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which lams bike to get

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by szed, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. hi people i hope you can help me with a question, which i am sure has been done to death.

    i need some help to find which LAMs bike to get???

    i am 6feet1 and weigh about 100kgs. and am worried that the bike wont have enough go to get me out of sticky situations, also i would like the bike to be decently quick so i can learn and not to be affraid when it comes time to update, looks and stuff dont really worry me, when i get of my P's hoping to upgrade to the Daytona 675.

    i looked at the gs5oo a bit expensive for a bike that i will have for a little time.also been thinking about the hyoso?? (are they really that bad??) and even naked bike like the vtr250. reliability power and hopefully around the 4k mark. so if anyone has any ideas or theory's on which bike to choos i would be much appreciated. open to all ideas .

    (is it possible to wheelie a 250??)

  2. Like you said, if youre only keeping it for a short time, the Hyosung will be perfect. Its actually one of the sales pitches they use to sell them :LOL:

    On a serious note, I dont think the VTR will have enough power for a big bloke like you. Look at the GS again. You said its too expensive, were you looking at new or 2nd hand? You can find reasonably priced 2nd hand ones. The only thing with the GS is that because it had a lower seat, taller blokes can find it a little cramped for whole day rides (Im about 6ft and I find my legs sore after a full day of riding) but I guess you'll get used to it.
  3. Sold my GS for $2.6k, but it got snapped up w/out advertising, just word of mouth.

    A used GS will be an excellent starter, it is heavy & steady enuff riding hway speeds in gusty conditions, whereas on many a 250, you may be blown about.

    ... then again, at 6ft & 100ks mebbe not!
  4. Smart enough to know its been covered, but not smart enough to find the search button? ;)

  5. Get a hyosung 650 and change the carbs slides when your ready...I believe it almost doubles the hp
  6. was in your shoes 8 months ago mate. bought a gs500 for 2.5k, sold it for 2.8k. now have a daytona 675. i like your taste. im about 98kgs myself and about 6'3 and i had no dramas whatsoever on the freeway overtaking/getting out of situations when they arose. look for a cheap early 90s gs with under 40 thousand km and keep the rubber side down. simple as.


    (EDIT: all i can say about the 675 is... WOW.)
  7. thanks alot peoples for your quick and honest response. and for making the whole experiance a bit less daunting. i have been in to cars for a long time but now days iam finding my self like a fish out of water.

    cheers once again and i hope to here some more tips and sugestions
  8. Yep, Hyo 650 was my choice back when I was in your situation. It worked out pretty well. The carb slides limit the power not all the torque so you have the "get up and go" confidence. When you remove the restrictions it is quite a thrill :grin:

    If you are looking in Melbourne I'd go to Stafford Motorcycles in Heidelberg Heights. They are pretty fond of them and at least one of the guys there rides a Hyo 650 as his main bike.

    <shameless plug>I'm also thinking of upgrading from the Hyo to a Triumph, so if you are in the market for a 2006 GT650RL with some luggage and a few scratches give me a buzz.</shameless plug>
  9. if i could go back i would have bought something larger than a 250cc. power to weight ratios dont take into account wind resistance so the larger HP motorcycle always fair better in the end
  10. Who knows? They seem to be better now, but are you prepared to bet your hard earned to find out???
  11. How much money you got??
    I dont think you could go past an Aprilia SXV450 or 550, surprisingly they are LAMS, and would be good for your height as they are tall. If your into those sort of bikes.

    GS500's are okay, i know someone 6ft + and he finds it okay. Best to try em out, throw your leg over a few in a yard.
  12. Not in Victoria they're not. The real power to weight ratio of these is way over 150kw/tonne. One of the reasons for the delay in Victoria was that NSW has a lot of bikes that shouldn't be LAMS approved and therefore every bike had to be checked.

    Why not look for an adventure tourer. They out handle most "sports" bikes in the twisties and have lots of performance. Try a KLR650 Kwaka, 650GS BMW or Aprilia Pegaso 650. Most of the 600-660 adventure tourers are right on the LAMS limit and are a heap of fun to ride as well as being more than suitable for someone of your height and weight.
  13. That would be a good idea if it wasn't for the budget: I don't think he'll find Aprilia Pegaso or BMW 650GS for around 4k. KLR... hmm... maybe?

    There is also KLE500 which doesn't really offer any advantages over GS500, except for being kind of large and sitting the rider higher up which might be desirable for a large bloke.
    But looking quickly at the ads on bikepoint even they seem to command 5 grand or thereabouts.
  14. This is a pointless post to bump me up to 7 forum posts so I can pm franzferdipants :grin:
  15. Where have you been, stigger? It took so long I was worried sick!!!! :p :LOL: :LOL:
  16. But now I have to get 7 posts to reply to you! :LOL:
  17. Thats ok. I'll just ask an inane question for you to reply to....

    Hows the weather?
  18. Thank You to
    Guru, whitenite, phizog, kram, MitchRohr, franzferdipants, gsxxer, stigger, tim650, TonyE, RacingTurtles, RustyO and Morbo28 for all your valued and speedy responses.

    The amount of money which I intend to spend, has not been figured out. it is kind of all relative. i got passed in my wrx 08 today by a hyo 650 and it looked sweet. i was thinking of buying something new but was not sure on if i was going to drop the bike and stuff. so then i was thinking of something a bit older around the 4k mark to learn on but also something that will be good for me to learn on as i will be updating as soon as i can.

    i dont see the justice in buying a bike for 5k like a cbr250 which has a new paint job and is like over ten yrs old, then if i am going to spend this amount i might aswell get the new gs500 for another 2k.

    but the hyoso650 sounds good i guess and i will be looking at all the other bikes that have been mentioned.

    please keep the responses coming in as any insight is invaluable especially to a novice. thanking you all again for your time and thoughts

  19. what about the er-5???
    as a bike to get??????