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Which scooter to buy?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by zx9er, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a motorcycle rider who knows absolutely nothing about scooters. So I'm looking for some advice and recommendations.

    I'm looking for an additional bike to my sportsbike because I do a 90km round commute during the week and its racking up the k's on my pride and joy. I have my full motorcycle license.

    My requirements:

    -Enough acceleration for lane filtering, ie pulling away from cars while in the middle at traffic lights without becoming road putty.
    -Enough top speed for the motorway (110kmph)
    -Simple enough that I can do the maintenance mostly myself (I can do oil and filter changes, tension chains,lube chains, clean chains, clean and/or replace air filters. What I've been UNSUCCESSFULL at in the past, ie my limits are: changing spark plugs (frame got in the way), and I've never taken off a wheel to take it in for tire replacement, changing brake pads I can sort of do but somehow managed to stuff something up there and I had to take the bike to the local mechanic on the rear brake alone as they weren't working when I changed them.
    - Cheap to buy
    - Centrestand would be handy
    - Reliable
    - not a vespa
    - A belt drive or shaftdrive would be good for low maintenance but do scooters use those? What are my options for scooters?
    - A dealer close by, ie in the Penrith region, (I have the big 4 Japanese dealers near by as well as Aprilia and Ducati)
    - Cheap rego. (Is 125 still the cheapest? Or is that not enough power for lane filtering? I had a cbr125r for a while and that couldn't handle lane filtering without getting eaten up by the cars)

    So... advice and opinions please. Should Chinese makes be avoided? Anything I need to know? What are the service intervals for scooters? How many k's on a scooter are too many?
  2. I'm biased - I know nothing about scooters but I have an Aprilia and I love it so I recommend you get one of those. hopefully someone who actually knows what they are talking about will give you some real advice.
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  3. I've got a 100cc Honda Lead. Top speed around 70k so I suspect the 100/125's won't work for you. My wife had a Burgman 250 for a long time and it was great. Cruise on 100k+ all day. See there's a Burgman 200 now so it might be worth a look. CVT transmission so its all pretty easy. Left hand lever is the rear brake though!

    Burgman 200 - Features | Suzuki Motorcycles
  4. A 125 will struggle to sit at 110km/h and they can be fairly average for stability at speeds around that.especially if they're smaller with little (10 inch wheels).
    You'll need 200cc upwards for that, there's a few 300cc models that will do open road all day with ease.
    The bigger scooters (maxi) start to cost a fair bit more and don't get through traffic as well.
    Bigger wheel models (16 inch) tend to be more stable but have generally less under seat storage, maybe not enough for a full face helmet, plenty of top box options around though.
    I'd tend to buy one from Japan, Italy or Taiwan over China for reliability and longevity, service wise most are pretty simple and cheap.
    Budget wasn't mentioned so this this is very general.
  5. why a scooter? why not a smaller bike like a cb125 etc with added storage?
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  6. Just buy a ninja 250 for $1500
  7. A guy at work has a burgman 650. Loves it, takes it regularly on trips down the hwy from the central coast to the city.calls it the lounge chair. Check that out
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  8. Burgmans sound pretty good but I'm concerned about the width of them. Would the 200 burg be narrower than the 650? The price is looking a bit steep for the 650.
  9. Bergman 650s can filter as the mirrors fold in electronically however the 400 version is a better commuter. My recommendation for you though would be the Kymco Downtown 300 which do everything you want perfectly. Kymco make engines for BMW btw.

    The Yamaha Tmax has great performance but less storage so you might need a top box.

    For highway riding don't go smaller than 250/300 cc.

    My MP3 is a great commuter as well (it's no wider than any other scooter) but you have to be careful buying second hand to make sure the front wheels are in alignment there is no way to adjust them.
  10. Just my 2c as I own a Honda PCX150 2015 - 2016 Honda PCX150

    - They are relatively cheap new or used.
    - Belt drive (CVT) which is mostly maintenance free, only downside to maintenance is the lot of bodywork to remove every time you want to access pretty much anything, and the rather laborious valve clearance check procedure every 4000km. Overall though it's not too bad if you know how to pull apart things and put them back together which I struggle with though I am trying.
    -Top speed is 110kph so is not good for highways though it can do it I have taken it from Sydney to Mittagong on the Hume once that was.... fun and scary. Bad fuel economy though as the engine is at the peak RPM. Though when around town 80kph speeds and under I get an average of 350km per tank and around 8-12 dollar fill up every time (8 litre fuel tank)
    -Acceleration from 0-70km is pretty quick, the rest of the way takes a little longer but overall the midrange torque is excellent shouldn't have a problem with other cars unless they choose to floor it.
    -The brakes are pretty strong and have good feel, the rear is a combi brake (all rear and 1 piston front) which coupled with the front really pull the thing up quickly)
    - It has a centrestand which on the later 2015 models is more reliable than the previous 2013 model.
    - It's pretty comfortable seat and decent riding position though if you are large it may be a bit small.
    - Reliability wise I've owned it 1 year now and travelled 9000km on it with oil changes every 4k and having done the first two valve clearance checks. Everything else feels pretty fine, coolant is ok, brake fluid might wanna be changed, brake pads are still good. I've ridden in commuting, twisties, rain, cold, heat, traffic, freeways. It will do it all but you need to push it for the faster stuff.
    - OH and rego is cheap as fcuk. I forgot how much but sub 200 dollars.

    Overall I love my scoot. It obviously has limitations but is a lot of fun regardless.
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  11. I have a Kymco Downtown 300i and it's perfect for the daily commute and fun rides on weekends. It will easily do freeway speeds and has done 45,000kms in 5 years with no major problems so I can say it is reliable.

    Storage - I can fit 2 helmets or similar under the seat. There is also a shopping bag hook for extra carrying capacity.
    Speed - I have done 120km/h on th freeway, and there was plenty of power left. Take off is also fast.
    Maintenence - the oil filter, air filter, belt are easily accesible. Take the seat bucket out (only 6 bolts) and you have access to the entire engine and battery. The front section is also easy to access for bulbs etc.
    Reliable - Yes. Minor problems included the battery and indicator but they were easily fixed.
    Centrestand - Yes and easy to deploy.
    Not a vespa - Yes.
    Belt drive - the belt drive needs no maintenence and lasts 20,000km. It is easy to access - just two covers to remove then 2 bolts (variator and clutch bell).
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  12. Out of interest, why not a Vespa?
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  13. Vespas aren't very good value for money, which if cheap commuting is the aim makes it pretty hard.

    I'd suggest looking at the SYM Symphony ST200 (really it's a 175), I had the earlier model (same motor) and it would sit on 100kph all day and even run to about 115 if you had to (more comfortably at 100 though).

    Also it's got large wheels, the tiny 12 inch ones on many scooters aren't fun over potholes.

    SymphonyST200i - SYM scoota

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  15. Aprilia used to have the SportCity series availble in 125, 250 and 300cc (I used to own a 300cc) and they were great bikes, a shame they were discontinued.
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  16. Sounds like the Aprilia Sportcity 250ie that I've just bought would be good for you.

    A 125cc would be insufficient for motorway riding.
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  17. I don't think that's helpful tweet.

    I suggest a good scooter would be something like a S1000XR.

    I don't know if it fits all of the OPs criteria but it has plenty of storage if you get the luggage option, cruise, heated grips and reasonably good fuel economy for scooter with 160 HP. It will lso be right at home on the freeway!