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Which motorbike magazine

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by evader, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Was just wondering which motorbike magazine you all consider to be the best - I'm particularly interested in road/sport bikes.

    Didn't want to waste my money on a mag that wasn't worth it / just full of biased reviews and advertising.


  2. i read fast bikes (UK), performance bikes (UK) and australian motorcycle news (AUS)

    if i had to pick one, i'd go fast bikes (UK)
  3. Best to go overseas for less biased stuff. Aussie mags just praise anything.

    Fast bikes is pretty damned popular, and if you like that kind of crap, it's very good.
  4. Australian road rider. and motorcycle trader is also good because it has stories and bikes advertised
  5. Motorcycle Trader is pretty good, but it mostly does good bike reviews rather than sports bikes, doesn't it?
  6. depends sometimes they do the likes of 1000gsxr and that other times crusiers im not saying u have to surscribe to em but wen u go in to get the other mags may be worth a look
  7. Invested a lot of gold on various bike mags over the years and my favorite off the rack is UK Preformance Bikes. Pricer than most, but best value for money by a kilometre... Its entertainment.
  8. keep an eye on the subscription deals. from time to time two wheels and arr both have good ones.
  9. Honestly, between two wheels, amcn, arr, mct, and bike.

    Just depends if the front cover is appealing. (And i just read gassit while still in the newsagent.)
  10. I used to have a subscription to AMCN and RAPID and occasionally buy Two Wheels as well... eventually figured out i was just reading the same stuff over and over and have just kept my RAPID subscription, entertaining, informative etc. I have flicked through the UK bike mags though and they do seem very good.