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which is the best litre bike for track riding?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mugget, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Suzuki GSX-R1000

  2. Yamaha R1

    0 vote(s)
  3. Honda CBR1000RR

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  4. Kawasaki ZX-10R

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  1. hey all,

    I just wanted to see some opinions here. which bike do you think is the 'best' for track riding. i haven't listed any year models because you may prefer an older bike for some reason more than a current model...

    i'm looking also at cost of parts for crash repair etc. for example, i had heard that the CBR thou is fairly pricey to repair due to not many 2nd hand parts around...

    i'm looking to spend around $15,000. so this means a new '08 R1 and GSX-R1000 are also in the mix since TeamMoto has these for $14,990. It needs to be a road bike also, but i am buying it soley with a view to track riding, so don't worry about comfort on the road or anything like that...

    Looking forward to seeing your thoughts.

  2. :rofl:
    this'll be fun

  3. All of them!

    Put Jamie Stauffer on any of 'em an he'll kisk your ass! So just buy the one you think is the prettiest :LOL:
  4. I vote option e) "Someone else's"
  5. the 1000cc bikes are a good size, 600's are just too tiny. plus i really need that power and maximum best handling. actually i'm not sure that a stock bike will have enough power, so i'm thinking PowerCommander plus maybe NOS + turbo and maybe even a super-charger down the line...

    interesting that you choose option (e), jd. after all - it is true - the grass is always greener on the other side. trust me, i know. i looked!

    good thing i'm not racing though. and especially against Stauffer. that would be a bit of hard work keeping ahead of him.
  6. C'mon guys, serious answers please.

    You didn't give us a poll option for "the red one."
  7. Wheres the lock and delete option?
  8. hmm... i dunno J_B, that thread seems really familiar somehow...

    if it makes you feel any better, i've ditched the idea of actually racing for now. also my Dad and I are going to sell/trade both our bikes to get one road bike that we'll both use on the track. i would look at a 2nd hand race/track bike but this bike is also going to be my daily ride.

    and yes i know, i haven't ignored the advice, and thanks for it - it would be 'ideal' to just have a 400 track bike or keep my 600, but i just want the thou because it's a bit bigger and who doesn't want more power? i'm not one to do the 'usual' thing...
  9. the one that has dominated most the superstock championships the last few years.. :cool:
    lol@loz :LOL:
  10. yeah sorry no "red" option Loz.
    it's just because i know that red is actually not faster, despite public opionion. plus lets face it, i can't ride a red bike, i'm just too manly for that.

    the one that dominated superstock would be okay if i was actually going to build a race bike... althoug it suits me if everyone else uses R1's because then there's going to be lots of spares around. and that's one reason that i was leaning towards R1, for the ease of getting 2nd hand spare parts.

    i have also heard mixed opionions of the ZX-10R, some say there's really bad chatter from the rear exiting corners and that it chews tyres badly, others rave about the fact that it's such a mad bike.

    i would take some different bikes for a test ride, but i figure there's really no point to riding them on the road when i'm trying to guage how they would go on the track...

    no one really has an opinion?
    or am i to take it as meaning that they're all so 'much of a muchness' that i may as well get whatever i want?
  11. yes,my opinion is the mighty gsxr1000!!! :)
  12. and i didnt mean superBIKE racing,i said superSTOCK..didnt you want the best track bike? i dont really understand what your asking.. :?
  13. superstock championships? isn't that racing... sorry if i misunderstood you...

    what i'm asking is which would be the preferable bike for track riding (not racing). i'm also taking into consideration things like spare parts availability for when i stack it, things like having a decent performing bike without having to spend too much money on it, maintenance costs, reliability, things like that...

    things like suspension i guess, the four bikes i listed all have fully adjustable suspension, so i guess it's pretty much even there? i'm 5'11" now and 90Kg. although i will be 100Kg some time down the track. would stock suspension cope, or should i factor in a rebuild or something? i haven't ridden any of these bikes on the track so i was just hoping that soem with more experience on these bikes would be able to lend their advice.
  14. Ducati Desmosedici RR is better, get that one.
  15. for $15k?!! okay - SOLD!!
  16. I have a replica one sitting right here...1:24 scale...hand over the 15k...

    Get a honda nsr 500! then get another nsr 500 engine, and tie them together...300hp two stroke litre bike!
  17. Just buy what you can afford.
  18. So, um... by track you mean drag yes? What would you need NOS + Turbo and/or a supercharger for?