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Which one?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. G'day,
    Newbie question for yaz. I have scanned previous posts but can't find the info I am wanting regarding my first ride(L's).

    Firstly my budget is up $6000. I will be needing a bike to get me to work most days of the week. So it must be reliable and capable of putting heaps of k's in as I will be doing about 20,000km per year.
    The main question is that my work is about 1 hr travel time away and I want to know if riding position will become an issue. I like the look of the cbr250rr's and others similar. But I also like the VTR250's as well. The cb250's and gn's dont really inspire me much. Will 1 hr in the saddle twice daily(mostly highway) laying on the tank of a pocket rocket give me the willies?
    As I am in my mid 30's my go fast death wish days are behind me (somewhat :wink: ) I at this stage don't have any dreams of owning an R1 or superblackbird etc. Here in tassie if you are over a certain height and weight you can be exempted from the 250cc and under rule, So my mate did his L's on a zzr750 hell just sitting on this thing scares the crap out of me!! I'd like something that looks good very reliable and cheap to run and service.

    any ideas ? oh and I am not a big fan of the hardly davidson wannabe's
  2. Your budget means you're looking at a second-hand bike.

    1 hr on the highway suggests to me something bigger than a 250 is in order, and it'd better have a fairing. Riding a naked bike at cruising speeds gets old pretty fast, especially in the cold.

    How about GS500F? Seems just about right for you. Super reliable (couriers love it), decent but not scary size/performance,and you should be able to score one that's not too old and abused for 6k... http://www.suzuki.com.au/motorbike_webpages/motorbikes_GS500F.asp
  3. OK
    As a old Cressida owner I'm not going to take the bait about a V8 engine in one. (Would be NICE, though)

    One hour each way if the riding is at highway speeds doesn't necessarily preclude a bike with a 'racy' seating position. Indeed, if it's ALL highway, that would probably be recommended. But you may find for the other general riding that you may want to do that this could be a pain in the wrists, and other places.

    Me, I'm a naked bike rider, but I'm on unrestricted too, so I'm not unbiased as far as your needs are concerned.

    SO, welcome to the forum, and prepare for a deluge of answers, some of which, I'm sure, will tell you to ignore me :LOL:
  4. Some people find long distances on sporty bikes are no problem. If you're one of them the CB arrr shold be fine, although in your 30s I'm guessing you're more likely to get along with a straighter backed bike.

    If that's the case the VTR is a cool little machine and you'll find the v-twin is much easier to use and learn on than the more powerful but high-revving peaky inline 4 of the CBR.

    Either way, I wish to punch you. Because a 1-hour each way commute by motorcycle in TASMANIA is a trouser-creaming prospect for me.
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  6. seing as though you mentioned it. I had a 78' cressy that had a mild 302 windsor slotted in it street legal on street tyres I could get mid 14's at the quarter. alas I sold it. As I said I'm more sedate nowadays.

    ok. back on topic a 500cc bike is not learner legal in tassie (unless your built like a gorilla which i'm not) but maybe a good idea for unrestricted times.
  7. Now I'm confused. Your mate could do his L's on a 750, yet 500cc is not learner legal?
  8. Sorry to steer off topic, but I've gotta ask - was your Cressida a blue one?

    I used to have a Mark II Corona - orange one, got it to do mid-15's with only minor mild mods to the donk - have always wanted to do up a Cressida.

    Anyway what were we talking about?
  9. whats the law over there regarding power to weight ?or you guys have to do the 250 thing had a mate with a yamaha zeal and that was ahalf decent thing
  10. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8894


    Would be the way I would go but you are going to streching your budget with all the other stuff when the VTR250 will set you back $5000-6000 second hand. But you might be able to do it with some judicous shopping.
  11. I only done a bit of driving around hobart, but it scared me! Windy roads which are often wet (or icy, in winter), country bumpkin drivers who randomly veer out of their lane, low visibility, drivers who drive far below the speed limit, wildlife, frequent rain..

    Nice scenery, and climate, but not the sort of place i'd want to be commuting around every day!

  12. [/quote]
    Now I'm confused. Your mate could do his L's on a 750, yet 500cc is not learner legal?[/quote]

    sorry for the confusion. To be exempt from the 250cc rule you have to be over a certain height and weight. And at 5'9 and 85kg I am neither. My mate is 6'3 and is as skinny as a rake but was able to scam the exemption.

    and the cressida was and still is blue.
  13. An hours travel in Tassie....shit what do you do, work on the other side of the island? :p I'm in my 50's and commute daily, rain, hail or shine on a ZZR600.... fast enough to get me into, or out of trouble, and comfortable enough to do the distance, my weekend rides when I get a leave app signed are normally in the 200 - 300 km range. As for the "go fast death wish days" wait till you get your arse on a bike....... those days are still there.... just a little dormant is all.

    What ever you choose, you've got some awesome roads to get out on..... Post up your address and the Netrider community will come over and pitch a couple of dozen tents in your backyard.

    We don't eat much and we're almost house trained :woot: :woot:
  14. If you are going to be riding in all sorts of weather then a naked bike probably isn't your best option. I'd be looking at something like a GPX250, ZZR250 or perhaps the Hyosun GT250 (fully faired version).

  15. Unfortunately I live 30km east of Hobart and need to go 30 km south of hobart (as the crow flies) this means a 70km drive/ride to work which is basically from the country, thru the city (oops you missed it) back into the sticks again. yep nobby you are all invited when the time comes. We can go and do the 99 bends on the west coast.

  16. Oh you are so much going to regret saying that......... :twisted:
  17. So you're actually limited to a 250 after all? Well, in this case have a good look at Hyosung GT250 - it is supposed to feel relatively large for a 250. There was a long discussion about them here on netrider and the findings seem mostly positive, plus the price is right, have a search on http://bikepoint.ninemsn.com.au for example, at the moment you'll find three last-year models for sale for 5,599 and that's from a dealer, so you might be able to find a private sale cheaper still.
    This bike also comes in a version with a fairing, called GT250R, though none are available for sale on that page at the moment.
  18. Isn't it amazing how people from NSW automatically assume the rest of the country has the same licencing system and LAMS, as they do in NSW.
  19. This might have thrown them Dale.
  20. Hehe Ta. I missed that bit.

    But still, we see it in alot of "Which learner bike" threads. A New South Welshman pops up suggesting LAM approved bikes regardless of the state the OP is in.