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Which size boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Itchy22, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I will be picking up my bike Friday afternoon and am in the process of getting all the gear.

    It seems I have a size 44 1/2 foot.

    Size 44 boots a bit to tight, size 45 a bit to loose. Tried several different brands/styles all the same.

    Should I go the size 44 and hope that it sterches a bit and becomes more comfortable, or should I go the 45 and maybe just get slightly thicker socks?

    I have been told that your foot expands a bit throughout the day particularly when its stuck inside a boot.


  2. What brand boots are you looking at??
    Each brand of boot will differ in the sizing, your best to shop around and find one that fits you properly, especially if your walking in them. You'll still find a style that you like :grin:
    Otherwise thicker socks as a last desperate notion :wink:
  3. I had the same problem. My feet are 44 in length and 45 in width. I ended up getting the 44s and taking them to a really good cobbler near my place. He stretched out the leather a bit, and then I just wore them in.
  4. I had the same issue with the Gaerne boots I bought. A* fit me perfectly (at another store) but where I purchased didn't have them and I couldn't be bothered waiting for them to come in. I went for the size up. That's because I can always put in an inner sole or thicker socks to make the fit snug.

    I only once bought leather shoes that were on the tight side. They never stretched to the extent that the seller claimed they would.

    My preference is to go the upper size and get an inner sole or wear thicker socks.
  5. I tried a few different brands, AXO, Dri Rider, SIDI, something starting with a G, something starting with an O and had the same problem with all of them.

    The socks I had on were fairly thin so I think I will go for the larger size and thicker socks / inserts.

    Thanks all,