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Which plug equivalent ? Honda 2000 Blade.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Touch Not The Cat, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Have looked at the plug "sticky" post, but no luck !
    I want to put new plugs in my 2000 CBR900RR Fireblade which I have recently bought. (no service history)
    Honda sparkplug originals are supposedly Iridium IUH27D (Denso)
    NGK match is supposedly IMR9A9H ? (Iridium ?)
    Using google and xcheckers on the net just brings up all sorts of weird matches, and it is driving me nuts!
    2000/2001 model 929 Blade owners, what plugs do you use ?
    Thanks mates ! :grin:

  2. hmmmmmm....... Iridium plugs....

    Would sir like finance with that ????:angel:

    NGK IMR9A-9H

    Denso IUH27D

    http://www.ngk.com.au/sparkplug.php# ( click the heading 'part numbering system' )

    ie. I = Iridium, M = 10 x 19mm thread, R = resistor type, 9 = heat range, A = one sided iridium, -9 = 0.9mm electrode gap.

    If you wanted to try standard type plugs ( cheaper ) it would be from the NGK CR9E range....

    but hey its a honda, you must be used to being handed the vaseline when ordering parts. :bannanabutt:
  3. im sorry... but ROFL! =D>
  4. The only real benefit you'd get from iridium plugs is they last longer

    Spoken from a mate who builds race cars for a living; just buy standard plugs and change them more often (ie with every one or two oil changes)

    $25 for a full set twice as often is still saving half your money, and fresh plugs repeatedly will keep the bike happy

    Makes sense to me so thats the way I'm doing it (y)


    PS: Mike, you've just been sigg'd :)
  5. Thanks for the tips....I tracked down some NGK CR9EH19 today which Supercheap auto have for $19.95...which is several bucks cheaper than the Iridium ones.
    It's mind boggling the number of different plugs on the market !
    And yeah, it is true, buying any sort of Honda "genuine" part I always take a big tub of vaseline ready for when I bend over and they ream me with the price of said part........