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which of these is best??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by timbo79, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. just wondering your thoughts are on these 3 bikes i am about i get off my p's and are looking at these bikes do you think they are too powerful?

    if you could tell me wich would be best:

    honda hornet 900

    kawasaki zrx 1200r

    suzuki gsx 1400

    i hear the honda 900 has bad vibes at high speeds and good low mid range power what exacly is low mid range what speeds are mid-range and people say it is no good on the freeways? no power what does this mean does it mean it dosent go fast over 100 km/h

    cheers everyone
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  3. i ride a h9 and they are sick!

    the suspension is a bit budget but the motor is very willing
    will easily hit 100kms in first gear

    the rear end looks good but the stock headlight is uberghey
    i never experienced any vibes

    low to midrange is where it's strong and that's perfect for around town

    they are good value more money these days
  4. Pillions complain of vibes through the footrests and some heat from the pipes if you ride it full throttle up near the redline. Ie. not very often. It's smooth as silk through the rev range for the rider.

    Top speeds I've found are around 230 or 245 with the little screen.

    You will spend a lot of time on thw Hornet 9 before you find it lacking in power, and then all you have to do is drop a tooth on the front sprocket for an extra kick.

    To be honest, you don't sound like you know much about bikes, so I don't think you'll notice anything particularly annoying about any of the models you mentioned. Low to midrange is referring to engine speed not road speed. Ride the bikes and buy the one you like the best.
  5. Hi Timbo, not having ridden any of them I don't have a factual view but from what I have read and people have said they all look like good bikes and will go fast enough to lose your licence in a real hurry. :grin:

    So the big question, which one screams at you to ride it?

    For me I love the look of the Suzuki GSX1400 but the Honda CB1300 is pretty noice to!