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Which one do i want??? Or which one should i get???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fingers89, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Hows it goin people?

    IM startin to think about the sort of bike i want when i get off restrictions, and i wanted some advice to give me a hand.

    I did go through the phase (as im sure everyone does) of wanting a sports bike, but i have now settled on a sports naked.

    The list includes:

    Triumph speed triple
    Kawasaki z1000
    Suzuki sv1000
    Suzuki tl1000s
    Honda vtr firestorm

    And bikes like these. Im not to fussed will engine configuration i.e v-twin, inline 4 or inline 3.

    I will admit that i love the speed triple, and i sat on one today, and fell in love. It was comfortable, good looking, has a great motor and crap foot pegs so i dont have to take the missus with me :LOL: Budget isnt an issue right now, so i can kinda get whatever i want.

    Thanks for all the help guys.

  2. So you've pretty much decided on 1000s? Have you thought about the Street Triple?
  3. Yeh i do want the 1000's im pretty responsible witht he throttle, and the extra torque is what im looking for. The way i figure it, is that the bikes im lookin at dont have much more power than a supersport 600 (i know its very different delivery, and the torque will make a difference), but i like to be able to cruise in 6th, and not have to constantly change gears.

    Any ideas about what would be best, im definitely open to suggestions.

  4. In terms of sports naked desirability, I'd rank them in the exact order you've listed above, with the Hornet 900 squeezed into second place. Thing with the Hornet is, you can get them cheap and spend a grand upgrading the suspension to a point that'll give the others a run for their money. But hey, I'm a huge fan of that bike.
  5. Do yourself a favour and check out a KTM Superduke...hands down one of the most fun nakeds you will ever ride. Lighter, better brakes and better handling than all the bikes you have mentioned. The Speed Triple is the only bike there that comes close.

    Of course I am biased because I own one, but I also wanted a sporty naked...with good brakes and suspension a priority...I don't see the point of buying a bike with shit suspension and spending money to make it better...buy the good stuff in the first place.

    Here is a bit of a review of my ownership...

  6. Good morning guys,

    Sorry loz i forgot about the h9, but i do like the look of the actually.

    The thing im mnaily worried about is that if i was to buy the bike i love the look of and the theoretical ownership of (speed triple) that it may not be the best bike in the class, and i could be dissappointed in the long run.

    any technical differences between the bikes that would sway your mind?


    P.S to the poster about the superduke, i have to agree with you, it is a damn sexy bike, so if i could get one at the right price id definately consider it? How much do they usually go for?
  7. A mate rides a Speed Triple (and boy can he ride it) and I took it for a ride recently. I too fell in love with it, brilliant bike, I'd buy one if a flash (if I was after another bike, that is).
    The 2008 model is even better, except for the brakes - but they're not that bad.
  8. I'd say to take the Street Triple for a ride before you dismiss it.

    It may be 675cc, but it is a torque monster.

    Remember, engine torque != wheel torque.

    Engine Torque x Gearing = Wheel Torque

    Sure, the 675 revs a little higher than a 1000 will, but you won't be going any slower as a result.

    All of the bikes you listed are on the heavier side. The Street Triple is lighter and more chuckable, and will accelerate as hard, if not harder, than any of the bikes listed - with the possible exception of the TL1000S - and even then I reckon it'd be a pretty close thing.

    Still, if you HAD TO choose from your list, I'd go with the Speed Triple, if only because I'm a raving triple engine format convert who's more passionate about this config than a reformed smoker.
  9. Don't forget the aprilia tuono, ktm 950sm, mv agusta brutale, ducati hypermotard.

    Basically all my dream bikes.
  10. Put this one in your list.

  11. The speed triple has about 50% more torque and 30% more power at peak, and it is by no means a sloppy performer. The street triple does the 0-100km/hr in about 4.6 seconds if you are a brilliant rider on the perfect day, the speed triple does it in about 3.4. Not saying the street is slow, but i wouldn't be throwing about that it accelerates as hard as the speed triple, or even the z1000 (an i4).

    The speed triple and street triple have very similar dry weight to power ratios, where the street falls short in this aspect is that because it has less power to work with, the same change in weight will effect it far more then the speed triple. Once laden with a passenger, possibly a pillion, fuel, oils, etc, the difference would be noticeable.

    I think the street is a fantastic bike, but personally I'd get a speed. Both look sexy, and if that's what the op's heart is pining for, then so be it, go for the bike you like, not the bike everyone else tells you you should like.
  12. Hey guys, the reason i want the speed triple, is cause of the low-mid range torque and the top end buzz. The street triple probably is a torque monster, but its a torque monster for a 675 cc bike, the speed is a torque monster in general, and it will be more useful for taking the misses on a weekend blat, plus although they are very close in styling, i prefer the speed. I like the more understated rear end, and i liek the height aswell.

    dont get me wrong, im positive the street's awesome, but its not the bike i want/need, thats the speed.

    I honestly think im in love with this bike, 2007 speed triple in fusion white, with black wheels, and a sports exhaust. All i wanna do is :jerk: :LOL: :LOL:

  13. 4.6s, pfft. Maybe if the rider was a 200kg biggest loser contestant. Where the heck did you find that bit of fancy?

    Anyway, doesn't matter. Seems that the OP has his mind set on the Speed. If that's what he really wants...
  14. or the new Ultramotard, but I'm not a fan of the hugely fat rear tyre!!
  15. Or a Monster. Could find a used, low kay S4R that would suit the requirements & cost about the same.
  16. Awh man, look at that little mud guard all on its lonesome back there.

    Makes me wonder if manufacturers shouldn't be doing BMW GS-style "hugger mudguards" wrapped around the wheel instead of bolting on those gangley things to comply with the 45 degree thing.
  17. Sounds like the answer to your first question is pretty clearly 'The Speed Triple'. I'd second the suggestion to have a look at the Superduke though - pretty crazy naked sports that definitely has a distinctive look and approach to it, and as has been said already handles fantastically without needing to do mods to make it do so.
  18. Speed triple! I know thats what i will be buying when im off my restricted license. :twisted: I agree, fusion white looks fantastic too!
  19. There's a 1250 that should be on the list. Not quite a naked but close and the best value you will ever throw a leg over dispite what Loz says :LOL:
  20. personally if you want the low down torque, plus that top end fun i reckon the triple is your machine (though still yet to have a ride on one, but know a lot of people with them now, and they all love'em......

    the twins are a lot of fun down low but run out of puff once you start talking serious speeds.......again guess it depends what you want it for, for me the twin is perfect, does everything i need it to do on the road, and then when you hit the tight twisty dirt/gravel roads the extra engine braking really comes in handy, and allows you to keep a decent pace and control, well as much as you can have riding a road bike on dirt :LOL: :wink:

    have you thought about the gsx1400???

    also lastly i didn't realise the zed's had fully adjustable suspension on the front? if not i would drop that down the list