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Which one of you assholes was beating me with a tyre iron in my sleep?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Decided it's time to get back in shape. Went to the gym Saturday, Sunday, yesterday and today. Work up this morning thinking my arms were going to fall off :nopity: Even when I was in the best shape of my life, I never did any lifting, because I was a goalie in ice hockey and needed flexibility more than I needed more muscle.

    Hnnngggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it huuuuuuurts :cry: :D

    …but it's such a GOOD hurt!

  2. Are you targeting different muscle groups on different days? Muscle fibres need time to repair to build muscle. Should have at least 3 days between hammering the same muscle group. Some lifters even suggest only once a week per group. Except for abs, which you can hammer everyday.
  3. Yeah, I did biceps and delts on Sat, pecs and back Sun, delts and a bit more back yesterday. Today just cardio, no lifting :)
  4. Pecs and triceps, back and biceps, can do legs while doing back (dead lifts), legs and abs whenever in between.
  5. Yeah I'm not concentrating at all on legs for the moment, even 6 years after the last time I played competitive hockey, I still have a tremendous amount of muscle mass on my lower body and it's quite toned, so I figure "meh". Definitely need to do abs more though.
  6. merci!
  7. Haven't you read the thread, ABS is a false sense of security. lol
  8. :applause:

    well played, sir.
  9. My daily workout routine involves lifting several coffees/cigarettes to my mouth as often as possible. That's how real men work out.
  10. Riding a motorcycle does help with leg toning...
  11. Oh man I feel your pain. I got back in the gym 5 weeks ago - only got 2 sessions in the first week cause it took me 4 days to get over the first session back!

    Also I hate to be this guy, but 'delts & biceps' is not a workout....that's what you do after you do you your proper workout!! [-( Chest, back or legs.....you've gotta include one of these big muscle groups every workout IMO. Bicep only sessions are for bodybuilders and wannabe gym bros.

    I would be careful about not doing legs at all as well - you can create a strength imbalance between your upper & lower body which WILL cause injury at some stage. (Muscle size does not equal strength). Unless you're squatting 1.5 x body weight at a minimum, you need to do legs sessions.

    Deadlifts & Squats are where its at - nothing better for back & leg strength IMO. Just don't plan on climbing any stairs the day after squats for a while! :D
  12. Yeah I'm getting into the swing of it. I intend to build up everything and am tyring to find the right balance of what to do on what days

    I can't say for sure until I try it, but I'd expect that to be borderline trivial. I've got a ton of leg strength and I'll work on the legs eventually but for now I'm trying to increase my muscle mass in the upper body… I might try and tone the legs a little, but I need to avoid putting on any muscle in my legs or my pants (and leathers!) will no longer fit :/

  13. Best way to build upper body mass is actually squats. It activates just about every muscle in your body, and because it does all the big ones- quads, glutes etc it gets your testoserone charged up, making all your other workouts more effective.
  14. I'm in the same boat as you - I naturally have big quads & calves and don't really want to add anymore size cause yep, leathers won't fit! The idea for strength without size is low reps (5 or less) and heavy weight. I would be surprised if you could squat 1.5x bodyweight untrained, but if you can that is seriously impressive. I wouldn't try it for your first lift though!

    Good point that squats are not just a lower body exercise either. They an awesome all round strength exercise. You would think more people would do them hey....there are 3 squat racks at my gym and I think I've seen one other person squatting in 5 weeks of going there.
  15. Roughly 1 month later:

    Down a hair over 8kg as of Friday, but brutal hay fever has caused me to retain a fair bit of water so it's climbed back up a little (even though I know it's water weight, it's still weight gain so it pisses me off).
  16. Slowly but surely you will get there :). I have been told that if you lose too much weight over a short period of time, it may be unhealthy. Not sure what the safe rate is but 8kg does sound like a lot. 1kg a week is on the healthy side...as you lose weight through fat, you gain some weight through muscle. Have had your % body fat looked at?

  17. Not yet. I have a rough idea how much excess fat I've been carrying, and I've been keeping my caloric intake above my BMR so it's healthy… but definitely on the high side of how fast I'm willing to go. I'm sure it'll start slowing down dramatically. I've added some muscle for sure especially in the arms and chest… I'm now able to do "clap" pushups and one-armed pushups, which I haven't been able to do for a long time indeed!
  18. its like being hit by a bus.its why my ass is now lazy. im sick of being hit by that bus. only advice i can give is start light work your way up.
    The bus is always waiting for you ,, just a matter of how hard you get hit.

    A good personal trainer to get your movements correct ,if your serious
  19. Down about 11kg now, and gonna push hard until I leave for the US on holiday because I know what that's gonna do to me :rofl: