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Which sounds better, VTR or VFR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TRX 850, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. As I have had these bikes side by side to compare the sound they produce, which one has the deeper rumble sound, a VTR or VFR?

  2. Y'know I've never actually heard a VTR 250 properly... But seeing as I've just bought a VFR800 and am in a bit of blind fanboyism over it, and as the engine is bigger etc I'll say the VFR.
  3. The VFR is a more efficient engine (higher BMEP) - so less noise but more power. If you like noise the VTR1000 with aftermarket cans is definitely the winner - just ask Vic.
  4. I'd have to say it depends on what mods have been done to the VFR's airbox :)

    The induction sound can be pretty awesome.

    Both bike's sounds have different merits, hard to compare which sounds best as I think I'd be a personal thing. But if you're talking about typically loudest, def. the vtr.
  5. Hssy - I think TRX means the VTR1000f (Fire Storm), not the VTR250 ;)

    What sounds better is a personal choice. Are you talking OEM Cans, or aftermarket. If aftermarket, in order to get a fair comparison you'd have to compare the same aftermarket cans on each bike.

    The V-Twin of the Fire Storm sounds pretty awesome and is plenty loud! The V4 rumble of the Viffer is an unmistakable refined growl.

    Pick your own :grin:
  6. Yes I vote for the VTR250 as the VFR just sounds ghey.

    Hear that mini monster rOArrrrrrr

    :LOL: :p

    edit: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    edited to increase sarcasm
  7. Night shift... blame it on the night shift...

  8. a VTR250 sounds better than a V4 VFR ??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    again, I'm sure he meant the Fire Storm, not the 250.....
  9. Yes Honda have had quite a long history of making bikes that really do suck :p :LOL:.
  10. apologies doonx I guess my :LOL: :p emoticons did not reflect enough sarcasm. have edited post above.
  11. What does it matter? You have a TRX!!!

    :p Two wheeled music...
  12. The VTR, like most V-twins is like Barry White...oh so smooooth, oh soooo seeeexy..but Barry is carrying a sledgehammer to make sure you pay attention.

    The VFR is like Hunters & Collectors, playing that classic rock but doing it differently. Not everyone gets into the Hunters but no one can doubt they rock.

    I've got a Tuono and a VFR in the garage and both sound good to my ear. :cool:
  13. V-twin (incl. L-twin) = auditory delight

    Other engine types = auditory compromise
  14. firestorm
  15. Definately a firestorm. Especially mine.

    Custom baffles and complete with packing thats rooted so the bike is twice as loud as it was when I got it..................

    To quote the legend himself "aaaand, loving it"
  16. :WStupid:
  17. Trexx has the sexiest rumble with decent cans that is only matched by a ducati on full song.
    firestorm rumble shits all over the vfr growl.
  18. Gotta go with the 'storm for aural pleasure when it comes to 'rumble'.
  19. :WStupid: