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Which Oil??

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Eospro, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. This has proberly come up 50 million times, but found nothing when i did a search. Please correct me if i'm wrong (most likely). Motorcycle oil is made for bikes where the engine oil also does the transmission. So, would it be ok then to use car oil, eg Moble 1 if your scoot has seperate oil for the transmission or does the engine need 'special' motorcycle oil??

    Cheers :?: :?:

  2. I really dont know, but at a guess i'd think the smaller engine of a bike/scoot all the parts are working harder than in a big low revving car engine, so the parts may be under more stress and generate more heat. I could be way off with that idea :)

    But in any event, whats the harm in just sticking to the stuff thats made for bikes? Its not like they go through much oil, so the cost isnt prohibitive.
  3. I'm starting to think that way. Just that stuff like Mobil 1 is available everywhere in 4 or 5 litre packs, while the motorcycle oil in large packs is difficult to find. The motorcycle shops sell a very limited range of products and i find it difficult to locate what i want.

  4. I'm sure virtually any shop (be it motorcycle dealer or service station) would be prepared to order the larger sizes in for you if you ask them. Failing that, try somewhere like Repco or Supercheap.
  5. if you have a seperate gearbox and engine oils then use whatever you feel like as long as it meets the specs of the manufacturer
  6. Yep, the only reason for "different" oils in bikes is mainly down to the wet clutch. A decent quality car engine oil would be more than up to the job of looking after a scooter engine (this is not a disparagement of scooters BTW, some cars rev out to fairly high rpms without needing "special" oil ;)).
  7. What's your scoot?
  8. Bug Hawk 250, Dry clutch & seperate gear oil