from hids4u.co.uk, great mob to deal with too!
  18. Just be aware that a dazzled driver will target fixate on your lights so dazzling oncoming traffic is bad for you, keep your low beams low and have your high beams wherever the hell you like.