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which name sounds cooler?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Slipstream

  2. The Irresponsibles

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  3. Neither, both suck! keep searching, lady!

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  1. well we think we've narrowed our choice of name down to two...
    either Slipstream or The Irresponsibles

    Vote now & help make history!!
  2. how many people are in said band including genders etc?
  3. it's a four piece, two males, two females.
  4. and what sorta music do yous play/perform?
  5. I voted Slipstream Edgelett...but don't ask me why, it just sounded right :shrug: :)
  6. i went irresponsibles, because on the weekend thats what i am! ;)

    slipstream makes me think of following.....i am a pioneer!! :rofl:

    well it was funny to me :p
  7. What about The Irresponsible Slipstreamers?
  8. rock with a fat groove.
    don't have a website yet cause we need a name first before I can upload our demos for people to hear.

    think "if Powderfinger, eskimo Joe, Audioslave & u2 had a baby, this would be it"
  9. Can't wait for the site to be up Edgelett, sounds awesome :cool:
  10. I'd choose "Slipstream" over "The Irresponsibles."

    To me, "The Irresponsibles" sounds like I'd be going to a grown-up version of "Scandal'us."

    :LOL: :p
  11. I love how you put U2 last. Deny it all you want, your one true love shines through m'dear... ;)
  12. I voted Slipstream cause I dunno how saying 'The Irresponsibles' would sound after a night out on the grog and I would want people to know who we were ;)
  13. #13 Phanoongy, Feb 4, 2007
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  14. we decided that if we sat around checking which names have already been taken, it would take us 793759347545 years to get going

    so we thought we'd pick something & deal with a name change if we lasted longer than a year! :LOL:
  15. What about 'Edgeletts'?
  16. NO

    IT WOULD take 793759347545 and 1/2 years....if your going to throw wild numbers around....you may as well get them correct! Shesh girl how are you ment to make it in the music industry if you can’t even throw wild numbers about

    On a side note, IF you ever did make it…the label that sighed you may have a major input into the name anyway my mate was in a band called a cat called Monty and used to gig at the songwriters club every Sunday for a few years (was at the front room at the palace). And some of the bands that did get signed up had to change there names

    ps i voted for Slipstream as it sounds better ;)
  17. I think Slipstream sounds smoother.
  18. I voted none of the above :roll:

    Slipstream reminds me of a 60's type name & music where jackets & ties are worn :LOL: and Irresponsibles brings to mind a bunch of high school wannabes banging it out in a garage screaming instead of singing.

    Hmmm maybe something simplier like "Edge" considering the type of music mentioned and your nic ?

    Would be interesting to know the other band members names/nics or even first initials to play around with options!
  19. ditto. look forward to the link :)