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Which small sportsbike tail bag?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jordan, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering what people do for small sporty tail bags for sports bike. Ive got a K6 gixxer and im after something quite small and attractive for the rear. Some of the requirements are:
    - Only needs to old a pair of runners, t-shirt and undies/socks and maybe a spray can of something or other
    - Has to look good, be aerodynamic etc
    - Dont want to add any bolt-on and permanent support infrastructure (ie: ventura) ie: just tie/strap/tape on

    Ive had tank bags before but for the particular trip im looking at doing (Sydney and back over all mountains/back roads) I want to take as minimal stuff as possible and I dont want a tank based bag. I also dont want a back pack.

    Does anyone use anything that fits this criteria?
    So far ive come across this:
    But im not sure exactly how big it is. Does anyone use the Axio tail bag?

    Are there any other options? The only other decent bag ive come across (in my limited browsing) is the Oxford:

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. You're looking for something small and attractive to fit on your pillon seat? Aren't we all... :LOL:
  3. Not sure what these things are like but I'm interested.
    eBay Link
  4. My Oxford is a tank or tail or backpack.

    Used it for years, great quality, value for money.
  5. Nice one Whipster. :grin:

    The Andystrapz looks good, the oilskin finish is a nice touch.

    Yeah, those eBay bags look alright, maybe a bit big for what im looking for.

    True Hawklord, the Oxford have a great range and are hard to go past.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  6. I just picked up a little Oxford yesterday, but I'm going to be taking it back. It looks like a good bag, but it is supposed to be mounted to the rear seat so that you can still remove the seat to get into the compartment underneath, and on my bike it is a little too big for this. With the straps in place the seat won't go back into position.

    I'd say give it a shot. On a slightly larger seat I reckon it would have been a goer.
  7. The Ventura seat bags are great. I have the 'Assen' Ventura seat bag and just love it. Easy to put on and take off, nice and compact which makes it easy to carry around when you're not on the bike. I can even fit in everything I need to for a weekend away. Are reasonably priced too.

  8. axio looks really great, sleekest design i've seen so far. A bit pricey tho...

    but i reckon it has less space compare to other tail bag coz of the hard cover and being pushed from the bottom when u tie it up.

    hmmm... i'm thinking to get one as well now :cool:
  9. ^ I got the oxford above too.

    I use it all the time, mainly with the expandable section collapsed, but when shipping shirts, shoes etc to work at the beginning of the week, along with lunch it can be pretty full.

    Only concern I have is the possibility of the occie straps rubbing on the side of the bike (although oxford provide protection tabs to go under the hook on the straps), however to this date it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Lots of space so I am happy. Beats having a backpack
  10. I bought the Axio last week. Looks awesome and goes really well with a sports bike.

    My perspective:

    Advantages - great not having to carry a rucksack or similar, looks sexy and blends in with the bike, has a sholder strap and if you have some riding with you, it's no big deal to remove it. Comes with a tight cargo net for extra storage

    Disadvantages - a little too small...won't fit A4 size things easily (need to bend and twist a bit). The velcro straps are cumbersome to open and close every time...I would not recommend leaving it on the bike if you step away for more than 5 minutes. I have a 12inch laptop that barely fits in after I remove the battery..be careful to think about the size of items you wish to carry before buying.

    I made a small mod to help with the straps...went to Spotlight and bought a couple of buckle clips (like the ones on stroller and baby chairs to keep them locked in). A bit of threading the straps, and works a treat...fast removal and attachment of bag achieved!

    If anyone is interested, I can take a picture of the straps and post.

  11. How's the tail bag going? I'd be interested in seeing a picture if it's not to much hassle.
  12. I have the Oxford bag from the second link you posted - it's very good and probably ideal size for what you want. It has a good rain cover too. Cost about $74 from PS in the City and is very secure when on too. I can fit lunch and a pair or trainers and a book in there as well as the rain cover in side pocket and hi-viz in the other side pocket.
  13. I have the 10/22 expandable one of these and find them really good.
    When expanded it can hold a helmet.
  14. I've got the Axio one on my bike. It will fit runners and gym clothes. Other things it fits include, 2-3 bottles of spirits, an SLR camera, a decent tool kit and bottle of water, not all at once though.

    The cargo net thing you get with it is also pretty handy, its good for beach towels.