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Which one is better

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mick No:8, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. I was just woundering between these three bike which one is better,
    1) Honda CBR single R
    2) Yamaha FZR 250
    3) Ninja 250
    Which one is the fastest?
    Which one has the best brakes?
    Which one is the lightest?
    Which one is the best for conners?
    Which one is the best for strights?
    the answers has to between one of these three bikes and taken for the view that it is ridin by the same guy,

  2. Why Sherlock, the red one.

    /Ya gino.
    //ZXR and FZR have twin discs.
  3. Which one is the fastest? - Depends if you're skilled or not
    Which one has the best brakes? - Depends if you're skilled or not
    Which one is the lightest? - Bee's d1ck of a difference
    Which one is the best for conners? Depends if you're skilled or not
    Which one is the best for strights? Depends if you're skilled or not

    Get the point yet?? FFS!
  4. :WStupid:
  5. The red one will be the best.
  6. What's a conner???
  7. Hah - there isn't much difference between them, unless you were actually considering the 125 Honda. In that case, being the lightest, it will probably stop quicker than the others. It is also extremely slow when compared to the others.


    Trevor G
  8. The newest and the latest Kawasaki ninja :wink: Havent seen one yet in australia but there coming
  9. I guess only a Hysoung rider would ask that...

    Cheers ;-)

    Trevor G
  10. I would say he was referring to the cbr250r, hence why he distinguished it as "single r"

    Bugger all difference, buy the cheapest/best condition one.
  11. on their website if your interested, but its more expensive then the others, its a 2cyl unlike the others and its a new zzr not a new zxr.
  12. It was conner, not corner, and a conner is defined as:

    confidence man: a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim in order for said victim to buy a hyosung :p
  13. I kept looking but I couldn't see John or Sarah in the list
  14. None of them, they are all slow.. :p :LOL:
  15. No one has really answered my question? the CBR is the mc19 single R. I know that in the end it comes down to the rider, but that why I stated that it was to be ridden by the same person,said if Rossi got on all three of them which one will out perform the other? I have check out YOUTUBE and you can find clips of these bike doing 0-100km and the CBR comes out on top being 5:17 sec compare to the FZR being 6:47. On spes alone one has to be better tha the other weather it be a bees dick.
  16. Performance is all going to come down to which is in the best condition. There was f-all difference between any of those bikes when they were brand new. How they perform now will depend entirely on how well the engine's been treated, when (or if) the fork oil, brake fluid, springs etc. have been replaced, condition/quality of the tyres etc. etc. Comparing new specs of 2nd hand bikes is only good for wank value, in the real world it means absolutely nothing.
  17. On specs alone, the japanese manufacturers all chose to limit their 250's at the time to 45hp, so they all go the same, weigh the same, look the same.

    As everyone has said, with equally well maintained bikes you won't be able to tell the difference. The only reason you might care is for bragging rights, so you can tell your mates you ride the fastest 250 4-stroke.

    The CBR is the most common, so probally the best buy due to good availability of parts, as well as official support from Honda Aus.

    There are faster bikes you could own on your L's. The old RG250 gamma (not RGV250) had more power than the 4-strokes and is still legal under LAM's.
  18. I suppose if all 3 bikes were ridin by the same person, one would probably conner better and one would be better on the strights.
  19. the mc19 was rumoured to have .1 of a nm more max torque then a mc22.
  20. I don't think you'll get a straight answer on this as there's very little legitimate info compairing these bikes. I've heard it said before that the zxr250 or zx2 whatever it's called is a more focused bike than the others. It's got USD forks, adjustable for preload, whereas the others are just conventional. If they went to the effort of putting USD forks I guess it would be fair to say it's more developed in other areas too. Still have also heard that there's really very little between them. After 16 odd years I guess it would come down to mileage and condition as to which one will perform better. I'd choose the kwaka as CBR's are like the equivalent of a beaten up modded VN commodore. I'm not a big fan of them.