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Which one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anka, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm an absolute newbie here, so in advance ask for forgiveness if I posted this in the wrong category.. I just got my Ls and am now looking for the right bike... Not yet confident out on that roads, but taking some additional lessons, so hopefully will be ready to tackle that city traffic soon!
    Meanwhile, I've spent quite a few hours looking up possible bikes...
    I'm looking for some Adventure Touring, but wouldn't mind Naked Bikes either. Important for me is an upright seating position. With nearly 1,80m, I'm also quite tall (for a girl). My budget is an absolute max. of 10 k, preferably 8k. I kind of narrowed down my search on 4 (without having tried one of them): BMW G 650 GS, BMF F 650 GS, Honda CB 500 X and Kawasaki Versys (650).
    What do people with more experience and knowledge think about that? Thanks in advance for all input! :)

  2. Welcome Anka, we generally like for people to make a post in the Welcome Lounge to introduce themselves so when you feel like it.

    This site http://cycle-ergo.com/ may be good to see what the riding position would be like on different bikes.
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  3. As above...

    This website is awesome...
  4. Hi,
    thanks! I didn't know there was a Welcome Longe, so did that now. Thanks for the hint... and thanks for that website, that's amazing!! :)
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  5. I did 10,500KM on my cb500x before upgrading a couple weeks ago. Only issue was a flat tyre and that's not really Honda's fault. I'm about 180cm tall and it was comfy for me with a great upright riding position
  6. I've ridden the BMW as a loan bike when mine was in for service.
    I thought that the throttle response from low rpm was surprisingly smooth compared to the big singles of old. Must be the fuel injection.
    However it's still a big single that would be the top pick if you're going to ride a lot of dirt roads and trails.
    On the road it was ok, sort of functional without being exciting.
    If it were my money, then the Versys over the Honda. Also check out the LAMS Suzuki V Strom.
  7. Welcome Anka. That was nearly the same list I had before buying my first bike in July. I settled on a CB500X mainly based on circumstances (a perfect one came up at a good price), but it was a good choice for me. I've found it a great first bike: very comfortable for long rides (I'm 1.83m), great on fuel, cheap spares, easy to ride, ABS, and plenty of power for a novice.

    To be fair, it's an 'adventure' bike mainly in styling. I have heard of people doing serious offroad riding on it, but not without some mods (at least different tyres, radiator protection and a bashplate). It's good enough for my purposes (many gravel and rough potholed roads where I live). If you want to do more serious offroad stuff, the BMW F and G are great (simple & reliable) from most accounts I've read.
  8. Hi Anka. I also have a Honda CB500X and it is a very easy bike to ride. It is fairly tame off the mark so a fist full of throttle won't get you into serious trouble, but has plenty of power at the top end for highway riding. I have had it up to 140 kmh with plenty more power available. It is also very flickable through the twisties. Probably not suitable for serious offroad riding, but good enough for mild dirt and gravel roads. You may find the stock windscreen too short as I am 172 cm and get a fair amount of wind buffeting from about chest high.
  9. @Nick Ling@Nick Ling I've found the buffeting reduced (oddly) with the screen on the lower setting.
  10. Thanks Cris, wouldn't have thought that would work, but now that I think about it, maybe it changes the angle so the wind goes over you. Will give it a try.
  11. Thats often the case.
  12. Thanks guys, that's really helpful! The Honda is actually my favorite, too - without having sat on any though... Will have a first post-L-course lesson tomorrow and hopefully soon be confident enough to do some test rides... :)
  13. So I'm just coming back from another riding lesson. The instructor things all my choices are "too much" for a rider novice. I should go for something smaller like the VTR 250. What do you think? Is the CB500 really too much?
  14. I think determining whether it is too much for someone is not really up to someone else. If a bike is learner approved then I can't see the issue. If you fit on the bike well no one is forcing you to fang around everywhere. I started on a near 20 year old cbr250rr as when I did mine it was 250 or nothing. I very quickly outgrew it and having some extra torque for around town would have been fantastic. If you are buying learner legal then I cannot see the issue. Better you love your bike to bits than be unhappy and not venture far into the joys of riding.
    My two cents anyway it's only your decision.

    Take it easy at the start do plenty of practise and you will be fine
  15. @Anka@Anka - it's really hard to say what's "too much" for any individual, as it will depend on your individual size/weight, confidence, learning style, impulse control etc.

    One thing I can say for sure is the CB500X isn't too much for all learners. I have read too many glowing accounts from novices loving their X's without issue. A fellow local to me started on a new X, has just got his full license, no drops or spills in his year of riding, and he loves his bike. I really enjoy mine, and my only riding experience prior to getting it was the pre-learner's course on a little CB125.

    Only you can decide (sitting on one, preferably getting a test ride if possible). But I wouldn't be put off on any general grounds.
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  16. I'm riding a 2012 Kawasaki ER-6NL at the moment, great bike good torque down low easy upright riding position, light and handles well for what it is.

    Same specs as the verseys in your OP just a naked version (I'd recommend a screen if you were to commute a lot, puig makes a good one that flows with the bike). Only gripe is Parra twin sounds like crap lol. They can be had new for well under your budget or second hand for less I got mine for 5.5k reg and RWC with 7000kms.

    Anyways good luck with it all.
  17. Anka, your trainer's view is probably based on how he/she has assessed your ability so I would listen to what they are telling you. However, if you feel confident riding the school bikes, you will probably cope with the larger bikes. I rode the VTR250 during my Q Ride training and didn't have any trouble transitioning to the CB500X. So, if you can confidently ride the school bikes, then I would stick with your current choices.
  18. No stick with the CB500 you will not regret it. I got the CBR500R and yes the ride home from the dealership after doing my test on a 125 did feel like quite a step up but now only 5000km and a few months later I'm super glad with my choice
  19. Agree with Flash72. I also have the CBR500R, and it is easily put under control as far as power is concerned. I am 1.86m and find it very comfortable for both long rides, and commuting.