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which one is best

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Z900, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Just want some opinions on which bike is the pick of the crop honda 600rr kawasakizx6r or yamaha r6 .

  2. Easy. The Z900!!! :LOL:
  3. Wait for the Daytona 675. Tis a sexy biatch. Of the ones you list, I like the Kawasaki, followed by the CBR.
  4. the one that goes the fastest in a straight line is the sure fire bet :LOL:

    seriously tho, whichever one feels the best. or looks the best. or has the best after sales service..... cos performance sure as hell wont be a factor. like everyone else here says, just ride them and make a decision from there :D
  5. If you are talking 05 models the ZX6 would have to be the winner.

    There is a new R6 coming out soon though that looks pretty interesting. Also as already mentioned the new Triumph should also be good + there's a completely new GSXR 6 for next year.
  6. If you like Kwaka's enough to name yourself after one, I'd say the choice has already been made...

    They're all insane, I've just had my arse handed to me by a ZX-6 rider recently and I think they look cool, that's all I'm basing my opinion on!

    I thought 120 horses was ludicrous out of a 600 until Jason told me on the weekend that the 125cc GP bikes are tuned for the same amount of power.

    Fark me sideways.
  7. Err.. Early '90s Honda VFR???

    All these bikes you list are good.. though I hate them all simply for their seating position...
  8. wot marty said

    test ride all, buy the most comfortable for you,and the one you think is the sexiest

  9. zx6r, lime green.........stunning!!!!!!!!
  10. They are all the same really, it all mostly comes down to looks and price. Test ride them all until you find your true love :p

  11. The best one is the one you like. :)