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Which people really drive you up the wall?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. [vent]

    I find that most of the time, most Americans just give me the shits. Don't get me wrong, of cause not ALL Americans are bad but as with everything, a few bad examples taint the water for all the others.

    Americans are at their most annoying when they are overseas. They are so bloody rude.

    At first it's funny watching them get more and more angry when other people don't speak "American". But after a while it just gets embarrassing.

    On a recent trip to Rome I went into a supermarket, found what I wanted and went up to the counter. This massive (and I mean really massive) American woman was in front of me and she was getting flustered because the attendant couldn’t understand her. So her solution was to just speak louder and louder to the point where she was shouting at this poor guy. So I tapped her on the shoulder and said “I think he can hear you, but your speaking in English and he probably speaks Italian.” To which she replied “this is ridiculous, don’t they want people to visit their country? The least they could do is try to speak English.”

    Now my Italian is not great, but I do try :) and after the woman just handed over some money, the guy gave her the change and she left. When I got up to the counter the guy says to me in perfect English “god I hate Americans.”

    So that got me thinking and for the rest of my trip I made a point of noticing which people were the most difficult whilst travelling. No surprises for guessing who the worst were…

    Then today, whilst checking out the World of BMW site, i found this:

    and it brought back all the memories of my trip. ahhh.

  2. Marty and Jess from BigBrother !!

    Enough said !
    Damn oxygen thieves !

  3. Rude old people annoy me. :oops:
    I don't mind holding the door open for them, but a thank you or a smile will stop me from slamming it in your face. :LOL:
    Of course i don't do that, but sometimes i wish.

    Just a nod, smile or a thank you.
    And they say the younger genaration are rude. :roll:

    OH or how about the people on the mobile electric scooter buggy things, they zip around the shopping centres like they own it.
    THEN they get off it and leave it right in the door way, so now one can get in nor out. :evil: :twisted:

    Ok my baby vent over with ENJOY the rst of your day! :grin:
  4. OK i've got another one.

    What about babies on planes! AGhhhhhhh.

    Why am i so angry today?
  5. I think i have encountered a hybrid of both of your pet hates guys! Waiting in line to go on a ride at Disney Calif. Adventures 18 months ago! 2 huge yanks prob 200 kilos each, hubby and wife, BOTH in their little electric cars in line to go on Grizzly River Rapids Ride. The line is a narrow winding timber ramp and they had to do 3 point turns to get round the corners. we couldnt squish past cause there was no room. after 40 minutes of this ( yes the lines are long there) we finally get to the ride loading deck. they both get out swiftly, change their shoes ( its a wet ride) and jump on the ride! :shock: fat lazy so and so's. and yes, there is a "car park" for scoots at the entry to the ride.
  6. Ahh yes Americans can be a funny lot - I remember seeing one in a restaurant here in Aus not even look at the menu, they just ordered what they wanted to eat. The waitress tried to explain that they only served what was on the menu but this guy insisted on getting what he ordered. Eventually they gave in and (somehow) managed to give him what he ordered, I just wonder what the kitchen staff did to it beforehand :LOL:.
  7. Feral kids in shopping centres, and even worse the parents who don't look after them.

    You know the ones that run around the corners so you mow them down. Pick up all the fruit, poke holes in the meat packets.
    ARHHHH my kids arn't perfect, but they don't go doing thinks like that in public.
  8. You know they are probably saying the same things about us
    --> "stupid ahhhsez" --> ('ahhhsez' = 'Aussies' for english people)!
    Get it right americans! :cool:
  9. Indian call centre operators. We get at least 2 unsolicited calls a day at work from them!
  10. ANY call centre operators!

    (By the way, in my experience German tourists are far more obnoxious than American ones!)
  11. And for some reason, no matter how thick their accent, they're always called "Steve"!!!!!
  12. Work, I get two calls a day from them at home ! I try and confuse them, saying it's been snowing here in Brisbane or such like.

    I hate the way they don't use there real names, "hello this is bruce from ...."
  13. I've had several calls from a (clearly overseas) call centre over the past couple of months.

    The caller invariably asks for "Mr McCann" (not my name). I tell them that's not my name, which plunges them into confusion. I then tell them I've had several similar calls, and that I'd appreciate their not bothering me.

    On one occasion, the caller started to get a bit worked up - telling me that my phone number was listed against Mr McCann's name on some database or other. He obviously thought that I was only pretending not to be Mr McCann, just in order to annoy him.

    The whole call centre telemarketing business is a disgrace. No matter which country they're calling from.
  14. My curent teqnique against cold callers is to ask who they work for.
    They will inevitably state they are calling on behalf of...
    To which I reply who do you actually work for, who pays teh bills, what is the name of the actual company who employs you.

    I have had three outcomes from this. Fisr was an instant hang up. Second was a "I'll get my manager" followed by a hangup by the manager, and the third they disclosed the name of there company. To which I replied. I have taken this information down, including the curent date and time. you have now been informed that I want no further calls from your company and any further calls will be concidered harrasment...
    So I rant on like that for a little while. Haven't actually had any calls since that one, but lets see how it goes.
  15. Fat people (without a valid medical condition) that expect some sort of special treatment.

    Irrational/illogical people.

    People who do not think for themselves.
  16. Ok a few others to add to the list.

    People who can not park a car straight at the shops, at least try for the rest of us. It's not really that hard to do.

    Those who whinge when there dog gets run over by a car, yet they didn't bother to lock them up or have them on a lead.

    TRADESMEN who DONT turn up on time or at ALL!!!!!!!!!!
    (anyone know a plasterer??)

    Ok will be back to add more im sure :)

    Edited to add: The postie who bends things when it says DO NOT BEND!!
  17. - weather forecasters (especially tim bailey)
    - emos (newtown seems to be their mecca, i'm over them)

  18. Next time, try and convince them that they have rung a pay phone. :)
  19. I think I'll adopt Falcon-Lord's approach next time. I don't expect it to get me very far, but at least I'll be entertained!
  20. I get telemarketers all day in the office then at home too. BLAH. if my boss answers the phone to one of them, he says, quietly and calmly " my mother cant start the lawnmower". he reckons they go silent, trying to figure out what hes goin on about. mind, you , my boss is insane.