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Which new naked

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zxrno1, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys
    anyone have any thougts on a 1000cc naked bike, experiences etc between the Z1000, FZ1N Triumph speed tripple or Monster?
    Time for a new one, that is more comfortable than the duck to ride in traffic and not putting the ZX10R race bike on the road.
    At the moment I have tested the Z1000 and found it great but I've booked in for test rides on the others on Friday.

  2. Depends what you are after. I have ridden them all now and own a Monster 1100. They all have quite different characters, and really depends on what you want in your naked. Why not wait another month and ride the Streetfighter as well? I have ordered that after deciding that as much fun as the Monster is (and I do really like it), I wanted more top end power. Don't make my mistake, make sure you are 100% sure before you buy! Worst part is I have only had the Monster for 2 months!
  3. Budget?

    Include S3 on your list and Tuono. You can get a new Tuono on the road for about $19k and S3 has plenty of fans.
  4. All great bikes, pick whichever one gives you the biggest smile.
  5. My list is similar though I have the Streetfighter and Tuono on the list too. Ill be interested to hear your opinions since the Tuono is the only one Ive ridden so far.
    The Tuono was the most sorted bike Ive ever ridden and I found it ridiculously easy to ride quickly. It was so good that it was almost uninvolving at legal speeds which was the only reason I didnt get one last time. Its back on my shortlist though so definitely worth a ride.
  6. I see LOTS of smiling Speed Triple riders on Macquarie Pass :wink:.
  7. Don't forget the superduke....all of the above are great bikes
  8. the 1 tuono i road was a bit average (but it was second hand), on the other hand the superduke mmmmmm i just love hoping on board this baby..... but i just doubt i could live with the fuel range it offers.

    But really ride em all, as they all have different traits

    Cheers stewy
  9. Hmmm if you're talking tuono, superduke, speed triple, monsters and FZ1's .... i'd be dropping the FZ1 out of the equation with regards to traffic-ability. Other models mentioned are far more nimble in that scenario.
  10. Thanks guys
    The street fighter and the Brutale are probably out due to price, I already have a 996 for the road and a ZX10R for the track, I'm just looking for something easy to ride in traffic, ok two up, I mainly take my son who is 11 and thinks the 996 is comfortable, so anything will be ok, but the last couple of trips to Reefton or the GO road has been very uncomfortable on the Duke for me as traffic was heavy etc, so I'm looking for something with go, but upright and comfortable, I tried my mates superduke and hated it it felt like a dirt bike to me but he swares by it, I also tried another mates GSX 1300? and thought that was great but I would like something a bit more sporty.
  11. Take a Tuono for a spin, I think you'll be impressed. There's a dealer in Ringwood with a couple of 2nd hand ones and last year's newies available for a spin.

    Given KTM's pedigree, it doesn't surprise me that they have a 'dirtbike' feel to them but they are certainly a capable bike.

    If you don't want to spend lots of $ you may find a naked SV1000 with a few minor mods suitable but you'll be shopping 2nd hand.
  12. Just went through a similar choice myself and ended up with a runout Superduke, have wanted one ever since I saw them in 2006 at the Motorcyle Show.

    If you're looking to try a Tuono out, A1 in Moorabbin have a demo with Akro's on it.
  13. XJR, or is that too big?
  14. Actually now that I think about it... If you can afford it, go get the Ducati.
  15. If you can be patient for a bit longer, this looks good...


  16. I know I get boring on this point, but if you want something easy to commute on, there's no beating the Bandit...
  17. Ducati 696 for Da wIn !!!!
  18. Some of these made my short list a few years back and I ended up getting the GSX1400. The Bandit would be a better commuter though. You should a least give these a test ride, just to compare. You might be surprised :grin:
  19. Ok I went and tested a couple today they were
    Speed Triple very nice and great mid range
    FZ1N, felt a bit loose compared to the others, may have been the test bike it had 3000 klm on the clock, and needed a few adjustments.
    Ducati Monster 1100, very nice but the traffic was getting heavier seemed to vibrate alot in traffic (annoying)
    All great bikes but the one I came away loving was not even on the list, when I tested the Speed Triple Matt from Peter Stevens rode with me on a Street Triple R, and after a good 25minutes on the speed triple we were heading back to the shop and he offered me a ride on the Street Triple, After about 5 minutes we pulled up at a set of lights and I asked to do the same ride we had just completed on the Street Triple, after doing another lap, I could not believe the sitting position, and handling.
    Ok I'm only used to bikes of 750 plus for the last 15 years and have not thought about a smaller bike, but this one felt awesome and comfortable from the first gear change.
    Has anyone else either ridden or own one of these for more feedback.
  20. Paging Loz back to the thread please ....

    Loz ... back to the thread !