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Which motorcycle GPS (Global Positioning System)

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by VladTepes, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. There was a thread on this somewhere but I can't locate it.

    I'm looking for a good GPS unit I can use on the bike. I want it to have:
    • Ability to mount on the bike - eg the middle of the bars.
    • Good sunlight visibility
    • Waterproof (heavy rain, not underwater)
    • Bluetooth for voice instructions
    • Able to use with gloves on (ideally)
    • and, though it's wishful thinking, a reasonable price.
    If anyone can point me to relevant thread/s or post in this thread of any they have that they are fans of... please do.

    and before anyone says "do a search" - I tried and was told this....

  2. I use my car one in an Aquabox,waterproof container.To get it to do what I wanted was a crazy amount of work and even now isn't 100% reliable.Case in point,it has a headphone jack for ear plugs BUT the volume control doesn't work with the jack,only the inbuilt speakers,so it needs a control in the lead,etc etc.My advice,I don't have one but the one they sell at Aldi gets good raps.The 2 top of the line bike ones are bloody expensive,my mates Tom Tom Rider has problems being used with the car kit in his car.There are big threads on this stuff on Adventure Rider.
  3. I recently picked up a pen for $10 that has a touchscreen stylus pad on the other end for operating iPhones, iPads etc. I'm going to try it out on an iPhone in a waterproof case and if it works, look at sticking the pad onto the tip of one of my glove fingers.
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    Try Zumo 660 I hear there great :)
  5. I use my smart phone with navigation software (Navigon). Works perfectly. Only one unit to take off and carry around. Combined it with hard wired charging system. Always a charged phone!

    Price: Almost free, if you already own a smartphone.
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  6. The problem with a phone is the relatively small screen size. My eyes are a bit average for reading at those distances and I don't want to have to wear glasses so I can see the screen instructions. A bigger screen works fine for me in the car.

    Also I find my iPhone almost impossible to read in anything resembling bright light.
  7. Just about everything is hard to read in bright light,I ended up pop riveting a 100mm wide section of 3mm rubber around the top and sides of that Aquabox to shade the screen.The Tom Tom Rider has a ridge about 30mm over its top and its barely OK.
  8. The Zumo 660 is IMO the best motorcycle GPS available at the moment. However it's certainly not perfect (the UI is rather awkward) and it's certainly not cheap.

    It would help if you could give us a budget.
  9. Budget = $0.00

    basically just doing some research at the moment, cheers.
  10. Keep you eye on the Aldi cattle dogs... they do a good cheap bike GPS on occasion. THey call it the "Go Cruise". The same thing, branded with other names, sells elsewhere for twice the price.

    If your savvy about such things, you can hack them and load alternate software and maps. The last one I bought has BT, the earlier ones had FM.

    I've had one for about 3 years, it's always on the bike, I use it as a speedo (with huge numbers), and it gets pressure washed with the bike.

    They're a bargain at ~$200.
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  11. I've got an aldi go cruise, it works fine but it's no Zumo 660 (good value for money though).
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    seriously the best choice by far
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  13. I see where you are going with this but im sorry to say i seriously doubt it will work..

    It will work through the case.. but it wont work through gloves.. you might notice it is metal or has a rubber grip around it.. this capacitive? rubber allows the itty bitty current to run from your fingers down to the rubber tip (connected in the pen shaft) to the iPhone screen.. (even through the plastic waterproof case)

    If you can somehow get that rubber grip inside your glove finger and the tip on the outside it will be a winner :)

    At least this is what ive learnt so far.
  14. You can get ski gloves with capacitive finger tips, not sure if anyone does Moro gloves though.
  15. Ok.. on Vikers link was some cool thread.. i have ordered some off ebay.. as im intending to use my iPhone as a GPS ill see how this goes and let everyone know.. :)
  16. My normal GPS fits in my Akai mobile phone holder from Officeworks for $20, thats pressure sensitive and will work fine with gloves. Only pitfall is you're relying on the battery of the GPS unless you have USB power on your bike.

    Alternatively, mount an iPad if the iPhone screen is too small :p
  17. akai still exist? :shock:
  18. The Aldi one is good value.
    But only works with its own headset thing. No bt

    The Zumo 660 is by far the pick.
    Upload routes to it download tracks from it
    Fantastic unit.

    V pricey tho around $750

    But IMHO worth it.


    And if you need USB power google burnsmoto USB.
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    The Zumo 660 has come down in price it's about 550 now and yeah I know it cost alot.. U can hard wire them with is good.. They had 3D mapping and a shit load of other stuff.. I'm sure it uses Garmin maps so if u have a Garmin map source on your computer u can do all routing in your arm chair..

    I'm done alot of Garmin stuff up dated maps and down a bit of hacking here and there for my own.. :)