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Which naked bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by B1K3R, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    For those who have driven a

    1. Hornet 600
    2. Yamaha FZ6
    3. Kawasaki Z750
    4. Suzuki GSR 600

    ....how would you compare these bikes based on how comfortable to drive everyday and some long drives with a pillion?

    Not sure for which one to go when I arrive in OZ......

    btw, I love my hornet, just wondering what you guys think....

  2. Four bikes?
    But as they will probably say below, have a browse through the Bike Review section, and perhaps My New Ride section for the reviews.
    Sit on, ride and experience as many bikes as possible before you decide.
    Best piece of advice I heard was to not worry or stress too much, you are getting a new bike after all.
  3. z750, then the hornet, haven't ridden the suzi and found the fz6 to be gutless down low, but the hornet probably has the better pillion seat
  4. Z750 is really a different bike to the other 3...

    Its a hooligan machine, whereas the others are pretty much commuter bikes

  5. I wouldn't call a Z750 a hooligan machine in comparison to the others, they are all pretty similar. Having ridden a couple of Z750's I find them to be a pretty vibey motor at crusing revs but all 3 are great bikes I would suggest getting a few test rides under your belt, it'll help!
  6. Hey Bamm-Bamm - speaking of hooligan machines, would you buy another Superduke if you were bikeless? Or something else...
  7. Yeah, sorry I meant 4 bikes ;) And no, I wont be looking at new but 2nd hand...

    Thanks guys for your feedback!

    Do dealers/private sellers allow test drives in OZ?

  8. Having ridden 3 of the 4 (never ridden the Suzi) they're worlds apart, the Z750 is a naked sports and theres not a lot sporty about the Hornet, the syling of the GSR isnt really sporty either, the FZ6 has a hint of sport until you get on it.
  9. would you consider the hornet900? i've only heard great reviews about it, it's clearly got a bigger and no doubt more comfortable pillion seat than the 600, and it's sexy as hell ;-)
  10. I've ridden a 2010 z750 and I agree with the hooligan machine label. It's not powerful enough to be scary but it's enough to put a ridiculous smile on your face, and from what I remember the stoppers were pretty ace too, well a fvckload better than the excuses for brakes on my firestorm anyway.

    Wasn't the most comfy seat though and I felt it was slippery and slanted forward too much, kept crushing my nuts under brakes.
  11. hehe thats because you weren't spanking it!

    Baby zeds love a spanking just like me :p
  12. No, we just have a different definition of what a hooligan bike is:p


    Yeah mate I'm pretty sure I would buy another, but the 07 with the bigger tank this time!
  13. Yes definitely! I have driven one some time ago and liked it.

    Would the rego/insurance price vary a lot from the 600 to 900 in OZ?

  14. Thats the beauty of bikes though isn't it, one mans hooligan machine is anothers spirited commuter...
  15. Hehe, what do you guys mean by 'Hooligan machine'? That's its an animal and not good for everyday commute?

  16. yeah basically big torquey, bikes that lift the front wheel on, it just comes down to the rider (as i have seen almost everything being wheelie if the rider has enough skill), though some like to think they are on bad ass bikes
  17. I'm biased, and my Hornet is an old '98 model, but there's not much I haven't done happily with it for 90,000kms over the last 5 and a bit years...

  18. Too true! I liked both the Z and the Hornet to be honest, the only thing that bugs me is the commuter styling of the hornet against the Z.

    Being a Honda though at least you know you could thrash it day in day out and it would only ask for more and never miss a beat!
  19. No I sorta meant something that just loves to wheelie etc, i mean yeah all these bikes will do it with some clutch abuse but you dont really have to think about it on the Z, it pretty much encourages you to ride "like a hooligan"