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Which Kevlar Riding Jeans would you have bought?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jace, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Teknic Rage Jeans

  2. Light blue Hornee Denim jeans

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  3. Icon Anthem jeans

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  4. Draggin Traffic Jeans

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  5. Red Max Jeans

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  1. I've been looking for a while for a pair of kevlar reinforced riding jeans that I like. I've never been a big fan of the draggin jeans, they just never seemed to fit me right. I thought I would give em another try when I went into bikemart (it's funny what a sniff of a 10% discount will do to you). The newish style traffic jeans that they are doing look pretty good to me. So I went to try on a pair of 34's but they didn't have em in stock. "No worries mate we'll just give the ladies cut a go" :shock: O K then. So I tried em on (size 14 but I reckon I can get down to a 12 for my bikini :LOL: ). Yeah they were OK but not a fit that I was happy with.

    I asked what other options I had and was pleased to find out they were getting in some new Teknic Rage riding jeans. They've flipped out the catalouge for me and i've gone SWEET sign me up. Going to pick em up later today.

    I also had been looking at getting a pair of the ICON pants and was real close to buying the Hornee jeans but they don't do em in the darker colour for blokes soooo I thought I might run a poll too see what you guys reckon are the best dirty denim riding jeans.

    The Teknic RAGE Jeans(+ how cool is that jacket :cool: )

    The light blue Hornee Denim Jeans

    The ICON Anthem Jeans

    or The Draggin Traffic Jeans
  2. Don't like the look of the hornee or anthem jeans. Would get the Draggins as they seem to fit pretty good but the teknic looks worth investigating.

    I tend to buy things that will last more than one season of fashion changes, the draggins are a classic look. :cool:
  3. I went looking for the draggin jeans and ended up with the draggin cargos. I don't like wearing cargos normally, but they made much more sence for the bike.

    More comfortable.
  4. I polled against draggin jeans but actually have cargos. More comfy
  5. from what i coudl tell Teknic RAGE Jeans aren't kelvar lined? Is that correct? Btw how much were bike selling them for?
  6. I bought myself a pair of ICON Anthem jeans a couple of months ago.. and I love them.. stylish, sexy and comfy.. and cheaper..

    It's so comfy I even wear when I am going out and not riding..
  7. I was checking out the rage jeans a while back on the us sites, but no-one really gave much info on them, so it was hard to tell where else they were reinforced aside from the knees (ie bum/thighs). They look heaps cooler than draggins and look like they have a looser cut. Let us know how you go!
  8. Icon Anthems look the steeze.

    Teknic Rage have kevlar in the bum aswell as knees and look just like Icon Recon Pants

    Damn you Draggin Jeans for patenting the kevlar lining!!
  9. Spot on. The Teknics have kevlar on the bum and knees and the knees have a double layer of denim.
    Going to pick them up now woo hoo :dance:
  10. I've had the icon anthems for 6 months now.

    Comfortable, durable, breathable and looks great! i love em!
  11. i bought Draggin Cargos..... plain black

    tested then out the following weekend and they are none the worse for wear.....and i was fine. i fond them comfy and wear them a lot more than just on the bike. bit warmer than normal jeans too.
  12. Hey all,
    was in a bike shop this morning,
    damm could have spent a couple of weeks pay,
    I really like the Draggin Cammo range,
    one pair of each please.
    Will add a review once I get a pair.

  13. do so
    4 colours in fact ;) they just released their new season stock
    and they look sweeettttt

  14. Nice arse. Who's is it. :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I like the Hornee jeans but they dont come in the darker blue colour 4 blokes. :(

    I've got my new Teknic pants but they aren't the exact ones I was after the Rage ones don't come to Australia till February... bugger.

    I'm off to tassie for the weekend so I'll let you all know how they go.
  16. OK let me rephrase.
    AHHH FARK :oops: .they come in Dark blue now. wish I could've got some in the shops in Melbourne before this weekend.
  17. you suck :p
  18. Actually I'm just not Hornee :p Must be the fake whipped cream :LOL: :LOL:
  19. How much are the Hornee jeans? I quite like the burnt blue colour.

    Draggins have a black "silverback" jean for 2007.
  20. I went looking for some Draggin Jeans at Peter Stevens and found that the top of the knee kevlar patches actually started under my kneecaps and the back rise cut was lower than I wanted. Pretty disappointed because I didn't want to get into leather trousers right now ( not ready to join the mardi gras as yet :LOL: ) - just something with basic protection.
    But I'm persistent so I went into their HQ in Port Melbourne and talked to their trouser guru and he gave me a pair of black cargo pants that had been custom made for someone else who didn't go through with their sale and they fit perfectly. He gave them to me for the regular price instead of the $130+ more that they would normally cost as custom made Draggin Jeans. Bargain!
    Gotta say too that their HQ is jammed full with every size, style and color of their various products which makes it easier and quicker to get what you want than finding out the regular retail store you go to doesn't have your size on their shelves and will have to order it in.