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Which one would you choose?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by YammyChick, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Brand new Susuki GS500E (Naked) Blue

  2. Brand new Suzuki GS500E (Naked) Black

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  3. Brand new Honda VTR 250 Red

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  4. Buy yourself a POS first

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  5. Forget them both and go straight the 1000cc!

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  1. Hi All,

    Here's another poll for ya! :grin:

    A friend of mine just got her Open licence through Q Ride and is now on the hunt for a bike. She has narrowed it down to 2 options.
    The GS500E in Blue or Black and a VTR 250 in Red.

    I'll give you a basic background.. She's about 5'3", Small frame and a brand new rider with a little bit of scooter riding under her belt a few years back.
    This is where I need your help fellow Netriders! :cool: (Yes,I know that could be asking for all sorts of trouble! :p )
    Constructive advice in any way shape or form is needed to help her choose, apart from her re-test riding them of course!
    Thanks for your input in advance...I think! :grin: :LOL:
  2. if the licence is unrestricted there's no point going for anything less than a hot 600 or litre bike imho.
  3. Whats stopping her from making the choice herself?

    Anything in particular bothering her?
  4. It depends what she want's to do with it and on what she likes about each bike.

    Is her scooter experience enough that dropping the bike is little issue? If not, then the POS might be the way to go, but mechanical knowledge is helpful if she does.

    If she wants to tour, the Suzuki will suit her best, but if she's only small then the VTR might be easier for her to maneuver at low speed.

    Ultimately I think, she'll just have to do what her heart tells her. :)

  5. For general longevity (the 500 will be a lot less stressed), that extra bit of torque that makes riding easier, I'd go the 500.

    But really, whatever she likes the look of best and is comfortable riding will be the answer, no matter what, she's gunna enjoy it!.

    Just because the licence is unrestricted doesn't mean the confidence or skill is.
    IMHO recommending a litre bike, or "hot 600" to someone who's experience is "a brand new rider with a little bit of scooter riding under her belt a few years back." is bloody irresponsible.

    The two choices indicated are far more common sense.

  6. Plenty more options out there thens whats listed. I know we're all partical to certain breeds, maybe she should have a look @ those as well.
  7. Honda VTR 250 is a pretty good step up from a scooter IMO...
  8. Given that she can get anything she wants, I still thinks she should sink a couple of K into a basic 250, thrash it round for a half a year and realise how much more she'd like a bigger bike, while learning some road-craft, then buy a bigger, new bike....
  9. A 1000cc bike would scare the shit out of her and possibly cause some serious damage. +1 Vote for "Any of the other 4, just stay away from the real balltearers."
  10. I think the choices are too restrictive.

    There is a lot more bikes there that she can choose from.
  11. um was thinking maybe a gsr600??
  12. I would go the Blue GS500, but I am biased :LOL:

  13. Thanks for the input guys. :grin:
    As for the choice of bikes, there isn't alot to choose from in the way of brand new. We don't have a Kawasaki dealer up here. And the next big town is about 5 hours away in Townsville. :cry:
  14. Why not just get an older second hand GS500? They are they same as the new ones so no issue with parts and should run just as well.

    If you then get bored with it you can upgrade without it hurting your back packet too much.
  15. Since you're in the country you want something that's going to be OK forr longer rides. I'd go the GS500.

    A good 500 should do anything she wants for the next couple of years and they've got enough performance so she doesn't get too frustrated but not enough to really scare her sh1tless or get into too much trouble.

  16. Why not have a look at the GS500F,

    It has restricters placed in it.
    (has a power to weight ratio that makes it a learner legal bike)
    So when you feel confident with your riding skills you
    can have the restrictors removed and cut
    loose :grin:

    If you dont remove the restritors and you want to sell the bike you will be appealing to both markets; learners and open licence.
    Good luck :)
  17. If you're in the far north why not get her to consider a dual sport? The best roads up that way are the unsealed kind.
  18. I'm 5'3" and I can pretty much reach the ground flat footed on my VTR250 - no concerns about whether or not (on flat ground) I'll be able to reach the ground when I need to which is a good feeling. Mind you, the same can be said on the Ducati Monster 620 (*purr*) ;)

    I can't say I've sat on or even seen the other, but if she's not keen on a PoS, I can definitely vouch for the VTR250 at her height.