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Which should it be?!.......

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BoogieMan, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. after 3 years with the same bike I'm now strongly considering getting another bike...... A BIGGER BIKE!!! :p

    But now the REAL dilema begins..... Which one to get?!..... :?

    At The moment I'm looking at a couple of different ones and dont really know much about either to be honest... I've read reviews and stats but both seem fairly even on most accounts but I was curious to know if anyone out ther in Forum land had had any experience with the bikes or the brands.....

    The Bikes are:

    Suzuki C50 Boulavard, VL800.



    Triumph America

    Couldnt find any test ride info online

    I'm also looking to treat it kinda like a weekend bike and keep my 250 as a comuting bike...

    Opinions, facts, figures, comments.....

    love to see what people think....
  2. I think the Triumph looks better! :D
  3. I have a good mate who has the Suzuki and he absolutely loves it.
  4. gho to action in town before they close .
    they have a fair few cruisers there to ride .
    and you will pick them up cheap , as they are closing down

    why read when you can ride .

  5. Where is 'action in town'???
  6. Oohh man, what a dilema!

    Is the triumph a twin?

    Go the twin, whichever one it is... love that sound.

    Can't offer any riding advice on either, but I prefer the look of the Triumph.
    Happy hunting!
  7. 19 flemington rd. at just up from the roundabout on elizabeth st.
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  9. These bikes were both on my upgrade list, the Boulevard also came out as an M50 (VZ800) which has more of a hardtail look, no running boards and wider handlebars.....same running gear just looks more aggressive.

    Have ridden the C50 and the M50, and found the M50 to be more suited to my style of riding, but both the C50 and the M50 are better than the Triumph America, (and I love Trumpies) if you have the extra money to spend look at the Speedmaster, it's basically an America with a bigger motor, (805cc same as the Suzi I think)

    I haven't ridden a Speedmaster but I have scabbed a ride on an America and found it not much better than the Honda VT750 (also lacks grunt)

    Th other unit on my list is the Kawasaki 800 Vulcan, haven't ridden one but the price's are comparable with the Suzi's, around $11000 + ORC brand new, which makes them $2500 - $3500 cheaper than the Trumpies.

    The latest edition of Roadrider has a comparo on 6 or 7 of the top selling cruisers, including the Moto Guzi.
  10. Raf , thanks for popping up the address

    when you gop there ask for DARYL
    he is the sales manager , he is the man who can do wheeling a dealing .

    when are you planning on going ?
  11. I'm actually looking at a 96 Model Vz800 at the moment....

    I was originally looking for a VT750 shadow, but the suzie has won i think...Took it for a ride on saturday, and after riding the little CBX-250, the Suzi felt safe, stable and wonderful ...

    Oh, and an absolute wall of torque too .....

    But the seat was a little hard for my liking, I'll give it a few weeks then maybe replace with an aftermarket jobbie ....

  12. BoogieMan last time we spoke I mentioned to you that I had street raced against a new C50 when I was on my old 250 and my tail light was the only thing that made that bike shine, the Suzy’s performance was very disappointing to its owner. And as for the other bikes you mention I think their specs are similar.

    I suggest that you buy a cruiser with bigger displacement, all cruisers are heavy and you’re a fair sized lad and if being a weekend bike only, your possibly going to load up with pillion and saddlebags for some touring, make sure you get a donk that will pull all of that with ease.

    10-12k will buy any of those 750/800 cruisers new, but slightly used that money buys you a Suzuki VL1500 or a Yamaha XV1600.
  13. stu, sell the 250, no matter what you think now, if you get a bigger bike in 2 months time the 250 wont see the light of day. i can guarentee it
  14. Personally I prefer the trumphy but I think you'd get more bang for you buck with the Suzi. Plus hook up a power commander to one of those and you can remap it to run the way you want it to.

    Action web site (very average) http://actionmc.com.au/

    And I'm with Sluglie, sell the 2fiddy after a month or two it will never get used
  15. You'll have to be quick. Action motorcycles in melbourne closes down on the 30th of this month. There may be a bargin to be had.
  16. I'd got the Trumpy over the C50 any day of the week. The America or Speedmaster (go the 'master - difference of about $500 new) are surprisingly large bikes, and unless you are a fat bastard like me, the power should be sufficient, and the bike comfortable. Plus both the Trumpys have better clearance in corners.

    Oh, and ditch the 250. You'll never touch it again.
  17. I have a Triumph Speedmaster and absolutely love it.
    LOADS of power in the mid-range, armchair seat comfort, and with a set
    of Mad-Az pipes & mufflers, it sounds brilliant!!! - it now has that deep,
    characteristic Triumph growl. This is a beautiful bike for anyone
    who wants cruiser comfort with almost sportsbike performance.
  18. Have you looked at a M50?
    very similar to the C50, but without the pretendy harley look. Higher final gear ratio, so has (slightly) longer legs. Different guards f and r
    Better cornering clearance, and CAST WHEELS and TUBELESS tyres.
    Less chrome to polish means more riding time.

    I have owned one for 5 weeks, and put 1500 km on it, even though I don't use it as a daily driver.

    The power available improves a lot over the first 1000 km, but it is not a race bike by anyones guessing. It does have plenty of torque, good clean handling, and low maintenance. Wont win races - but will put a smile on your dial every time you hop on.

    I bought mine for 10k out the door, and don't regret it one bit - A whole lot of bike for the money.