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Which roads to EJ (Eildon Jamieson) overnighter

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Noidea, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Afternoon peep's.
    I'm after some great road suggestions?

    Thinking of doing the EJ but rather than rush it all in one day, I might leave Melb around 11-ish on the Sat and stay at the Kevington Hotel Sat night then aiming to arrive back in Melb around 3-5 on the Sun.
    I want to maximise the twisties and was considering starting at Rowville via "Uncles Sat EPIC" route to Lauching place then head through Reefton and onto Marysville.
    What other roads should I consider on the way to and leaving the EJ?
    I have traveled the woods point road however that was on a dirt bike and I'm not fond of doing it again on the roady. How much is still gravel between Kevington and Woods point?

    What's Warburton-Woods point road like?

    Would I be better off doing Jamieson-Licola road as that looks pretty interesting? Does that have any gravel?

  2. Splitting it up over two days you could go Mansfield -> Whitfield return, then redo EJ in reverse followed by, say, Black Spur to get home. There are also some roads near Strathbogie if you want to get creative your return trip.

    Or you could leave a couple hours early and do it in a day. Then again the next day. Its not THAT big of a deal.
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  3. give us a month or two and it will be done on the Epic
  4. The distance doesn't bother me too much as I'll regularly rack up 300 clicks in a morning run. I do however have a leave pass from family duties and want to take full advantage of it hence the trip up the EJ.
    Do you know the name of the roads around Strathbogies? I've traversed Terip Rd and a few others out the back of Yarck which were fun.

  5. That would be great Greg. You're rides are very much appreciated.
    I do however have a much coveted 2 day leave pass and want to take the offer while it's on the table.

    Have you ridden Jamieson - Licola Road before?

  6. I've done Harrys creek road and liked it, then the C366 (connecting via Galls Gap Rd) has a couple bends in it you might enjoy. If you start from the North end and traverse south, that'd take you to Merton where there is fuel. You can take B300 until you hit Yarack road for a nice tight section near Ruffy Rd. Continue along Longwood-Ruffy road and head back to M31 or link up with Highlands Rd back to Yae. your call. Better food at Yae if you're so inclined. I can draw up a route if I'm not being very clear if you like.

    You won't get road surfaces like reefton, and some of the parts I've listed lack road centerline markings in parts. If you ride them then you can make your own mind up for next time. Only done them a couple times myself, and not really that recently.

    Something else to consider - You could do a quick High Country run with your two day visa....
  7. Pretty much all dirt.
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  8. Do the Bonang
  9. no as cj said mostly dirt
    but a couple of time a year we leave oily and do ej mansfield whitfield
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  10. Could do Buller access road at this time of year. Haven't been up there in years but I'm told it's been improved a lot.
    There's a nice little run from Bonnie Doon down to Peppin Point but it turns to dirt after that so you'll probably want to retrace.
    If you keep going on the dirt it becomes Skyline Road (sealed) after 30km (well worth doing at the Eildon end). Skyline is accessed via UT Road from Alexandra and spits you out in Eildon town.
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  11. I did it and included Buller, about 500km, clockwise. Buller is good in summer.
  12. If it's that hard for you to get leave from your duties I'd suggest making the most of it.

    I'd go eastbound, south of the La Trobe valley (Korumburra, Mirboo North) and all the way to Orbost. Leave there around 1500 and do the Bonang (110km's of twisties) and stay in the Imperial Hotel in Bombala.*

    The next day I'd go east to Pambula and then south down the Monaro to Cann River. Follow the freeway back.


    I'd go the long way to Bright via Alexandria etc. Stay there for the night and head back to Melbourne via Dargo. It's a big day but I think I'd be keen on smashing out as big a day on a bike as possible if your time is limited. If you're new to riding or have a ride that is particularly uncomfortable or slow it wouldn't be the way to go.

    *I'm going to apply for a commission with these guys.
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  13. Thanks QuarterWit. I've got morning duties on the Sat and cannot leave til 11am at the earliest. Plus we'll have a few on sportsbikes who aren't ride fit enough to cover that many clicks back to back.
    I will however add it to my "bucket" list".

  14. Ok, I would say if it was later in the season to take the Bonang High Plains road just past Anglers Rest and come back into Mt Beauty as a shorter route but I reckon that road will still be closed for the snow season. We have had some late snow dumps this year.
  15. I must be getting old but this winter def felt colder and wetter than previous.

    I was up at Mitta at Easter and that road looked like an absolute corker. 140 click's off twisted licorice goodness ...
  16. Thanks for that Peppy.
    I suspect I've ridden a few of those roads on a day trip I did earlier this year. Some of the roads without lines were quite fast and enjoyable. My thinking is we stay relatively close to Melb then those who aren't up for higher K's can easily head back earlier if they need to.
    We may even do a few loops and double back depending on time. I'll map out your route on Google and try to integrate it into the plan.