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Which is the best first bike???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dazza219, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Looking at buying my first bike, which of the following would be the best to get?

    honda cbr250rr
    suzuki gsxr250rr
    yamaha fzr250rr
    hyosung gt250r
    kawasaki zzr250

    P.S. Does anyone have any useful information on the sumoto 250 store in victoria?
  2. had a zzr250 myself, great allround begginers bike. Also comfortable to ride as well and im 6'1". And as for that particular shop, do yourself a favour and stay away..
  3. The best bike, is a bike that you can ride comfortably on.

    Everyone is different, and have different riding preferences.

    Sit on them and see what is comfortable. Test ride the ones that you short list
  4. Go there and sit on every different bike there is so you know what you want and what feels comfortable...then go and buy the bike somewhere else.
  5. I'll echo blue12 re Sumoto's. As for the best bike, decide what you want, do you want a sports bike, sports tourer, cruiser, naked for starters.

    From there do some research, take a seat on a few, see what feels comfortable, take a few for a ride, make another list, keep eliminating as you go.

    Suggest don't bother buying brand new as there are plentry of used 250's on the market in good nick and for a good price.
  6. Your post is too bare of detail.

    No bike, anywhere, ever is "The best" (although theres quite a few contenders for "The worst").

    What's your budget? What are you going to do with it?

    Here's my 2c:

    honda cbr250rr
    suzuki gsxr250rr----->
    yamaha fzr250rr ----->All three of these bikes are pretty similar. High performance, inline four 250's. CBR's are the most common and most expensive, a complete ripoff. All of them are far too overpriced though.

    It's your cash though, so feel free to pay $5000 for an old 250, drop it in your first week and spend $500 fixing fairings, and get sick of it in a couple of months wishing you'd saved the money for a bigger bike.

    hyosung gt250r-----> Extremely cheap, quality looks good though, good value. Don't expect it to be in the same performance league as the others, as it is only a V-twin. You probally won't be able to find a used one because they're only new.

    You'd have to buy one new, which again I wouldn't recommend as you WILL want to sell it as soon as you can and that means you will just loose big $$$, especially as Hyosung resale values probally won't be great.

    kawasaki zzr250
    -----> In the middle of the value range, not cheap, but some okay prices can be found. I haven't ridden one, but I imagine they'd be the slowest of all the 250's here as they're a parrallel twin.

    They're a good bike for what they're built for though, and that is touring on a small capacity bike. They're larger than most 250's, with good room to stretch and the motor/gearing is more comfortable at freeway speeds.

    Really, my advice is, if you're looking for your first 250, buy a cheap reliable one, like a CB250. They run far more reliably, won't get damaged if you drop them, and can be found in good condition for less than $2000.

    As soon as you get some experience, if you live in a LAM's state, my advice would be to buy a larger learner legal bike like a CB400/XJR400/SZR660/GT650. It'll be faster in every way than any 4-stroke 250, cheaper and much cooler. fcuk 250's :LOL:
  7. ZX2R!!! it looks sexier and is a largest 250. very comfy compared to a cbr
  8. You sure about that?

    Grey imports are good an all until you start looking into insurance....just make sure you research that side of things before hand then make a decision.

    Idealitic youth, those were the days........

    ummmmm...you have read the general sentiments about the quality of sumoto's after sales service? Good way to check bikes out but just we aware of it if you are going to hand over cash.

    dazza have a read here....

    Then weight it all up, perhaps even get some seat time then take into account all the things you want the bike to do (commuting, weekend warrior, cheap reliable transport, touring, etc etc etc) and you should narrow things down nicely yourself.
  9. All your choices with the exception of the older Honda's IMO are good, having owned 2 ZZR250's I would highly recommend them, maybe not the fastest dog on the block, but one of the most forgiving.

    As for shops, they all over price the 250's but that shop more than any others, unless you need a shop to get you finance I suggest you buy private, normally closer to a grand cheaper, the shops offer little or no warranty anyway. Pay a bloody good mechanic/bike knowledgable person to check it out for you.

    We have a few in here who would probably do it for you.
  10. Would add Kawasaki GPX250 to that list, in place of the ZZR250.
  11. go an across go an across
  12. Have you sat on all these bikes?

    Honestly the best first bike to get is the one you feel most comfortable on.

    I sat on my other half's old ZZR250 - and promptly dropped it while pulling out the driveway because I felt uncomforable on the bike. the riding position just felt wrong to me, feet & hands all in the wrong spots...and it felt REALLY heavy even though it's not a heavy bike, just due to the position I was in.

    I then looked at a CB250 & sat on that felt PERFECT. Nice position, felt nice & light, doesn't have heaps of power but it's a 250, and I'm learning, so I don't need it yet.

    Get the bike you feel safest on.
  13. From what I've heard (and seen) Sumoto can be overpriced. But they do offer packages - see their website - with helmet, warranty, some gear etc.

    My first bike is the VTR250. Its a naked bike, looks like you're after a bike with fairings, but have only heard good things about it. You can pick up a 2000 model for around the same price as a 1988 cbr250rr.

    Im 5'5 and can reach the ground comfortably. My bf backs it in and out of the garage for me (so I dont scratch his gixxer600) and also rode it home the day I bought it...and he's 6'4 He said it was comfortable enough for him too.

    I was looking at the CBR250RR for my first one. But my VTR came along and now im in love hehe. Good thing too, cause I came to a stop on my first ride, put my foot out and just kept leaning. So no fairing damage to be had. (No damage at all)

    My $0.02 :) Best of luck whatever you decide.
  14. They're all great bikes for pirates
  15. You left off...

    Honda VT250 - good naked vtwin.
    Kawasaki GPX250 - good allrounder

    P.S. Does anyone have any useful information on the sumoto 250 store in victoria?

    Avoid... bad stories in abundance... besides almost everyone of thier bikes are grey market (which brings it's own problems as well).
  16. You also forgot the Honda Spada. Because they were imported here for a while you don't have the insurance problems with them even if they are a gray import.

    And as any Spada owner here will tell you they are probably one of the best looking (and best built) small bikes ever built...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    They certainly have a cool factor way above an Across

    <ducks and avoids axe wielding Suzuki owners> :p :p :p

    (who really should put the Spada on the market but it's too much fun as a second bike...) :LOL:
  17. an r1

  18. There's a Honda Hornet 250 on e-bay at the moment....looks the bees knees.

  19. Ahahahaha!
    Maybe in a year or 2...
  20. gpx250, would be easy to ride, sure its not the sexiest, but remeber you are learning and don't want a grey import, trust me if i could turn back now.. the learning curve just didn't flow in my direction