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which LW 85? '08 YZ85 or '10 KTM sx85?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Elias Perris, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, so I'm set on an 85 large wheel. Anyway I have 1 options, a 2008 yz85 large wheel with lots of accessories (bark busters, rethals etc) more set up for trail riding, and its also had a rebuild top end and bottom end 4 hours ago riding time, all for $2000. Anyway, the other option is a 2010 KTM SX85 LW, with not much info but it has pirelli tires on it for $2200. By the way I'm 166cm tall, and weigh 54kg. Which one would be a better option? I'm more looking for something to learn the power band of a 2 stroke, as I've never had a racing 2 stroke, but I am planning to go around home made MX tracks. Which one do you guys think? I'm more after one that's cheapest to run will last the longest and that has a decent amount of power (20hp possibly?)

  2. Well 2 strokes are not cheap to run or maintain !
  3. Well 2 strokes are not cheap to run or maintain !
  4. True, i'm not racing though. I'm plodding around a home made farm/track not balls to the walls braap braap all the time.
  5. We have a Kawasaki KX85 & a KTM85, both BW, 2 strokes.

    Personally, I prefer the KX85: why?.... parts are a lot cheaper, servicing is a lot easier and the powerband is not as vicious, so my son did not scare himself to much. (He hated riding the KTM)
    Regarding cost of Maintenance; 2 strokes are heaps cheaper to maintain than a 4 stroke MX/Enduro bike.

    Top end rebuilds are fairly cheap for both models, however, the bottom end rebuild can cost you a bit.
  6. Cool! Do you know which one has the best bottom end power? I mean I ride MX tracks but every now and then I'll want to pop off and do a quick 2 minute trail. Would you even suggest looking into a crf150rb if I'm doing trails and track?
  7. Haven't had much to do with the Honda CRF150, but being a 4 stroke, rebuild costs will be higher.
    Both my sons raced MX on 2 strokes, when the CRF150 came on the scene, it was grouped in with the 85cc 2-strokes, so of course plenty of riders swapped to the 150 for the extra cc's; there was talk of changing classes to allow up to 150cc 2-strokes to compete against the CRF150 (which I reckon is fair, and common practice in the USA), the sales of the 150 CRF would suddenly drop, I'd suspect, as a 125/150cc 2-stroke is a massive jump from an 85cc machine.

    Our KX85 has better bottom end power over the KTM85, the KX is more controllable with regards to the powerband. My son, raced the KX in both MX & Enduro's, which he preferred over the KTM, for it's control.
    You'd find the YZ85, will be more controllable over the KTM85. Cost of parts & repairs will be a lot cheaper on the YZ.
  8. When my boys started riding 2 strokes coming of an XR, they had RM's, had good low down power and zippy at the top of the rev range, their cousin had a YZ which was all top end and more than the Rm when pushed hard.

    Clean the air filter often and change the oil and the maintenance costs on rebuilds are reduced, did a few top ends and usually only had to replace the rings.