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Which Slr do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Not entirely sure whether this is the right spot to put this but thought that it probably is more applicable here then in Off Topic. Sorry if it as to be moved.

    Anyway, I'm pretty clueless.(Notice the fullstop :LOL:) But particularly with camera stuff, but all your photo's here are motivating me to get a decent camera (and hopefully some knowledge too) to get some decent p0rn....uhh... I mean shots, yeah shots.

    What's your thoughts on these two cameras:

    Nikon D90 - http://www.nikon.com.au/productitem.php?pid=1281-86d7b52026

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 - http://lumix.panasonic.com.au/products/Lumix/Camera/DMC-GF1

    or should I steer clear of SLR's and get something like:


    Looking at what people's thoughts are on value for money and any other things they can think of. E.g. I've noticed that the Nikon lenses were generally cheaper and easier to get then the Panasonic (probably due to popularity I'm guessing).

    I'm reluctant to get the point and shoot as I have some point and shoot cameras already (cheapies though).

    Thanks y'all.
  2. This is the correct place, stay away from panasonics and Sony slr's the nikon and canon or pentax equivalent are what you are after if you shoot lots of sport or low light stuff the a nikon or canon would be your best bet
  3. I'd go either Nikon or Canon.

    At all price points they both have excellent cameras.

    Hold both of them and see which one feels better in the hands. So either get a Nikon if you're manly or go Canon if you're a pansy.

    The D90 is about to be superseded. It's still a damned fine camera which you should be able to get quite cheaply or you can wait a little while and get the D7000.
  4. Thanks guys.

    Smee, are you talking about Canon in general or the specific camera in OP.

    Or in other words. Should I go for slr with no experience or get the wizzbang point and shoot until I get experience and then upgrade.
  5. I'd personally go the SLR but it really depends on what you want to do. To truly understand photography you need an SLR.

    The big disadvantage with an SLR is the size. They're not something you'll be able to fit in your pocket.

    The disadvantages with P&Ss are image quality and shooting speed. The photos out of a P&S are not anywhere near the quality of either the Nikon or Canon.

    The consumer level SLRs are very easy to use and are a great place to start.
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  7. Slr definitely I own a 5d mark 2 but is is a fairly expensive high end camera you could go easily 50 d or 550d or whatever they come up with.for pure versatility and ultimate picture quality you can't go past an Slr.
  8. ive just bought my first camera (of any sort), a nikon d3000, so its just been discontinued and is very basic (though got it for a good price).

    so far im having a blast and though i havent gone out purely to take pics, ive been taking it everywhere with me just to take pics of whatever i happen accross.

    a few weeks prior, a mate of mine bought a p&s and reckons its the bees knees.

    each to their own.. i decided to go for a bit more bulk for a lot more potential. decided to spend less now, in case i dont get into photog very serious, but enough to have a decent camera :)
  9. got cash
    get a NIKON D700 :D
  10. I got a low end canon at the beginning of the yr. The 450 d, takes excellent shots for the price. eBay from hong kong to get it cheaper.
    The other option to learn about photography is a p&s with full manual control. A bit cheaper to learn what your doing.
  11. I have a D90 and an assortment of lenses, but I find I use the compact more when I'm out and about on the bike. Sure the image quality isn't as good but as they say... the best camera is the one you have with you.
  12. When I was looking more than a year ago the cheapest and most fully laden camera for the price was the Samsung GX-20, which is close to identical to the Pentax K20D. Smsung had great features at a far cheaper price than most DSLRs and definately cheaper than similar Canons.

    Samsung isnt an established name but do have good products. Canon on the other hand is an established player and so you tend to pay extra for the brand name along with the camera. In saying that, also think of your future lense purchases, Canon has a wider range of lenses that would fit Canon cameras. The last thing you want to do is purchase new lenses everytime you want to upgrade (you can also but adaptors but ive always shyed away from them).
  13. thought about second hand?
    Pick up a Canon 40d on fleaBay, it's more camera than most people need and can be had for a reasonable price. I recommend Canon if you are on a budget, there is a massive range of second hand lenses, and all EF mount lenses work. You can also get adapters for almost any brand lenses to attach to a Canon. I shoot Nikon now (mmmm, d700) and used to shoot Canon (mmmm, 5d mk2).

    I'd recommend you stick with Nikon or Canon if you want a decent upgrade path.

    Also, what smilee said - maybe get a Canon G9 or G10 and learn the ropes? If you aren't sure that photography is for you then it could be a cheaper option.

    Never forget that the photographer takes the photo - any camera will make great photos with the right lighting.

    If you go the slr route then be prepared to never have money again haha.
  14. True, I use my compact far more than the DSLR.

    I bought the the camera Ken Duncan uses, the Lumix DMC-ZS7 before Panasonic released the camera in Australia as the Lumix TZ10, it has a great lense, take great pictures and videos, and pretty tough (I dropped it mounted to my bike at low speeds and also banged it up badly climbing Mt. Fuji). The best place to buy this camera is at Officeworks.

    Its also best to invest in a good memory card especially for a camera that take higher resolution pictures and videos, the last thing you want to do is wait for a picture to save before you can take another happy snap (youll miss that magic moment if you have a slow class 4 card). I bought the cheapest and fastest class 10 32GB card. Check out the little known Patriot branded SDHC card, I bought mine over a year ago for $109 (which was a bargain back then).
  15. i agree with Smee 5d mk 2 is a awesome camera I have one,a few things to consider.
    type of photography you want to get into eg sports,portraits.etc(this may change)
    if sports is your thing you may be better off with something with a faster fps 50d or 7d
    but saying that I shot the hamilton v8`s with a 5d mk2
    Don`t know too much about Nikons bit of a Canon biatch!!

    Point and shoot Panasonic Lumix or a canon g11 would be my choice. should get a good deal on a g11 as the g12 just recently released.feel free to pm if you have questions.
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  17. If you're going to get a camera and stick it on P then don't buy the expensive ones. Save your money for getting the good, faster lenses.

    I'm a canon person with the 5d but i think for your uses the entry level 1000d will be more than what you need.

    The key to the level of a canon camera is the amoutn of numbers in it

    eg the 1000d is the entry level, 550d next step up the ones with two digits eg 50d is the semi-pro the 5d pro and the 1ds (aka my dream camera) are the pros. The L series lenses (with the red rim) are the pro lenses that are fast.

    Don't spend too much money until you get one and then use it for a while and see how you're using it. I see too many people spend thousands of dollars to get the 50d and they just stick it on P or picture mode.
  18. theres a new Nikon coming out soon, D7000, keep an eye on that 1
  19. Wise words
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