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Which Scooter?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by orbea05, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Hey,
    i've been loking at scooters, and am about to buy one, although i'm not sure which one between the peugeot speedfight 2 (100cc) and the Aprilia sr 50 ditech factory. i'm just curious which one has more power, the most speed, and i guess just your opinions as to which one i should purchase?
    thanks guys.

  2. Hi orbea05 , welcome . As i have no knowlage of scooters , i'll that the reply to people who are more experienced with them :D .
  3. Hi. Welcome to the site.

    I was looking at a Speedfight one time, scoured the reviews and forums, and the word on it was that it's got great performance, but a high number of people (on a UK forum) reported it being rather given to mechanical problems (the site should be pretty easy to find - I just googled the name of the bike). Also, the body work apparently cracks easily (so said on same site).

    On the other hand, the Aprilia is only 50cc? Is this is your first bike? If so, believe me...you WILL outgrow that power, no matter how much you insist otherwise (I, and a number of my friends, all started off on, and love, scooters. And we've all found that, having started on 50cc, you need at least 100cc for safe and enjoyable riding). New riders, at least those who are attracted to scooters, can be under the impression that smaller is safer. Get some riding experience and you'll find that, within reason, very much the contrary is true.

    Any other 100cc's on your horizons?

    (Why not a pimped postie? Save yourself a heap in the process.)
  4. well I've just sold a scooter which was my first bike, its was an Aprilia Sportcity 200

    Excellent bike but very new so $7,500 inc ORC

    Basically I would suggest not going under 150cc and getting the most powerful you can for your budget. Even the Sportcity felt under powered to me on the highways which is why I sold it.

    If you're in Sydney drop into Scooteria, they're a good bunch of guys and have 2nd hand models.

    But honestly, if you like bikes I'd get a geared bike which is what I am now doing, I found I outgrew my scooter very quickly.
  5. Hi orbea05

    Well you picked 2 great scooters either one would be great.

    I would choose the Aprillia.
    Its newer technology and at least a generation ahead of the Peugeot.
    Performace wise a derestricted SR50 and the Speedflight would be similar.
    Handling probably the SR by a fraction just an age thing again (conventional forks so easier to fix if not quite right and less maintenance).
    Coolness well I think that its pretty even they both look hot.
    Hot up potential You can buy 125 kits for the Peugeot but I have seen 70cc kits for the SR and as more scoots go the Fuel Injected path I have no doubts the Tuning Houses (Malossi, Polini, PM etc) will develop the parts to turn the scoot into a rocket.

    hope this helps

    I wrote nothing smart here cause I couldnt be stuffed.
  6. Have you considered the Yamaha aerox 100cc? afaik, it is a similar price to the pug/aprilla, perhaps a bit cheaper and backed by yamaha quality and dealer network.
  7. Hi, My names Heidi and I'm new to this forum. I'm thinking of buying a scooter when I move from Sydney to Adelaide some time early next year.
    I don't know much about scooters and I only have a car licence. What would you guys recomend? I need something that will be reliable and get me around the city and sometimes country roads.
  8. Hi. A good decision which you won't regret.

    If you're wanting to ride in the country you'll need something bigger than the 50cc which your car license allows you to drive. Regardless, I think every rider here would agree with me when I say: go get your license. Riding is safe (as far as such a thing can be) if you learn how to do it properly...but it's dangerous if you don't. You'll learn important skills, you'll have fun doing the training, and you'll enjoy riding in itself much more (just like proficiency does for any activity).

    I said it above and I'll say it again: the best small cheap bike, for those looking in scooter etc range, is a postie (postie bike, Honda CT110). You can pick up a second hand RWC and registered one for $1100 to $1500, parts are wonderfully cheap - not that any part will ever break on it (a legend for indestructability) - and it's gutsy, with 110cc. It'll do 80-90km/hr, however best not to push it over 75 for too long. That'll of course be a problem if you want country roads at 80km or over, in which case you need to look to a 200cc scooter (or a smaller but fancy - and expensive (and ugly!) - new fangled model, which I know little about), say a Vespa 200cc for around $3000 second hand. Or consider a smaller (250cc) road bike at that point: I started on scooters and love little bikes, but the ability to cruise a country road on a beautiful day, with the comfort and safety of such a bike under you, is worth considering.

    Besides helmet and gloves, factor in the cost of some cheap motorbike jacket and pants, which can always be found on sale (say $150 each). If you can't afford them, you can't afford to buy a scooter/bike. And if you like your face, get a full-face helmet - you'll see discussions about that around this site.

    Cheers, Matt.
  9. Hi orbea05 and Heid,

    firstly welcome and enjoy the forum it is interesting and useful even for us scooter riders.

    For both of you i would say avoid the 50cc scoots if possible. They are very attractive when you dont have to get a bike license (depending on where you live) but as has been said you will quickly get sick of the performance. I started off with a 50cc like most scooter riders do and i very quickly found i needed a little more power, and i ended up losing a significant amount of money in the change over to a more powerful scoot.

    It really comes down to what you are expecting from the scooter. If you want to just nip around the city then i'd look at something around 150cc. If you want to be able to go on the freeways then 150cc would be the absolute minimum you could get away with and even then you wont be going as fast as the cars around you.

