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Which locks up easier

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Anthony88, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Just like the title says what locks up easier, a wheel rolling on the road or a wheel in the air with equal amounts of pressure put on the brake? And why?
    This question is just to sort out an argument between me and my mate as I think a wheel in the air locks up easier and he thinks the other.

  2. What do you mean by lock up. Like stop dead in it tracks?

    Cause a wheel rolling on the road has pressure on it thus when you apply alittle bit of brake will just slow you down. But if the wheel is in the air and with no pressure on it a little bit of brake will obvisously stop it from spinning.

    Some how i dont think this is what you meant.
  3. i've heard some dumb shit asked on this forum. But this one takes the cake...
  4. I wasnt sure if it was just worded wrong or what but that was my first thought too.
  5. There are no stupid questions... Only stupid people.

  6. :?

    You're right.

    Please ask your mate to explain why he think he is right and share... this should be interesting...
  7. C'mon Rob. Don't encourage it. You-know-who will declare a conspiracy.
  8. The answer to that question is easy; my computer :LOL:.
  9. What brand of tyres?

  10. LOL... you boys play nice!

    I'm truly interested in the answer... probably out of morbid curiousity... and because it beggars belief...
  11. This sort of question beggars belief.
  12. On top of a frozen lake with a set of race slicks sitting behind a guy with his sump plug out?
  13. True. It'd be fascinating to see the intellectual gymnastics you'd have to go through to convince yourself that a freewheeling tyre in mid air would take more effort to stop than one planted...

    Actaully... come to think of it... back away now... slowly... don't make eye contact... :LOL:
  14. Rob, I suggest that you buy two decent German Shepherd dogs.
  15. My mate said that because a tyre is making contact with the ground there is more friction put on the wheels so it would lock up easier.lol.
  16. oh, so he doesnt understand simple physics then? :LOL:
    sounds like friction is the biggest word he knows ;)
  17. He still doesn't agree,lol
  18. lets dumb it down a little then.

    a free-wheeling wheel travels around with the momentum derived from its own mass.

    a wheel on the ground carries not only its own momentum, but the momentum of the entire vehicle.

    everyone knows that in its simplistic form, calculating the force required to do anything is as simple as mass x acceleration. acceleration is both negative and positive, so stopping a wheel can be though of as negative acceleration.
    mass of one wheel x acceleration = stopping a wheel
    mass of entire vehicle x acceleration = stopping of vehicle

    that is very simplistic and my 7yo daughter proof read and understood it :grin:
  19. OMG you have got to be kidding me :shock: Why even pay this fool any respect by answering him??? If he thinks a wheel locks up easier on the road, then just do us all a favor and kill him now. He is using up precious air, and tainting the rest of it with his bad breath and week old underpants. My god, i will never get back the few minutes i just wasted, i should of taken my own advice :oops: