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N/A | National Which MC laws should change

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. I enjoyed that MV, some good points made!
  2. Obviously these suggestions are far too sensible for any of our politicians to grasp....:(
  3. It's a fantasy in every way, clearly written by a person with delusions of common sense :ROFLMAO:

    We can dream though, right?
  4. Si Hargreaves writes for BIKE too, he's a funny fellow

    but seriously, no general road rule is going to be changed to suit a minority group of users
  5. Looks good to me.

  6. Thats why pushbikes have not been able to get their own rules.

    Why are you so negative. You are killling everyones buzz.
  7. They forgot to add that your pillion passenger should be allowed to ride side-saddle.
  8. millions more people ride pushbikes than will ever ride motorcycles, surely even you would realise that

    as for killing everyone's buzz, I'm not negative, just realistic; there's plenty of votes in land rights for gay black whales, but none in supporting motorcycling, however much sense it makes to us

  9. I haven't seen too many motor cars legally parked on the footpath in Melbourne.....

  10. I am sure their were a lot of debbie downers in the pushbike fraternity too.

    Good point creampuff
  11. No 6 seems a bit "wankerish" to me, otherwise, looks good. I have no issue with graduated allowances, but to suggest that "time" should be the relevant measure is stupid. YES, people who've been riding longer often are better and have more experience etc, but I know PLENTY who have had a license a long time, but either don't ride much (or loooong break) or are simply just shit riders. This should be based on skills assessment, not simply time based. (IMO)
  12. Yeah, I think it's more to simplify their system over there which is pretty convoluted.

    But, our system also uses time as a measure, when moving form L's to P's & P's to Open. but that's in conjunction with a practical test.
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    This thread is for comments on current motorcycle laws in various states. Where we should harmonize laws between states and what rules we can change or add to improve motorcycling.

    Sensible options please, things like remove all cars from the road is not going to happen. I am not sure of what different states rules are but here are some I can think of. Add some more if you can think of them. Pros and Cons etc.

    • Footpath Parking
    • Learners are permitted 100k/h
    • Hoddle St Bus Lane
    • Bus lane use
    • 90k/h maximum speed for learners.
    • On road supervision of Learners required.
    Not sure of the other states, Tas has reduced speed for learners I believe.

    What do we want?

    Fomalised filtering overlay. What form should this take?
    Reduced 3rd Party injury on multiple bikes.

    Comments Additions ...

    Points added from Feedback Comments:

    Lane Usage
    • Legalised Filtering
      • Allow filtering in slow moving (say <20kph) or stopped traffic
    • Bus Lane Usage
    • Overtaking permitted for motorcycles on unbroken lines.
      • How would this work, extra signage perhaps?
    • Overtaking courtesy & Rules, Lane Discipline​
      • Do not speed up in the left lane when an overtaking lane is available.​
      • Slow vehicles penalised for not taking slow vehicle turnouts.​
      • Higher speeds than the posted limit permitted on overtaking.
      • Enforce Keep Left in multiple lane roads. i.e. Slow drivers in right lane would be fined.
    • Motorcycling Marshalling boxes at traffic lights in front of cars. (Advanced Stop Lanes)
      • This would need to be part of the Filtering initiative.
    • Let motorbikes ride in bicycle lanes if traffic is stationery to allow them to filter up to the front without bashing peoples mirrors, but make it an offence for a motorcyclist to overtake or harass a cyclist in a bike lane instead.
    General Points
    • Foot Peg Rules.
      • Allow standing on footpegs for stretching or rough terrain.
        • Limited time permitted.
      • Allow feet off the footpegs to stretch.
        • Limited time permitted.
    • removal of pillion passenger minimum age. restrictions only on the size of the passenger so that they can reach the pegs properly
    • International recognized Helmet standards be recognized in Australia. Not to replace the AS1698, but that international (SHARP, SNELL, DOT, ECE etc.) helmets be used on Australian roads also.
    • Lower tax on Fuel for Moto riders to encourage rider uptake.
    Rules and Regs
    • Remove kph restriction from 'L' and 'P' platers
    • All cars required to have dimmed headlights on at all times. Volvo cars do it automatically and it would help see asphalt colored cars, on asphalt colored roads, at dawn and dusk.
    • Remove road tolls for bikes, we don't have the same impact on the road as cars and take up less space yet we pay the same (NSW).
    • Getting caught tailgating will carry a demerit point penalty. (Double points if it is behind a bike)
    • Legalise tinted visors during daylight, it's a sunny country
    • Legalise tail tidies, get rid of that 45 degree rear fender ADR rule
    TAC (Victoria Specific)
    • Decreasing TAC contribution per year for not crashing.
    • Reduced TAC and rego cost for riders who've taken further training.
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  14. Every road coloured car (grey, black brown) has to drive with their lights on and a hi vis patch on the front, rear and each side.
  15. Overtaking on solid lines should be allowed for motorcycles.

    Motorcyclists not allowed to ride under the influence of a cafe latte.

    Motorcyclist caught speeding 40kays over in the twisty bits without crashing should be given back license points. However, they should still fine the straight line heros.

    Filtering should only be allowed for riders who can do 0-100 in under 4 seconds. If you can't then fcuk off.

    Those are my serious suggestions, cjvfr. :D
  16. This is wishful thinking (and it should apply to cars too), but the speed limit should be waived for any breaches less than (say) 20 seconds - especially while overtaking - and especially especially while overtaking dickheads who sit on 15k under the limit when it's not safe to overtake, but then go 3-5 over when it is.
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    Yep, those wankers who see an overtaking lane and just have to go faster. I've always wondered if they speed up because they feel safer? With that extra lane between them and the oncoming traffic.
    As for rules. How about painting lines at traffic lights. You have the spot the cars stop, and then a little further ahead, as spot for the bikes to stop. Like they do for the pushbikes.
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  18. Could we just bring in the death penalty for these people? And the right lane hoggers.

    And if we cant kill them off, let's have a research program to find out exactly what the fcuk is wrong with them so a cure can be developed..