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Which petrol

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by boro_baba, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Just a quick question quys... i got a 2000 YAMAHA R6.

    What Petrol should i be using?

    91 undleaded?
    95 Premium?
    Vortex (or what ever its called)?

    and also i 170km's outta a full tank. is that normal??? i dont thrash it everywhere either.

    thanks guyz :)
  2. goody a petrol thread!

  3. BP Ultimate :cool:
  4. Use whatever the handbook tells you to.

    Assuming that the handbook is missing, I'd start out with a tank or two of premium and get used to how the engine "feels".

    Then I'd try a tank of regular unleaded. If it felt the same as before, I'd stick with the regular. If there were flat spots or pinking (high pitched metallic rattle like a handful of washers in your engine, occuring with the engine under load) I'd go back to premium.

    It's unlikely that an 8 year old, unmodified (I assume) bike would require Vortex to keep it happy.

    I tend to monitor fuel consumption too. Not so much for an absolute figure but to pick up any changes that might signal problems. Depending on the degree of sophistication of the engine management system, you might see better fuel economy from higher octane fuel, although whether it would be enough to offset the higher cost is questionable.

    Ultimately though, your bike will tell you whether a particular fuel is right.
  5. See the weird thing is that when i use 95 octane or higher it sounds like there is a bunch of nuts and bolts ratteling from the bottem end.

    but when i use the stock standard petrol it runs smooth. My mate has the same bike and the same problem but in reverse. (runs better on 95 octane and higher)

    Could it be that the engine has been tuned for stock standard petrol? and if so would it be better to tune i for 95 octane and higher and use 95 octane?
  6. Pinging (if it was pinging) at higher octanes but not at lower octanes does not make sense.

    If an engine is 'tuned' to run on regular unleaded, then running higher octane fuels will not have any benefit (or detriment, except for the more expensive fuel).

    If an engine is tuned to require higher octanes then running too low an octane can cause engine damage. On vehicles with anti-knock/anti-pinging sensors the engine will try to temporarily de-tune itself to a safer power level if this occurs. I don't know if any bikes do this. They should still be run at or above the recommended octane level.

    In short, as PatB said, get a copy of the manual and use what the manufacturer says to use. Pinging at high octane and not low octane does not make sense, though...
  7. Fair enuf.

    I'll try get the book. Will keep you posted on how it goes. :grin:
  8. canola oil works great, its cheap, not taxed and you aren't paying for the oil company's ceo's new car.
  9. https://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/ssl/index.htm?motor_faq.asp

    Regular gasoline, according to this, if yours is this model (carby).

    So, 91RON or higher. Stick with regular fuel. Any more and you're just contributing to Shell or BP's multi billion annual profits unnecessarily.
  10. I dont think it is neccesary for it to be run on 95 ron petrol or higher. On my 07 kawa 650 it simply says ot use 91ron petrol which is normal unleaded and we dont get any lower octance rating fuel than this. UK however have a 88 or 86 i think.

    I only run my bike on BP98 and only recently i had to fill up on normal unleaded cause petty stations put the "out of order" on the pump on cheaper days...BASTARDS...
    Between the two i can definitely feel a big difference as the bike revs from midrange to redline much quicker, stronger and louder than the unleaded fuel does.
    For putting around town at lower revs and speeds, no difference, i think its actually a bit smoother on unleaded than BP98 octane?
  11. YZF-R6 1999-2000 model ULP minimum 91 Octane
    YZF-R6 2000-2002 model ULP minimum 91 Octane
    YZF-R6(R) 2003-2006 model ULP minimum 95 Octane

    Hope it helps
  12. 91RON is fine
  13. Thanx guys... appreciate your efforts.

    Looks like ill b using 95 octane seeing as the minimum is 91 octane.

    better be on the safe side :)
  14. The manual says to use regular fuel. Using anything higher won't achieve anything and running regular fuel WON'T be "unsafe". It's designed for 91RON or whatever the Yamaha engineers class as "regular gasoline".

    It's all in that link to the manual that I provided above. Assuming of course that it's for your model.
  15. update...

    Been using stock standard 91 octane regular fuel for 5 days...


    Runs fine
    Much cheaper
    Dosn't miss a beat


    Yet to find one!

    Looks like ill be sticking to regular 91!

    THANX GUYS!!! :)