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Which large 250??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Haplo, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Hi all ... wondering if I could get some thoughts ...

    I am looking at getting my first bike ... being of larger height, I have been considering the following Bikes:

    Hyosung GT250
    Honda Hornet 250
    Suzuki Bandit 250

    I've been leaning towards the Hyosung (primarily because it's not a Grey Import, and that I've been looking to buy one off someone at a very reasonable price ... just hoping he'll get back to me soon ...), but I wanted to see your views on these bikes.

    Pro's / Con's of each?

    Constructive stuff is most appreciated ...



  2. Run a search. Been covered a few dozen times
  3. not all of the bandits are imports, one of the members in canberra has the red top and it is serving him quite well.

    as much as people will hit back here and say that hyosungs aren't all that bad, they have a big reliability issue, and buying second hand with limited warranty, most manufacturers don't honour warranty after the ownership has changed hands, it could be a cost decision, by all means go out and get a new hyo with 2 years warranty, but if there is no warranty it is definately going to be a big gamble, seen a gt250 lose its gear box and start to drop its oil all at the same time north of sydney out in the sticks
  4. I have a bandit and its an aus delivered model.

    Pros: its an inline 4 and is faster than the hyo
    its not korean
    its comfortable to ride

    its only a 250 :p
  5. Mate, you're asking for too much of this board right there, especially where Hyo's are concerned.

    Personally, I see no problems with them, and have not encountered any issues apart from it being a 250.
  6. I cannot recommend the Hyo at all after my problems with my 650. All I can say is that if you are going to buy one make sure it's still under warranty...
  7. Thanks all ... seems I have a little to consider ...
  8. Have a look at the VTR250 too, pretty popular bike
  9. I'm just a bit too big ... feel cramped on the VTR - hence why I'm looking at these larger 250's
  10. Ditto. Wouldn't recommend one at all. Mine is dead and only 12 months old. Buy one at your peril.
  11. What happened for it to die?
  12. Big End bearing. Has to be rebuilt. Countless other things have been replaced/repaired since I bought it too. Don't touch 'em mate. Not till they improve the quality anyway :?
  13. Just fit the barrels and pistons from the 400, cops will never notice ;).
  14. Sad to see that they still haven't sorted that one out...
  15. suzuki across, it's fat and stuff
  16. Well, made my decision ... went for a Hyosung GT250 Comet.

    -- Pause for all the gasps of horror --

    I really don't think it'll be all that bad ... and it has been a really reliable commuter for the guy I'm buying it off.

    Just can't wait to go riding ...
  17. well done :cool: Don't forget to come along on the 13th :wink: if your in NSW that is
  18. I would, but in Melbourne ... and still waiting on getting the bike - only deposit paid. Hopefully it won't take too long ...

    Very excited! :grin: