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Which oil for VTR250?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Josheos, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Hey, I've got a vtr250 and will probably do an oil change as I don't know when it was last done. I'll probably hit up supercheap tomorrow and grab some of the nulon 10-40w semi synthetic stuff (orange bottle) that I used to use in my car, was good oil for my car but not sure how it would go in my bike? Don't wanna put something that doesn't have enough viscosity, what do you guys put in your vtwins?

  2. Conventional wisdom is it won't go well, gearboxes shreding cage oils or something. Penrite full synthetic is like $60 read the manual for viscosity.
  3. Get something that has a picture of a bike on the bottle, your bike runs a wet clutch so the wrong oil might stuff it up. From Supercheap, look for Penrite HPR Gas 10 and HPR Diesel 15 which are both suitable semi-synths for bikes, or Penrite Everyday 10W-40 full-synth.
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  4. Motul 5100 is the usual standby.
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  5. Not sure about the VT, but most bikes want jaso ma or better spec. Read your manual. As hyperspex said. Some Penrites are MA. I use the diesel 10-40 semi synth.
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  6. It probably wants a 10W40. Just make sure the oil is suitable for the wet clutch. I wouldn't put any oil from Nulon in a bike, and they don't recommend you do so either, specifically because of the wet clutch. Use an oil that is rated for motorcycle use. Brand isn't really important, just your confidence that it's ok.
    ie "wet clutch" means the clutch runs in the same oil as the gearbox. In most bikes that's also the same oil as the engine. Yes, that means there is oil IN the clutch and it's designed to work like that, which is totally different to a car (dry) clutch. Some bikes do have dry clutches (some Ducati, HD and maybe others), but yours isn't one of them.
  7. Absolutely needs to be at least JASO MA rated for a wet clutch.

    The VTR would happily take an appropriately rated diesel engine oil (I've been using Delo 400 for ages now) but if you go the (pricey) Motul, you can't go wrong.
  8. So
    So a 10-40 penrite diesel would be appropriate?
  9. This stuff? Yeah it's fine. Rated JASO MA, says so on the bottle (has a pic of a bike too :D)
  10. Yeah
    yeah that's it! Thanks heaps
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  11. Hi, a 10W40 will work fine "semi Syn", Use an oil specified for motorcycles as they are subject to completely different conditions than cars (clutch, transmission and engine all in one + different levels of friction modifiers too). A 15W50 is also usually recommended for VTwins on occassion as they produce quite a bit of torque, either of those will be suitable coming into the hotter temps.
  12. Thats the exact stuff I use. Got it even cheaper on special at REPCO at their last sale.
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  13. yup, they come on sale at both shops every few months for 25-40% off.. 10L lasts a while
    (tbh, i've found that stuff doesn't last quite as long as the Motul(5100?), but because way cheaper.. don't care :) clutch is still happy)