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Which Naked Bike: CB600F Hornet, Z750 or FZ6N

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pedro78, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently looking for my next bike and have narrowed it down to the following 3.

    Honda CB600F Hornet 07-09
    Kawazaki Z750 07-09
    Yamaha FZ6N 07-09

    Ive sat on and looked at a Z750 and FZ6n but am yet to test ride them.
    The Hornet is proving harder as there arnt many 2nd hand ones currently for sale.

    The bike will mainly be used for commuting so im after something with an upright comfortable riding position that is still good to take for a spirited ride every now and then through the twisties.

    What are peoples opinions on these 3 bikes and which one would you choose?
  2. There certainly wouldn't be that many second-hand current generation Hornets around. Despite the hue and cry about bringing back this model to Australia, (a lot of it here on Netrider) I personally have only seen ONE on the road....

    If I was going to replace my venerable '98 model Hornet, I'd buy the FZ6 anyway....
  3. I'd go with the Hornet because it featured in a number of various tests and comparisons in English bike mags and consistently came on or near the top, while the other two on your list consistently came near the bottom. Both Z750 and FZ6 were completely and repeatedly dismissed by "Bike" in particular...

    Of course, reviews only tell a part of the story at best but I like Hondas in general and the Hornet in particular so it would still be my first choice. I wonder if they are going to bring it back to Australia some time?
  4. :? The Hornet 600 IS available in Australia, and has been for a couple of years. I said I have only seen one on the road. And I said that I'd buy the FZ6, if I were replacing my current bike. Did you READ my post :? :?
  5. I know it has been available for a little while, but I remember reading somewhere on this forum it was no longer available in Australia. Although it is still listed on Honda's website so perhaps that info was wrong? In which case, great! We did have this discussion before, and I said then and I still maintain that contrary to your experience, I've seen quite a few of them on streets of Sydney. In fact, there's one that lives on the street just around the corner from me, a black one. Nice bike.
  6. Ive heard differently, from the Bike magazine based in the UK they said in a shoot out of nakeds which involved just one Jap bike worth including the Z750, as the best of the Jap nakeds currently. It didnt beat all the other contenders but it was rated as the "best" of the Jap bikes. This was a shoot out done in October Last year I believe.

    And I'm not being biased but that is what happened in that shoot out. I did a shit load of research on all the nakeds as I only recently got my Z750 4 months ago, and I found the Z750 best suited me. I wouldnt say its better than the rest I'm sure they all have their positives and negatives, what you need to decide is basically.

    1.Do I love how it looks
    2.Do I love how it feels when I ride
    3.Could I look at this everyday and still want to ride it
    4.Go with your instinct and not what people say of it... at the end of the day its YOUR bike and you will love every second you have with it.
    5.Get the Z750 because its f***ing sexy and I got one :D
    6.If you got the Z750, go back to step 4.
    7.Test ride all the bikes, patience is a virtue!
  7. How do you find the Z750?
    Is the seat as bad as reviews would have you believe?
    What sort of kms do you get per tank?
  8. I was looking at a similar line up recently. Was told by dealer Hornets were not available anymore and that the CB400 was better. I ended up with a street triple R. Just test ride them all and buy what you want.
  9. hi, ive had a z 750 for about 2 years,found it a great commuter,lots of low down torque,very easy to ride,good on fuel,270-300/tank,geets a bit vibey above 6k rpm but can be sorted with bar end mirrors and i think theyve sorted that in newer models,mine was '05 model.seat was comfy enough for 300 k fangs,but im pretty light.
  10. I've done some testing of this range as I originally only wanted to spend naked 600 sort of money.

    z750 - awesome motor, if you can get one of the newer one with USD fork the suspension isn't as soft a previous models, it didn't seem to have as much vibrations as the olders ones either-----my choice.
    FZ6n - great top end, a little "soft" down low in the revs, but you'll learn to play up in the top end anyway. If you keep it in the low revs its an easy bike to ride. The suspension is something that I would have needed to have looked at.
    CB600 - didn't ride but it was way to costly for me.

    The Street is "apparently" the best bike of the range as all the components used in the bike seem to be of high quality, hence why the reviews and ride is so much better than the others...Up in the CB territory when it comes to price and I didn't want to pay that for something that wasn't my cup of tea styling wise.

    I've ended up deciding to spend the extra couple of grand and go either the z1000 or the FZ1n for a bike that has better suspension & brakes as standard, the extra cc's are just a bonus.
  11. As above i get around 250-300kms per tank with my 09 model. The ride is great plenty of low down torque and enough fun on top for the rides through the twisties. The seat is comfortable for me, I've heard of people re-covering them with thicker material for more padding but I havent had any issues with as yet been on 2hour non-stop rides with it no worries.

    I would still really recommend you ride the bikes you have narrowed it down to. None of them are steer clear bikes, but imo I found the Z750 the best of these, I'm 6' 4" and found it great for my size and I'm sure you will too when you get a ride.
  12. Unless you have a serious aversion to vtwins you should add the SV650 to the list for at least a test ride.......or a Gladius (and a blindfold:) )

    They are one of the best all rounders in this size imo
  13. I also have an interest in the Z750s and plan to get one after my restrictions. I reckon they look the best out of the other naked bikes out there, some of them just look too alien/bug like for me.
    I've been told the Z750 isnt far much from the Z1000
  14. ridden around town, under the speed limmit they are virtually interchangeable

    ...but, ride it like a hoon and theres no substitue for those extra couple hudred CC's. still the z1 was pretty linear in its power delivery. so no snappy easy 2nd gear wheelies all over the shop, but roll on the throttle and big numbers appear on the speedo quick
  15. Try (07-09) FZ6N and you would not regret. I own 08 FZ6N - it is bloody hoon machine in my opinion.
  16. Thanks for the comments so far.
    Realistically I think that I would probably be happy with all 3 bikes in different ways.

    The problem at the moment is there are plenty of 07 + Z750’s in Sydney but very few FZ6n’s or Hornets.
    I guess that shows the popularity of those 2 bikes.

    What are people’s thoughts on the 3 bikes as far as future resale value?

    Would I be right in assuming that as only a limited number of the Hornets were sold in Australia, it may help them keep a slightly better resale value than the other 2?
  17. resale is all pretty simmilar. i'd much rather own the 750 having ridden it and the fz6n and owned a fazer600.

    the 6n is better looking but theres no substitute for cubes
  18. The half a dozen people I know who've test ridden one all described it as competent but very boring and then bought other bikes...
  19. I test rode a 08 Z750 & an 08 CB600F Hornet today.
    Although the Z750 had more power i opted for the Hornet as it better suited my requirements.
    Heres a picture of my new toy.

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  20. Good choice & congratulations on your purchase. Now get out there & ride