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Which Roadside Assist?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by wings9000, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    Does anybody here have roadside assist for motorcycle/scooters??

    I wonder if I need to get a roadside assist (like a car) since the QBE insurance only cover for >100km away from home, and not within 100km. I think i'd have to limp home if smth unfortunate happens >_<"


  2. I always carry a spare ..

  3. i have nrma roadside assistance and its not worth much. they tow a short distance on the back of a flatbed.
  4. Honda rider assist is only any good if you own a Honda. $55 Gold $99 Platinum. And you have to be a Honda Riders Club Member.

    RACV Roadside care $73 plus $42 joining fee. RACV Extra care is $122.

    If you have a car and a bike you could look at RACV Total care it covers you no matter what you are driving /riding at the time. $168.
  5. Hey I NEED one of those, please tell me more.

  6. i called up racv.. they quoted me 36.50 p.a - under the "wheelchair and scooter assistance"

  7. me thinks you told them you were on a scooter and they believed that to be one of the disabled scoot things.
  8. I have RACV Total Care, that covers me whatever vehicle I'm using.

    Doesn't matter if I'm in the car, riding the motorbike or riding the push bike.
  9. hey duffman

    i did tell them it's scooter, registered.. like a bike.. not 4wheel scooter..
    so she told me it's tat price..
    maybe i call another day.. and ask agn.. haha.. see wot they quote..
  10. yeah you may as well double check it because you wouldnt want something to happen and then find out your not covered. worth another phone call to them.
  11. G'day, i've recently purchased my first bike and am new to the forum, so hi to everyone, and was just wondering what kind of services there are to motorcycle riders in terms of roadside assistance in case of a breakdown? I have an '07 Honda VTR250, and have read a bit about the Honda rider assist, but is this only available to bikes under warranty? I live in Melbourne by the way, and have RACV roadside assistance with my car, but do they also cover motorbikes??

  12. i live in QLD and have RACQ and iam covered in any vehicle i drive (yes that includes motorbikes).

    but ive also bought myself a ute for my own personal recovery lol
  13. Personally I wouldn't bother for a VTR, its unlikely to break, but if you want RACV will take your money I am sure.
  14. they do. I have total care so it covers the car no matter who drives it and anything else I ride or drive. good value. when my wife's car broke down near ballarat got it towed back to melbourne and a hire car to finish the trip.
  15. RACV Total Care is the go. For motorbikes tho, they only cover towing and fuel, but that's enough to get you out of trouble. I called them when I got stuck on Citylink with no fuel, then a flat battery - got it towed home no problems.

    If you're more than 100km from home, the extra benefits kick in.
  16. Like the others say, RACV total care is worth every cent, especially with older bikes.
  17. Total care has saved me heaps. Towed from Bendigo to Melbourne, Yea to Melbourne, within Melbourne, plus when I've run out of fuel, plus several times when my wife's car has broken down. And last weekend, because my wife's car is the vehicle listed, when it broke down on Sunday she got service from them on my account and then a free taxi to visit a mate, then to work, then home from work. And the RACV fellow who got the car started was unsure if it would make it the few kms home, so he travelled behind her to our house! I have nothing but praise for the service. As much as anything, I just love the peace of mind.
  18. Hi all,

    I'm new to the forums, and am hoping to do some major touring out of Sydney over the next year on my 2007 Blackbird with my wife.

    For that reason, I'm thinking breakdown cover is a good idea; I've had a couple of close calls (flat battery, etc). However, I know how overlooked bikes are when it comes to repairs, suitably equipped towing, etc.

    Can anyone recommend an inter-state service? I'm thinking maybe it would just be a contract-out / broker co, but it's the comfort of knowing you can just call one number when you're stuck out after a long ride, etc. etc.