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Which LAMS Approved Bike to Buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GtTwoFiddyR, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys and girls, im in SA and im after a new bike, something with a little bit more poke than my old hyo 250R :LOL: . but the problem im having is finding a nice looking sportbike which is approved under the LAMS thingo. wondering if you guys have any suggestions?

    oh, and pics would be nice if you have some, cheers :grin:
  2. .Only way to get a noticible diffrence from your current bike is to add 2 cylinders. CBR,FZR,zxr2, bandit zeal, im leaving out the manbag bike.

    Or to minus 2 strokes and get an old two stroke 250 which is not on the list of banned bikes, such as Honda MVX, suzuki RG, or simmilar.

    In your case sell the GT250 and get a LAMs gt650 deristrict it and ride it on your L's

    Or go get a VIC license and grab an Aprilia or NSR 250
  3. yeah, i dont have the hyo anymore, and i dont want another, i would like something a bit bigger, but i dont really know whats out there...
  4. gs 500

    single cylinder big dirt bikes (perfect hoon machines)
    honda dominator
    BMW fg650

    lots of options dude
  5. My gs500 is for sale, i upgraded to it from my yamaha fzx zeal 250 after about a year of riding (its LAMS approved), better acceleration, more torque and much better pull up hills and up the freeways oh and higher top speed. Send me a PM if youre interested.
  6. i tried to pm about your GS500, but i dont have enough posts, you need 20 posts before you can pm...

    if you want, post here a few pics and info, or maybe try to pm me? im not sure if i can reply, but i think i can. i think i just cant initiate a pm conversation
  7. I have sent you a PM.
  8. Hey man, i have put the bike in the private sale section. My email is: oschebell@fastmail.fm if you cant PM.
  9. I upgraded my first bike which was a GSX250F Across with a brand new Hyosung GT650R, its the fastest bike you can have on your L's when u get it de-restricted, i went on a few rides with some people on 1000's etc and alot of them were surprised at just how well it went.
  10. IMO, GT650R is the best option
  11. There is only one option


    SZR660 yamaha 660cc single, same power and weight as a CBR250 etc... But more than twice the torque.

    It flies. Such a fun bike. About the same price as a 250 of the same age too.
  12. a ducati 620 sport is legal on your l's and p's...i know...i have one lol
  13. Or a duc 620 monster :cool:

    If only i had the money...
  14. Or a duc 620 monster :cool:

    If only i had the money...