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which new tyres to get??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by syd rs125, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. hey guys just about to buy a new front tyre for the rs125 and i have no idea what to get.
    could anyone suggest the stickiest best tyres for road use and approx cost????
    and how is the best way to carry a tyre on the bike over one shoulder or straight over your head and around your waist??
    any suggestions would be great cheers!

  2. As I understand it, your tyres should be a matched pair. Therefore, if you're only replacing the front, it should be the same brand / model as the back.
  3. There must be some rs125 forums out there that would have info about different tyres available?
  4. get a round one. The best way to carry it is on the wheel.
  5. Had a look at the tyres on the bike rear is a dunlop gpr 70 sp front is a pirelli.
    I asked the shop for the matching front dunlop but it has been superseded anyway ordered the new tyre.
    The reason i ask how the best way to carry the tyre is i have to carry it on the bike from the city to smithfield to get the wheel rolled by Laurie Alderton and he is gonna fit the new tyre after.
  6. Best stickies tyre for smaller bikes. Is the Dunlop GPR a10. That superseded that GPR70. Sticky like all hell, very stable, and better then the 70.

    If ur relatively small u might be able to put the tyre around ur waist. If not maybe tie it to the rear seat of ur bike.
  7. IRC is the baby version of the Shinko's that I run sticky as all shit! and yep best way to carry them is on your rims ergo go to a specialist bike shop who will fit them for you good ones include fitting in the cost of the tyre. Cost should be around $200 for both. (Oh those were the days!)Strikes me as a bit unusual for front to wear more quickly than rear!
  8. Just re-read this thread & wheel rim re-rolled means you've bingled it so repairer should sort it all out for you, you do have insurance don't you or are you one of those morons who ride uninsured hoping you don't crash into a Roller or worse still MY BIKE!!!!

    Is there life after death? Touch my bike & find out!
  9. yea went over a traffic island after a taxi changed into my lane. managed to keep the bike upright but massive tank slapper and two small flat spots on the rims.
    thanks for all the replies really helpful.