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which socket set?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by livingstonest, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. gonna buy a socket set.

    which size do i need for general motorbike stuff? is it the 1/2' drive or 3/8' drive?

    any advice as to what else i may need for general simple motorbike mechanics?
  2. Supacheap auto do a set for about $40 that has pretty much all you need, both 1/4 and 3/8 drives, heaps of different sizes.

    Doesnt have enough hex keys though... better off buying a full set of those
  3. Perhaps something stanley? Relatively good quality (though not quite trade) but still well priced. Make sure you get yourself a good set of hex keys for the bike though :)
  4. I got a great set for around that price from the tool guy at Vic Market - that was a tip from JohnnyO. It had both the 1/2" and the smaller drivers as well as a heap of sockets. Oh, and you can pick up a torque wrench for $50 that's good enough for home garage use!
  5. not trade quality??? are you kidding me, do you like busted knuckles?

    at nothing less then kingchrome is exceptable, sure its expensive but trust me when i say you will encounter, a bolt/nut that is near impossible to undo and the first thing to go will be the socket, and then the skin off your knuckles...

    and as for size you will need both but you wont need to carry them with you all the time, personally i'd suggest to anyone starting a tool kits buy them piece by piece if need be it will cost more but it might be easier on the pocket to do it that way

    do you really wanna use anything but quality on your baby????
  6. Kingchrome is cheap crap originally sold at Repco.

    Buy SNAP-ON, Metrinch or at least Sidchrome (even though not made in Aus anymore) for sockets, in 3/8 and 1/4 drive. try to various length extensions, and wobble bar for tight spots.

    A full set of quality hex keys will serve you well.
  7. Yes, I was working on my bike the other day in a friend's garage using their SupaTool set. I was attempting to undo a bolt while using a 6mm allen key and simply closing the gap between my index finger and thumb (braced against the job) was enough to twist it through 90 degrees. :roll: I've now had to get someone to send me up some tools from home....
  8. Where to get snap-on metrinch or sidchrome?

    Thanks all for your suggestions. I do see the value in buying quality as cheapo stuff just won't do the job.

    The 1/4 drive i got already from kinchrome. Looks like i'll need both the 1/2 and 3/8 sets? Wanna get it all at once cause i wanna get into doing simple mods and service/adjustments.
  9. KC Tools have always laughed at the worst heavy machinery work/abuse I could throw at them.
  10. kingchrome isnt a repco set what are you talking about???

    deal with 100 yr old safes then tell me kingchrome isnt good, and i did say anything less isnt good enough
  11. Firstly my own tools are snap on and the old school sidchrome (aust made ones) all trade quality gear. Also for the record, the "Repco" branded tools are actually made to the same spec as snap on, they're bloody tough, and trade quality. (Not cheap though) Good if you happen to have a mate who works there, and can get you a nice discount.

    I can vouch for the quality of these, and always crap on about it, because they really are good, and in turn they sell heaps to the trade as well.

    Oh and I've punched enough sharp edges, braided lines and the like while working on cars/the 4b to not want crappy tools to work with. But moderate quality stuff should be ok for working on the bike, wouldn't wanna use it on the 4b though.
  12. no one has seemed to suggest a hex set brand?

    so i suggest bondhus 'gorilla proof' sets best i have ever owned.
  13. Sidchrome, never had a problem had em for years and never busted. Put up with everything you can throw at em, that my 2c
  14. +1 my third set and finaly one im happy with. they feel so nice i get the urge to clean them afterwards. U can go to trade stores and pick up slightly damaged ex display models for about half price. (which is still $100+)