    I've got an Aprilia Sportcity (200cc) and i wouldnt want any less power for freeway use, but its fantastic for most inner city riding.

    My advise would be to get your bike license and go for a more powerful second hand scooter rather than a brand new 50 or 100cc one.

    I've ridden pretty much every scooter on the market (because i'm mates with someone who own a shop) so if you've got any questions i'm happy to help if i know the answer. :D

    What state are you both in?
    What is your budget?
    Are you prepared to get a bike license?

  10. Very good advice Jono.

    Though I don't think getting a 50cc is such a bad option to begin with as it is a cheap way of determining whether you like being on two wheels or not. And the limited power is good for learner riders in my opinion.

    As long as you are aware, that like you said, you lose on an upgrade or trade-in and yes, you do get sick of the limited power unless you are permanently in 60kph zones or less and on relatively flat ground.
  11. I was looking at a Aprilia sr 50 ditech factory at one point, the the scooter place told me that you couldn't ride them out of 60k zones, even if the machine can do 80k's.

    Not sure if that just a queensland thing or what, but it might be worth checking out.

    There is also the Peugeot Ludix Blaster, been told it's the fastest 50cc out there.

    There are also some nice looking Bolwell scooters

    check out http://www.scoota.com.au I was tempted by the shart at one point before I decided to get a bike instead :D
  12. Well i started with a 50cc and that got me hooked, so i guess your right :D it is a good place to start and i must admit one guy i know has had a 50 for about 3 years and he's perfectally happy with it.

    As i said, you just need to consider what you expect to be able to do with it. When i got mine i thought yeah, i'll just use it to nip down the road and that will be it, but it didnt take long for me to want to go further and go harder.

    Perhaps it might be useful to go and hire a 50cc scooter for half a day and go for a drive round town and also out on a highway/main road so that you can get a feeling for what it is capable of? Then if your still happy with a 50, then go for it and get out there and enjoy summer.
  13. That's a great piece of advice. It's funny how quickly you *feel* what is right for you, and discover a disparity between that and what you *presumed* was right.

  14. As far as i know, the reason why you cant go into an 80km zone with a 50cc scoot is because they assume it is unrestricted and is to slow for that speed zone and a road hazard. You are not meant to have an unrestricted scoot, but its like dvd players they also are meant to be locked to region 4 only but again you can buy multi region players with no hassle
  15. Hied. I've spoken to a couple of guys who've ridden the 50cc Jolie, and apparently it's performance is quite good, for the cheap end of things (I believe it's only around $2000 - $25000 new). Can do the high 70s (km/hr), and in 60km zones retain speed on the hills, unlike the jog style scooter, mine of which (Passola) would slow to 40km/hr!!

    I think the Bolwell Roma is similar?

    (Ps disregard, and go the postie!! :D )
  16. Thanks guys for all your help. I'm learning a lot about scooters I didn't know before.

    I'm in Sydney at the moment but I'm moving to Adelaide hopefully mid February to go to Flinders Uni.
    Budget wise, I don't think I'd go above $3000 at the moment.
    Yeah I think I'd get a bike licence, I haven't driven a car in nearly 6 years (I got my licence, but I couldn't afford my own car and I didn't like driving the family car), so when I move to Adelaide I was going to get a few refresher lessons. I might as well learn to ride a bike instead.
    I'm doing a BA in Nursing and I really want a scooter to get to and from work, because Nursing involves a lot of shift work, I'm not sure about Adelaide but I know in Sydney sometimes buses don't run when you need them or they don't go to where you need to go.

  17. Heidi Bus's in adelaide are pretty shocking. late nights etc or early mornings forget them!

    boost ur funds a extra few hundred bolwel jolies are around 3-3300 i think. havnt looked since i picked up my vmoto for 2k.

    but at times i think i should of waited and shopped round some more.

    goodluck and look forward to possible scooting with u at some stage!
  18. you can get a Vmoto monaco for around 3grand as well. Pretty zippy but instead i went for the Aerox for the style
  19. Hey Heid,
    It's not just Sydnet that has average busses. You should try public transport in Perth, HA, what a joke.

    I reckon you should be able to get a scooter that is >50cc second hand for 3g's.

    In fact, you can get a brand new Vmoto Monaco (125cc) for $2990. I must admit that i'm not the biggest fan of Vmoto's but they seem to be pretty popular and they are cheap. That would be the cheapest brand new scooter above 50cc i would think.

    Of cause it does raise the question that if your happy to go for a bike license do you want to just go for a cheap small capacity bike? On the other hand if you prefer scooters (which is totally fine) then just look round until one comes up.

    EDIT: apologies to Wyered, i just realised you had just said about the Monaco. Next time i shall read before posting :oops:
  20. I have the bowell jolie and yes, it does 70kmh cruising speed.
    It does depend however. Up a hill or strong head wind it can drop to 60kmh, or down a hill, it winds off the clock (80kmh)

    as far as the law goes, the 50cc capacity limit isn't the only limit on riding a scooter on a car license. There is also a speed limit of 60kmh just like there is a speed limit on trucks or cars pulling a van, here in w.a. anyway.

    In other words, I can get a ticket for doing 70kmh in a 70 zone on my 50cc scoot.