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Which Naked Bike: Kawa Z750 2007, CB900 Hornet 06, Yama FZ1N

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ricksters68, May 23, 2007.

  1. Hello to all,

    Currently, I'm in search for my next bike (coming from VTR250). I've decided to go NAKED (not literally :LOL: )

    I have already ridden these bikes and now all confused on what to get. I decided to call a friend/s and hopefully can lock it in (Good on you Eddy!)

    Here are my choices (not in particular order).

    Kawazaki Z750 2007
    Honda CB900 Hornet 2006
    Yamaha FZ1N 2007

    I hope you guys can help with my decision. :?
  2. All great bikes.

    Z750 - the cheapie of the bunch. More of a competitor with the 600 market than the big nakeys. Supposed to be a good bike but I never really considered one 'cause I needed something a bit larger for my fat arse.

    Hornet 9 - fantastic bike, I did 40,000 k's on mine before I crashed it. Suspension and brakes are on the basic side but comfort, power, speed, agility and hooligan factor are huge. Very easy to ride but loads of guts through that aggressive injected engine. A great wheelie bike. Brand new they're now $9990 which is a f*ckin' steal. I'd own another hornet in a second.

    FZ1N - looks brilliant, suspension, frame and brakes are higher spec than the Hornet and the engine puts out roughly 40% more power if you believe the bullshit artists in the marketing department at Yamaha. They're known for being badly undergeared, but smaller cogs and a speedohealer can fix that. There's also a significant issue with the fuel injection, which is basically choked off a closed throttle for emissions purposes, so when you open the throttle again there's a lag before the fuel squirts in, the cylinders ignite again and the motor kicks in with a nasty jolt. This again can be fixed, the forums have the solutions there. The FZ1N is the sexiest looking bike by a long way, but its higher spec means you pay loads more than the Hornet (Around $6k more at RRP), and from stock there's still more to spend to sort it out. Still, it's a heap sportier than the other two with an R1 engine and running gear that can handle it.

    For my money the Hornet is a balltearer. I miss my old bike, it could be completely relied upon, not just to get me from a to b, but to turn me into a slavering hooligan idiot on the roads. No doubt the Yamaha is better in many ways, but is it thousands of bucks better? Dunno. Go do some test rides.
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  4. Like ther is a choice!?!

    The new Z1000!!! Sat on one yesterday and loved it!

    Better breaks than mine, better suspension, better power, better rattles,.. er make that less!

    Sexy look except for those trumpet cans. Thank flock for aftermarkets!

    The Pooh is arroused! :grin:
  5. The other day I saw a Z1000 with twin carbon Micron cans...:grin:
  6. Was is a sexy looking 07 model?

    Ohhhhhhhhh, I'd cream my pants, if I had some! :LOL:

    Poohs don't wear them! :cool:
  7. have you consider a twin? the sv650 & sv1000 springs to mind..... if not i would suggest you test ride one..... also you note the z750 instead of the 1000 any reason why?
  8. my opinion:
    don't bother with the z750 if you're looking at larger bikes. Loz is right, it's a competitor to the 600 not a 900 Hornet.

    Look at the z1000 instead - looks MEAN, esp with the sports zorst upgrade (goes into 1 pipe instead of 2). It's a pretty tough looking bike! My dad nearly bought one, except the dealer wouldn't budge on price.

    Also look at the Trumpy Speed Triple. Pretty awesome bike.

    Hornet 900 would be my choice, but that's cause a) i love honda hornets and b) I've seen Loz fooling around on his & I know what it can do.

    Yammy - meh I wouldn't bother.
  9. Also, if you're happy wiff a run-out model, have seen the Z1000 at a great price!

    Just try them all and measure your smile after each one. That will tell you which one is the right one.

    Have had my Z1000 for over 20000k's now and I still step of it with the biggest smile each time!

    That's what it's all about!!! :grin:
  10. Title changed to "Yak's Triumph Perving Thread"

    And today there's a golden yellow Daytona parked in front of it :eek: Wow, very, very pretty :grin:
  11. + 1 for Yamaha FZ1N
  12. Not quite sure what your budget is but the Tuono is an awesome bike.... yes its also 20G's.

    Went in for a look at one and it looks like a biiiiggg bike. Sat on it and it feel sooo light. Test riding one on the weekend.
  13. Hi Loz,

    Thanks so much for feedback, very detailed and it helps makes my decision. Now Im leaning towards the CB900 Hornet, but what stopping me is the colour. Only one colour which is Candy Glory Red. Would you know if this would have a good resale value?
    The dealer is selling it at $11990 ride away, I haven't bargain yet, that was the first price when I called him.
    I'm going to test ride it hopefully this weekend if not the next.
    The dealer also mentioned to me that a buzz is going on that new Honda CB600 Hornet 2007 will be coming next month.

    Anyway, thanks again Loz, much appreciated :grin:

    By the way, how do you chuck a wheelie? :)
  14. Actually, the Pooh was thinking, how come I never hear much about KTM's super duke, when it comes to these shoot-outs?

    I'm contemplating about it and toying with the idea. Just kicking the ball around!

    Any thoughts?
  15. Hi Noodie Pooh,

    I just looked at Z1000 from the websie and looks damn mean, like one of those Transformers characters. But don't have enough dough for that.


    Reason why I picked Z750 because it was suggested by the dealer. My planned was only to go up to 600cc, coz getting 1000cc or more might end up crashing myself because of temptation. I have only test ride Z750 and Yamaha FZ1N. Thanks for the feedback.


    thanks for the feedback as well, might end up with hornet, I'll see and decide once I have test ride it and if I can get a good deal.


    20G's is way over the budget, If I have that I would rather get one of those Harleys Streetrods.

    thanks all for the feedback. You guys been great. :)
  16. I'm going through the same process and I'm also looking at the Moto Guzzi Breva 750. there's something about shaft drive and naked italian twins that attracts me.
  17. :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-#
  18. $11990 ride away seems on the high side if it's $9990 +ORC here... So get your bargaining boots on and tell 'em Peter Stevens is selling them for that price in Melbourne.

    How do you chuck a wheelie? I'll show ya sometime. It's not hard.

    BTW Noodie Pooh The KTM SuperDuke would be an absolutely awesome bike - pity it costs $20k. Engine, brakes, suspension are all huge and despite being a first rate mega-hooligan it seems to do OK in the naked class races too. Major downside is the small tank - some whackos have taken these out for a good hard thrashing and seen the fuel light at only 80km.
  19. 80k's??? That's crazy! :(

    Still a sexy beast though. Especially the latest one!!!

    Pooh is getting excited again! :oops:

    Still, with a tank that small, no way! I like my longish trips.
  20. Rickster,
    how did you find the fuel injection issue when you rode the FZ1N?

    i have been thinking about an FZ1N and Z1000 for a while. Ive read that the fuel injection is bad.. id be interested to hear if you noticed it and how bad it is?

    i was hopeing that later in the year the 08 model might be out with the injection fixed.

    thanks :)