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Which mid-sized cruiser?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by OZChris, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Just considering upgrading and have narrowed down the selection to:

    1) Suzuki C50/M50 twins
    2) Honda VT750
    3) Kawasaki VN900 Custom SE

    Any thoughts / comments?

    I had been leaning towards the C50/M50 until I saw the recently launched VN900 Custom SE.

  2. Which cruiser ?

    OZ, I have 2 mates who ride with me and both have cruisers,One has the Vulcan and the other a M50.
    Going by the way they talk there is little between them both.
    The suzuki is shaft drive and the vulcan is belt so if it was myself I would go the M50 for the shaft.
    I am a bit byassed on the suzuki but they are so cheap at the mo.
    Good luck and stay upright.
  3. M50

    Best allround mid-size cruiser IMO...well I'm now biased as i own one but i researched and checked out the competition before buying...you should do the same.
  4. Thanks guys.

    I have a mate with a C50 who I ride regularly with - he's pretty impressed with it. I like the M50 as it has alloy wheels, but not keen on the rear fender - would probably look at changing it for a C50 one.

    I am leaning to the C50/M50 twins for the following reasons:
    - fuel injected (although they are now all the injected)
    - shaft drive
    - subtle chrome on the M50; thats why I like the VN900 Custom SE

    The price of the Suzuki's is attractive.
  5. I have a mate who rides the Vulcan. It is a beatiful beast indeed. We pull up at the lights, me on the ricebunner and him on his lovely thing. It sounds nice and seems to go nice and smooth. His previous ride was a Honda Shadow which went great, but he seriously loves his new Kwaka with the belt drive.

    You are probably best off deciding on what you like the look of as they both seem to be excellent bikes. I've been asking the same question too. Kwaka gets it on power, M50 on looks. I don't know which way I'd go.

  6. currently considering the VN900 custom too as a 2nd bike.
    I compared it side by side with the Speedmaster (dealer has Triumph & Kawa under 1 roof). The Vulcan handle bar was bit too wide for me, the Speedmaster is more confortable but heaps more pricey. Been offered 12.5K OTR for the Spec Edition one. Will do testride later.
  7. If I had to choose, I'd go for the vn900 more cc equals more fun belt drive is trouble free i've got a mate who has one and he's don 25000k's in almost 18 months great bikes to customize too
  8. hi Oz.
    come and see me and you can have a look at my M50.
    it was the best i could find after the GV
    I had a close look at the vulcan but it just didnt do it in the new custom colours. new C50 in blue looks hot though.
  9. Interesting, I was told $13.4k + OTR this morning.

    Not expecting a demo for a couple of weeks.

    OT: are all Victorian / Melbourne Kawasaki dealers now owned by Peter Stevens?
  10. I've not ridden any but have sat on them all, and read about them all, and listend to them all, so for what that's worth...I thought the Honda was a bit too small when you could get one of the others with the chunky yet capable bods (and just that bit extra CC). From what I've heard of them, teh Suzuki's are a bit more smooth and more revy than the VN, which for me would make the VN the obvious choice - I like a fat-feeling low-reving thumper of an engine, but this is obviously a matter of taste. For me the VN felt much better and looks much better, especially the engine - again, personal preference. What about an XVS1100? They sound pretty good!

    All these considerations were laid aside for me when I walzed into a Harley shop on a whim, and discovered the Sportster is the same price as these others. A bit of research and they're essentially as reliable, but hold their value so so much better (and nothing else sounds remotely as good or has the same charisma). The other option to me was the thought of a Bonneville, with high 60s cruiser bars, King and Queen seat, saddle bags - essentially a 60s British-style cruiser of your own design (which is what, in the meantime, I'm doing with my SR500). But of course the Japs just mentioned have a more 50's feel so again its a matter of taste.
  11. Thanks for the comments.

    I quite like the HD Sportster Nightster, however I am a big guy and thought it looked funny when I sat on a 'small' bike. Same goes with the Triumph Bonneville.

    I am after a larger cruiser, considered the Triumph Speedmaster, but cannot justify the $$$.
  12. Yeh, the Sportster's virtue...and it's vice, depending on what you want, is the smaller size. I love the small size of my SR500, but I found the larger VN very attractive in its contrast.

    On a side note, I checked out the new Victory Motorcycles in the city. Very nice feel to the place, but I was shocked to see the base model - which would otherwise be in the category you're looking at - was $24,000!
  13. I think (?) I am down to two, Suzuki C50 and Kawasaki VN900 Custom SE (Mean Streak), and unfortunately price may also determine the outcome.
  14. Apparently the M50 handles better than the VN900, but the M50 has a drum on the rear wheel whereas the VN900 has a disc. Furthermore, the VN900 has more torque, looks better IMO, and has belt drive which saps less horsepower and costs less to repair down the track.

    Ferntree Gully, Ringwood and City Kwakas are PS. Dandenong, Brighton and Brooklyn are still independent, as far as I know. Brighton Kwaka staff are good. They even returned my deposit after I had to cancel out of buying a GPX250 from them. Can recommend them.

    100ci Victory Vegas 8-ball. My favourite cruiser, period. :cool:

  15. Hi OZ, I have had the C50 for 4-5 mths now and it feels better and better all the time. Seemed to run even better after the 6k service. Commute on it every day and it handles beautifully. Comfortable riding position and I am a big guy. Value for money it is by far the best choice IMHO.
  16. The reason I chose the VN900 over the suzuki was engine size and disc brake. My concern was belt replacement would be as frequent as chain replacement, but I've been reassured that it's rare to replace the belt on the VN900s. The other thing I liked about the VN900 Custom is that it looks different, primarily the front wheel and handlebars. The bars are wider than most other cruisers I sat on, but you get used to them.

    Unless they bring out a better looking one, this will be my next bike, probably not for a few more years though.
  17. Just to update this thread, I ordered an M50 recently :)

    Ended up ordering a black '08, will post pics when I pick it up.
  18. congrats Chris
    looks like i'll need to start getting the mods done on mine so they look different :grin:
    Mmmmm warm weather lots of Suzukis
    I think I can smell a Boulevard cruise comming :cool:
  19. Good chioce Chris.

    Picked up my new m50 at Xmas. Added cobra pipes, windscreen, sissybar & saddlebags. Mounted a Zumo on the bars.

    Took it on a long run last weekend - handles nicely and plenty of power when needed.

    I'm rather happy with it! :LOL:

    When my camera works I'll get a photo.

    I am finding the cobras a bit loud, I might install exhaust baffles just to take the edge of the note. I believe Harley sell 4" x 1 3/4" bolt in baffles which install easily.
  20. Hi dgat

    Nice to hear that you are enjoying your M50.

    Did you have to modify the second 02 sensor on the Cobras? or do they now include the second pickup?