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Which Naked bike to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nathanshnoz, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    It's time to say goodbye to the motard. It's been an awesome bike, but just lacks the pulling power and top end speed. Since the larger motards such as the hyper motard are ridiculously expensive, i have to resort to a naked bike. The problem i face is which one? I'm looking at anything between a 600 and a 1000. Preferably on the cheaper side of things (like 8 grand or less). Have heard reasonable reports about the CB900 Hornet and the Z1000, although the zed i have been told, is pretty gutless. Just want a nice comfortable naked bike with some balls.

    Any suggestions/help is much appreciated.


  2. there is a beauty of a sv1000 naked with 22 thou on it for 6400 or something crazy like that on svdownunder..... though i am am sure everyone will jump in with the triple being the only suitable bike.

    if you can suss out a ktm superduke (but i am not that sure they are that cheap yet), they are also one crazy and scary ride when you finally reach the throttle stop :shock:
  3. street triple is on my list of course, but its firstly, out of my price range, and secondly, most of the reviews i have read say its not very fast/powerful

    just too much $$$$$$$$ for the striple
  4. go the Hornet

    (bet you're surprised :LOL:??)
  5. Zed thou or hornet 9 are both great, the Zed thou actually hits 200 faster than the ZX9R.
  6. Not sure what reviews your reading but i don't think the z1000 or speed triple are underpowered. Give em a ride.
  7. A recent multi-bike test in AMCN magazine, of middleweight nakeds,
    said the best was Triumph Street Triple, then Yamaha FZ6. I really enjoyed
    the FZ6 I rode.
  8. Street Triple underpowered?

  9. Be wary about calling any modern ~1000cc gutless :p
  10. well to fit in my bracket it would be a few years old. a friend rode one and said it was rather soft for a 1000cc bike (may have just been something wrong with that one). street triple is my overall choice but as i already said, money! money! money!. the triple will cost me at least 10k for the bike. a decent set of pipes for them is $1500 along with other bits and pieces. i don't want to spend over 8 and the lesser the better at the moment.

    the street triple is not so much underpowered, but the reviews i have read said it lacked alot in the top end and all the 'useable' power was mid range and whilst it was good overall, was lacking in low and top end power. but thats just what i have read i am yet to ride one, or any naked for that matter, gotta wait till i'm off restrictions which is 2 1/2 weeks away. just trying to get a list together of the bikes to test ride and then go from there
  11. :roll: I wish you'd said that first up, then we could all just have posted -> :LOL:

    If your supreme riding talents require more power than a z1000, then go the whole hog and streetfighter a superbike.
  12. I think you need to take into consideration the fact that a Street Triple 675 hits 100 to 110 kph in first gear. Unless you are having a seriously high speed fang (i.e. the kind of fang where if you are clocked by the cops it will be instantaneous disqualification), you are going to be more interested in mid-range for everyday riding.

    You also need to take into consideration that anyone who calls a Z1000 soft was probably referring to the fact that it doesn't tear your limbs off and snap your spine in several critical places as convincingly as more track focussed litre-bikes at wide-open-throttle. Or so I've heard.

    Either of these bikes are going to rock your world, so forget about reading reviews written by people who would still be whining and whinging if Claudia Schiffer crept into their bed in the middle of the night, and hire a 600 when your restrictions end to get an idea of how ballistic the acceleration can be on these things.
  13. just trying to get advice on bikes....never said i had 'supreme riding talents'
  14. Nuh-uh.

    There's an added kick when it hits 8 grand. And if it's lacking in low end then I'm not sure what it's being compared to. It creams the other middleweights.

    But you have many options for your budget if you're willing to tweak/modify something.
  15. Save a bit more and get the new 600 Hornet ... nice little bike.

    Triumph STR rocks - love mine ... heaps of very useful grunt.

    Older 1000's ? Figure out if you want to blast off in a straight line or go round corners.

  16. 955 speed triple?

    not the best top speed bike, but plenty of pull.

    Even a Z750 will blow you away. Z1000 will be heaps.
  17. *cough*

  18. i was looking at the new hornet a few days ago, pretty nice looking bike

    just in case anyone has their wires crossed, i was referring to the 675 STREET triple not the 955 SPEED triple.
  19. I'm pretty sure the Street is pretty bloody quick mate.

    Lacking top end power? Compared to pure sportsbikes, probably, but unless you're a track day addict, how often do you need pickup between 200 and 240?

    I also hear they have just about the most useful power curve for street use.